After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 645

Chapter 645: Intelligence Department

When the assassin leader saw Elsie, he was embarrassed and a little angry.

Back in the prison, he had been tortured a lot by Elsie. Every time he broke the prison and made trouble, he would be taken back by him to be put on the ceiling fan. It was really miserable.

But there was no deep hatred. They were just doing things in their own positions.

Robb said to Elsie, “the assassin leader wants to help me with his friends.”

Elsie understood at once. “Oh! Westwind Holy City will have an assassination force?”

“I don’t need an assassination force,” Robb said. “I just need an intelligence department, but even an intelligence department is too troublesome. I don’t want to do it, so I’ll leave it to you. From now on, these assassins belong to Westwind guard team and are under your command. You should be very experienced in this respect.”

Elsie used to be in charge of the templar knights, so he knew very well about this matter. He quickly bowed and replied, “I will do it well.”

Robb added, “detection intelligence is okay. Don’t go to other kingdoms to make trouble and kill people. Remember, I, Westwind Town, don’t do those schemes. The intelligence department will only be used to prevent others from entrapping us, but it doesn’t mean that we are going to entrap others.”

Elsie hurried to say, “of course. I have always kept in mind the teachings of godfather and the general direction of kindness and righteousness.”

After expressing his loyalty to Robb, he turned to the assassin leader and chuckled, “buddy, we’re going to be together again.”

The assassin leader was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “I don’t like being with you.”

“Don’t worry. This time we are superior and subordinate, not police and criminal.” Else put his hand on the shoulder of the assassin leader and said, “I can’t treat you as before now. We don’t need to use the ceiling fan on our own people. I can also give you a ceiling fan, so that you can use it on the enemy’s spies. What do you think?”

The assassin leader’s eyes lit up. “I’ve long wanted to us it with my own hands.”

Robb laughed and cursed, “two perverts.”

Elsie then led the assassin leader far away and said, “now there are many enemies in Westwind Holy City. There are spies from West Gran, East Gran, the Desert Kingdom, the Church of Light, and Church of Darkness. A few days ago, the ship building worshop caught a spy suspected of being sent by the Church of Darkness who tried to steal our shipbuilding technology. I’m not very good at this, so I’m getting headaches from this. It’s like a tiger’s wings to have you. Together, we’ll catch all the spies except West Gran’s spies and hang them on the ceiling fan. “

The assassin leader chuckled and said, “I’m really good at it…”

Elsie continued, “besides, I don’t know what kind of secret agreement the desert kingdom and the kingdom of Norma have. I always feel uneasy about it. Can you think of a way to investigate it?”

The assassin leader said, “I’m good at dealing with the desert kingdom.”

The two seemed to have found become bosom friends. The more they talked, the happier they became.

However, Robb had no time to talk to them. He turned around and looked at Suofa.

Sensing the strange look in his eyes, Suofa could not help but ask, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Robb smiled and said, “the assassin leader just gesticulated with you for a while. Don’t think that I didn’t see it.”

“How did you see it with your back to this side?”

Robb pointed at the crystal board in front of him and said, “the TV program has just finished, and this thing has become like a mirror. I saw it from this… You taught me this.”

Last time, Robb took Suofa and Lilian to go shopping on Bright Road. Suofa used the mirror on the street to observe the people observing them. She didn’t expect that he would use it now.

“Well, now that you’ve seen it, I have nothing to say. The leader just asked me why I’m still working when they have already been released. He said that if I wanted to escape, he was willing to help me with all his might.”

“This man is quite ambitious,” Robb praised, “he deserves to be put in an important position.”

After saying that, Robb changed the topic and said, “well, it’s all my fault. We’ve been living like this all the time and I’ve already forgotten why you were here. I’ve even forgotten the sentence. It’s my fault.”

After a pause, Robb continued, “I now declare that your sentence is over. You can go wherever you want and you don’t have to be a maid here anymore.”

Then Suofa turned around and walked into the kitchen. After a while, she took out a newly baked bread from the kitchen, dipped some cream on it and handed it to Robb.

Robb took it and began to eat. Suofa sat on the stone stool next to him and watched him finish eating expressionlessly, forcing him to eat up the last piece of bread crumbs on the plate. Then she put away the plate and took it back to the kitchen. Soon, the sound of running water washing on the plate came from the kitchen.

After washing the dishes, she went back to the stone table. She put paper on the table and picked up a pen. “Well, it’s time to continue drawing manhua. What story should we tell in the next volume?”

Robb said, “in the next volume, we’ll tell the story of a C rank hero riding a bike save the world…”

Time flew and year 1346 came to an end.

In the last few months of this year, the queen had sent out her troops to attack the Capital of Saints several times, but she had to give up every time because she was afraid that Norma and the desert kingdom would attack suddenly . She didn’t even dare to transfer Madeleine away from Crystal Canyon.

The world layout was a complicated game of chess!

The neighboring kingdoms couldn’t sit by and watch the queen unify the kingdom of Gran out of their own interests, so if the queen wanted to unify the kingdom, she had to restrain for the time being.

However, she was not a weak person who could be bullied just by anyone. She will resist in order to warn the Church of Light and the kingdom of Norma not to meddle in the matters of the Kingdom of Gran.

Christmas in 1346 was just over, and as soon as 1347 arrived, the Queen sent the only steel warship that Robb had sold to her, leading a large group of wooden sailboats from the Church of Darkness to intercept the Church of Light at sea.

A naval battle initiated immediately!

The Queen’s steel warship swept across the coastline, messing up the fleet of Norma. The queen had bombarded many of the port areas, and the port facilities had been smashed into a rotten state. Almost all the commercial ships of Norma had fled to the capital city of Norma in the northeast corner of the continent. They didn’t dare to do business on the sea anymore.


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