After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Neither humble nor pushy, and treat them with respect

The summer of 1346 was very fast.

Of course, time itself was neither fast nor slow. It always maintained a standard speed, moving forward step by step. The reason why it felt so fast was that in this summer, nothing big happened in Westwind holy city.

There was no army or monsters coming, and the whole world seemed to have entered a harmonious state.

Only literature, painting, poems and movies were developing at full speed.

In the afternoon, Robb lay on his stone stool and happily looked through a manhua. This was not the One Punch Man he made.

This manhua was drawn by a West Gran a painter from Bright Road. It is called “A Soldier of Bright Road”. As its name implied, it was a story about a soldier at the gate of Bright Road. From a soldier’s perspective, it was about several battles that had happened on Bright Road in the past few years. Including the battle between the queen and the White Lion Knights, the battle of recapturing Bright Road, the battle of Mondra attacking Bright Road, and the battle of the monster army attacking Bright Road

In fact, this soldier didn’t play a big role in any of these battles. He was just a scumbag who ran around following the order of his boss. The manhua was mainly about the soldier’s daily life after the war, laughing with his family and neighbors.

Of course, this manhua wasn’t one of the best sellers!

Whether it was manhua, novels, or movies, the most popular theme was always the Battle Theme of fighting and killing.

However, this manhua was better out early. After seeing Robb’s manhua, the painter immediately began to make it by hand. Just like Robb, he took out all his savings to print two hundred copies in the printing factory, and after selling them out, he used the money earned from selling to print a few hundred more copies. After doing this over and over again, he actually sold four thousand copies, which made him a small amount of money.

This also opened up the craze of “customized manhuas”. Many people in Westwind Holy City were preparing for their own manhuas now. Of course, they all have a little money and can afford to print the first few hundred copies. The really poor people can write stories if they are good at painting, but they cannot afford to enter the industry.

Robb laughed ridiculously as he looked through the book “A Soldier on Bright Road”.

Suofa shook her head and said, “I really don’t know what’s so good about this manhua. It’s all about his trifles at home and next door. I got sleepy when I read it. I didn’t expect Godfather to be so happy.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s why young people like you always fight and kill. Why not watch a person’s daily life?”

“Hey, you are also a young man. Don’t talk in an old and arrogant tone.”

Lilian walked over and said with a smile, “in fact, I also think this manhua is very beautiful. I’m afraid of fighting and killing. I’m very happy about the little things about life in this manhua.”

Robb gave Lilian a thumbs up and said, “Lilian and I are the most compatible.”

At this moment, Elsie ran in from the outside. When he saw Robb, he immediately bowed and said, “Godfather, an uninvited guest has come to visit you.”

“Oh? An uninvited guest?” Robb said, “a person who can be labeled as such by you must be the Church of Darkness.”

Elsie exclaimed with admiration, “Godfather is so wise.”

Robb, “wisdom is a negative word now. It is forbidden to use it on me in the future.”

Although Elsie didn’t understand why it was a negative word, he kept it in mind immediately. He would just do as he said in the future. He didn’t have to figure out the reason, He said in a low voice, “A cardinal of the Church of Darkness brought a group of followers to Westwind holy city. Everyone can come in and out of our city at will and don’t pay any tax. We won’t even investigate their identity when they enter the city. However, these people ran to the gate of the city and insisted on reporting their identity with the guards. They said that he was a cardinal of the Church of Darkness and wanted to see you, as if they wanted you to go out to welcome them.”

Robb was overjoyed to hear that and said, “why do they have to put on airs to enter the city?”

Elsie also smiled and said, “yes, it’s too exaggerated. Maybe he thinks that his identity as a cardinal of the Church of Darkness is very great. He is only a level under the pope. Even archbishops are one level lower than him.”

“Guess what they are doing here,” said Robb

Elsie rolled his eyes and said, “They’re here to ask for benefits. At the same time, they want to find our weakness, which is unfavorable to us.”

Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “Elsie, I’ll leave him to you.”

It was obvious that he wouldn’t welcome them.

Back then, the queen had sent a group of skilled craftsmen to teach skills in Westwind town. Robb had personally greeted them at the gate of the city, but this time it was a cardinal of the Church of Darkness. Robb wouldn’t bother to welcome them.

Elsie, of course, understood. He chuckled and said, “I see. I will deal with the Church of Darkness.”

“Well,” Robb waved his hand and said, “Be neither humble nor pushy, and treat them with respect. I believe you can control yourself.”

Elsie bowed and led his men to the gate.

A few minutes later, Elsie arrived at the southwest city gate of Westwind Holy city. At this time, Westwind Holy city was already a big city. It covered a very large area, and there was no city wall on some parts of the place. It was impossible to build such a wide city wall to envelop the entire city. Moreover, it was not like it was a core city like Bright Road or the Capital of Saints.

Westwind Holy City was an open big city, so the so-called southwest city gate was actually not a city gate at all. It was just an inspection entrance of a road.

A group of people in black cloaks were standing at the entrance of the road. There were about twenty people. The leader was an old man in his fifties. He was wearing an expensive black robe, and there was an embroidered statue of the God of Darkness on it. The people behind him were wearing much worse clothes.

Obviously, this was the cardinal.

Elsie walked up to the cardinal with a smile and learned Robb’s usual tone, “Welcome to Westwind Holy City.”

“Humph!” the cardinal snorted coldly. He was a little resistant to the term holy city, but he didn’t lose his temper here. He looked at the armor on Elsie’s body and said, “you are not Godfather of Westwind city, right? If I’m not mistaken, you should be commander Elsie.”


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