After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 660

Chapter 660: Those who have not passed the stela can go home now

With a loud bang, the huge tree fell to the ground.

Its torso was so big that it was a wonder how Robb made it fall. He could actually lift such a big thing and throw it in front of him. Seeing this, all the people around him opened their mouths wide and looked confused.

Then, Robb stretched out one of his feet and stepped on the tree trunk. Although it seemed that he was just stepping on it lightly, the tree of life was pounded so hard that its leaves flew in the air. No matter how hard it struggled, it couldn’t escape.

It was trampled on!

The onlookers were rendered speechless

Only the soldiers from Westwind city were cheering. The others were all dumbfounded.

The tree of life struggled a few times, but it couldn’t move.

However, Robb swiped the ground and took out his woodcutting axe. Just now, when he was fighting with the angry tree of life, he had casually thrown the woodcutting axe aside. Now that he had finished fighting, he took it in his hand again. He pointed it left and right towards the tree of life and said in a low voice, “don’t move!”

The tree of life was speechless

“Don’t look at me with grief and indignation.” Robb said, “as I said just now, you will die after your magic power dissipates in a few days anyway. If you are treated by me now, maybe your magic power won’t dissipate. Keep your mind and become a weapon spirit. You can’t live forever, I’m saving you. Don’t move. I’m going to cut you down!”

“I bought a watch last year!” TL: ?

As soon as he finished his words, Robb had swung his axe at It.

His woodcutting skill was activated and as soon as his axe dropped, a square piece of wood immediately appeared on the ground next to it. It was also filled with golden and green light. The two lights rippled on the wood at the same time, looking very strange.

Robb looked at the shape of the piece of wood and couldn’t help laughing. “Eh? It’s really life wood.”

The appearance of the wood was exactly the same as life wood, which was a top-grade material in Dark Blade. This meant that Robb could use it to make top-level equipment in the game.

The tree of life touched its own body with its huge arm and said, “eh? There’s not a single piece of wood missing from my body. Why is there a piece of wood beside me?”

That’s nonsense? In the game, every time a big tree was chopped down, it would have to be cut down chopped times. But before it was cut down, the tree wouldn’t change its appearance.

Robb smiled and said, “don’t worry. I’ll cut a few more times.”

He lifted his axe and chopped down again. He used his skill several times, and several pieces of square life wood appeared on the ground beside him, neatly and beautifully arranged.

However, the tree of life was still unharmed!

It was completely confusing, and the bystanders were even more confused. No one could understand what was going on.

However, there was something worse. When Robb chopped the tree of life for the last time, the huge tree suddenly disappeared and became the last piece of life wood.

If he used his skill to chop the tree several times in a row, the tree would disappear and it would be turned into materials.

Robb picked up the last piece of life wood and gently knocked on it. “Hey, big tree, are you still alive?”

An angry face appeared on the life wood. The angry face said, “I’m still alive! But what’s with this strange method of living?”

“Oh, you are really alive. Feel it yourself. Is your magic still fading away?”

Hearing his question, the tree of life was stunned. It quickly felt that the magic power on its body was no longer fading away, which meant that it would not wither and die in a few days.

At this moment, the tree of life was truly a bit stunned. “How did you do that?”

This was typical cheating with his game skills.

Robb’s skill had distorted the rules of the world. The magic power of the tree of life was directly sealed in the wood by skill, and as a result, it would not die.

It was completely silent now! It began to enjoy the joy of its life.

It was overjoyed.

However, the people of the Kingdom of Norma were not happy anymore.

The poison on the commander hadn’t disappeared yet. Originally, he had the blessing of the tree of life on him, which could guarantee that he would not die in any way. But now that the tree of life was gone, of course its blessing would also be gone.

The poison damage only hit for a second, but the damage was beyond the commander’s total life vitality.

The commander screamed and fell to the ground. He was dead!

The remaining thirty-nine members were rendered speechless

They were too shocked to remember the hostages in their hands. The assassin leader sneaked over from the side, grabbed the two dwarves who were tied up, and jumped away.

The hostages were finally rescued!

This time, it was really game over.

Robb smiled and said to the thirty-nine members “What are you going to do now? Put down your weapons and surrender? I have to remind you that you have trespassed through the border, kidnapped, and stole technology. These crimes are very serious, but they are not equivalent to death. Therefore, if you obediently put down your weapons and surrender, I won’t kill you. I can give you a chance to regain your freedom after working hard. But if you insist on resisting, you have to fight against me, If I accidentally defend myself during the process of law enforcement, I can’t guarantee your lives, just like this guy on the ground. “

He pointed at the dead body of the commander. The other thirty-nine members: “…”

In fact, they were not afraid of death. If they were afraid of death, they would not dare to carry out such a dangerous task of kidnapping hostages and stealing technology. They were even ready to fight with any powerful enemy to the death at any time.

However, the death of the commander and the fall of the tree of life shocked them a lot, especially because these were two big shots.

This had seriously affected their morale. They couldn’t help but think, [even if I fight desperately, so what? I’m just a slap? Is it really meaningful to fight so hard?]

The thirty-nine people all lost their will to fight and turned into thirty-nine dried fish.

Elsie and the dwarf leader looked at each other and nodded. Then they led the soldiers to the thirty-nine people, intending to arrest them.

At this time, Robb turned around and faced the two thousand soldiers of the desert kingdom.

After the soldiers were temporarily intimidated by Robb’s axe attack, they stayed where they were and watched the show. Now that Robb turned to look at them, they became very nervous.

He pointed at the border stela and said seriously, “you can go home now if you have not passed the border stela. I won’t talk to you. But if you cross the border stela, you can stay here and be prisoners.”


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