After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 647

Chapter 647: Don’t go in the wrong direction

Everyone was speechless

The assassin leader said anxiously, “I’ll lead my men to chase them. As long as we find some clues, we can get the two captured craftsmen back and keep the technology.”

Elsie also said, “then what are you waiting for? Hurry up! I’ll send five tanks to chase after you.”

The dwarf leader was also anxious. Dwarves were the ones caught. How could he not be in a hurry? He had to follow them.

The three of them turned around and were about to leave.

At this time, Robb said, “wait a minute! Don’t chase them randomly. If you chase, you will go in the wrong direction and you will not be able to catch up with anything in the end.”

“What?” the three of them stopped and looked at Robb curiously.

Robb said, “I’m 99.99% sure. This spy is not a member of the church of darkness, so it’s not them who took away the craftsmen.”


Seeing the puzzled look on their faces, Robb smiled and said, “Elsie, you are usually so smart. Give me a little more intelligence. Think about it carefully.”

Elsie was a little shocked by his words. He thought quickly and then understood, “well, I see. This spy is not even afraid of death. He is a fanatic. But after we spun him on the fan, he behaved himself.”

“That’s right,” Robb said with a smile. “He confessed as soon as he was spun. In other words, all the confessions he made were false, in order to guide us to chase in the wrong direction.”

The assassin leader said, “in other words, the church of darkness can’t be the manipulator.”

Robb said, “it’s not difficult for the Church of Darkness to order a steam engine. They just need to order a train from Westwind Town, and then they can get the steam engine. Then they just need to take out the steam engine from the train to copy it, or even just take it down and put it into a ship to make a steel warship. However, they didn’t do that. Instead, they went to Westwind town to order a warship from me. Think about it carefully.”

Elsie suddenly understood, “it means that although the Church of Darkness has learned a lot of technology from us, they still don’t have enough industrial power. Without the help of Westwind Holy city, even if they have a steam engine, they can’t make a steel warship.”

“Correct,” Robb said with a smile “Building a warship is a comprehensive reflection of the strength of science and technology and industrial strength. The Church of Darkness has put too much effort in playing tricks and manipulating information, so they don’t have industrial cultivation. Although they have mining caves and furnace refining techniques, their industrial system is not systematic enough, and they don’t have enough advanced craftsmen. If they don’t rely on us or the queen, they can’t make a ship at all, so they won’t be interested in stealing the steam engine even if they took two senior craftsmen. Can two craftsmen make a ship? “

All the people now understood, “so, to steal the technology of the steam engine, you must have enough industrial strength and a large number of advanced craftsmen…”

“Then there is only one place that fits the bill,” Robb said. “Which direction do you think we should go?”

Everyone turned their eyes to the North!

There was only one place who could meet the requirements mentioned by Robb, namely the kingdom of knights, Norma.

“Damn it! Even Norma attacked us,” Elsie cursed. “I’ll lead my team to chase north and make sure to save the two craftsmen.”

“Me too!” the assassin and dwarf leader also jumped up.

Robb said, “our opponent is an incomparably huge kingdom, stronger than any of our enemies before. Of course, it’s no difference to me. But it’s very difficult for you to deal with. You all take your mobile phones and transmission scrolls with you. If you encounter danger on the way, contact me immediately and open the transmission portal.”

Everyone nodded. They all understood what Robb had said. If the two craftsmen were captured by Norma, there would definitely be a support force lurking outside the city. Of course, since this was the territory of the Kingdom of Gran, there wouldn’t be too many lurking troops of Norma, but they must be all the elites of the elites, and it would be difficult to deal with them.

Without Robb’s support, the three of them, Elsie, the assassin and dwarf leader, were not sure that they could win. But with Robb, the three of them were full of confidence. They had seen too many miracles from him and had no doubt of his strength.

The three of them set out in a hurry and headed north.

However, Robb shook his head and sighed slightly.

In the evening, the queen called.

“I heard that your craftsmen were kidnapped by the spies of Norma?”

“Your information gathering skill is still so fast,” Robb said. “Maybe I should search for your spies in the city and take them out to put on ceiling fans.”

The queen snorted. She knew Robb wouldn’t do that. As a matter of fact, the spies she sent to Westwind Town were never hiding in the first place. They even visited the chapel several times to identify themselves to Robb.

Because this was the territory of West Gran, of course, the queen was not under any psychological pressure to do such a thing. She also knew that Robb was a reasonable person. As long as he still admitted that this place was the territory of West Gran, he would not attack her information gatherers.

She said with a straight face, “Don’t stray from the topic. Let’s get to the point. At present, the fleet of Norma is suppressed by the steel warship you sold to me, which makes their army unable to move. If they steal the technology of the steam engine and make the same steel warship, the sea power will be balanced. Their army may join hands with the desert kingdom to attack and also join hands with Mondra. I will be in a passive position here. On this matter, I will cooperate with you to intercept the other party’s people. “

Robb nodded.

The queen continued, “I’ve informed Madeleine in Crystal Canyon that she will seal off the pass and prevent the people of Norma from passing it. But I’m afraid that the people of Norma will directly climb over the mountains near Crystal Canyon. This kind of thing is not possible for ordinary travelers, but it’s easy for a person who is well prepared to sneak into an enemy kingdom.”

Robb said, “well, thank you for your help.”

The queen said, “it’s kind of helping myself. There’s no need to say something like that.”

Speaking of this, the queen went temporarily quiet. She looked at Robb carefully through the crystal ball. Seeing that Robb was still sitting on the stone stool without any expression, she suddenly became a little curious. “You don’t seem to be nervous at all. Aren’t you afraid that one day a steel warship will hit you in the face? You are like lifting a stone and smashing your own feet.”


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