After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 662

Chapter 662: There is a way to start a fight

The sphinx was so angry that it almost rolled on the sand. It regarded Robb as an enemy and remembered him for two years. Now that it finally found a chance to get revenge. What are you talking about?

It was too angry to speak for a while.

However, the soldiers of the desert kingdom under its feet all knelt down. The commander in the lead shouted, “Sir sphinx, the legendary guardian beast of the desert. You’re just in time. This man has taken the people of the God of the desert captive. Please save them.”

However, the sphinx didn’t care about these people at all. It just stared fiercely at Robb. As the legendary guardian beast of the desert, it was superior to others. It didn’t have the mood to argue with a group of mortals. It just wanted them to kneel down and kowtow there.

As for saving the people of the desert kingdom, it didn’t even bother to think about it. It just wanted to beat Robb down and trample him under Its feet to avenge itself for being thrown on the ground by Robb like a sack two years ago.

Its huge body walked towards Robb step by step. It walked to the edge of the sea of sand, lifted its feet, and walked to the grassy wilderness. Its front foot was almost against the border stela.

However, as soon as it took this step, it felt something wrong.

The ground here was not a desert, but a wasteland at the junction of the desert and the mountains. There were trees in the wasteland, turning the ground into a mottled green and yellow ground, as well as many stones and soil

This was not the most advantageous place for the sphinx.

Two years ago, it had fought with Robb once outside the desert and was bullied by Robb hard. It was beaten back and forth like a sack and had no power to fight back. Now that it met Robb again and that it knew that its strength had not improved in the past two years. If it went out of the desert to fight with Robb again, it was afraid it would be beaten hard again.

The sphinx withdrew its foot immediately and stood in the sand. It opened its mouth and roared, “you are standing at the edge of the desert. Don’t you dare to come in? If you have the guts, come in and try.”

Its roar shook for ten miles, causing the whole world to buzz.

The soldiers and Elsie of the desert kingdom were so shocked that they covered their ears.

The soldiers of Norma were also shocked. They had heard of the sphinx before, but they had never seen it with their own eyes. Now that they saw it, they realized that it was indeed a legendary beast. It was really powerful. Just its roar could make humans tremble.

It’s a good thing that this huge legendary beast has targeted that strange man from Westwind city. You can’t beat the sphinx, can you? As long as the legendary beast killed that man, they would win.

They looked at Robb together, wondering if this pretentious fellow dared to continue to pretend when facing a legendary beast.

However, Robb stood on the side of the border stela, with a regretful expression on his face. He said to the sphinx, “well, although I really want to go into the desert and beat a lion, I can’t cross the border of another kingdom without authorization. It’s too disrespectful for the territory and sovereignty of another kingdom. I’m not such a person.”

“I’m not a lion. I only have a lion head.”

“It’s close.” Robb said, “anyway, you have a part of a lion. It’s okay to call you a lion.”

The sphinx was angry, “stop talking nonsense. Come here!”

“No, I won’t.” Robb said, “I’m a reasonable person. I would never rashly cross the boundary.”

“He’s afraid!” a soldier from Norma whispered, “he doesn’t dare to fight with the sphinx.”

A priest of the Church of Light next to him also nodded and said, “yes, he must be afraid. He can’t defeat the sphinx.”

The prisoners thought so too, so did the soldiers of the desert kingdom on the other side. The remaining more than 1000 people immediately shouted, “are you afraid?”

“Don’t pretend to act strong. As soon as you saw our legendary beast, you don’t even dare to act strong anymore,”

“Come here if you have guts. Come to the desert.”

The soldiers of the desert kingdom roared.

Robb didn’t say anything, but Elsie, who was standing next to him, shouted, “shut up! How dare you pretend to know the noble temperament of our Godfather? If it weren’t for this boundary stela, do you think you could still stand here and say such sarcastic words? You would have been caught and beaten. He spared your lives because of the border stela. He is a proud man. He doesn’t trample on the dignity of other kingdoms just because he is strong. You should learn something.”

After saying that, he pointed at the sphinx and said, “don’t stay there just because you are tall. Come here if you have the guts.”

The sphinx didn’t know what to say when he heard Elsie. It really didn’t dare to come over.

If it didn’t step on sand, it wouldn’t be able to enjoy the power brought by the desert. Without that power, it couldn’t defeat Robb. It had been hammered two years ago because of it.

What the hell was it doing?

The sphinx coughed and said, “I’m the guardian beast of the desert. My job is to guard the desert kingdom and I won’t invade other kingdoms, so I won’t cross the border of other kingdoms either.”

The soldiers of the desert kingdom immediately clapped their hands and said, “our guardian beast really respects the borders of other kingdom. Your Godfather doesn’t dare to come because he is afraid. It’s totally different.”

The sphinx’s old face turned red when it heard this. Fortunately, its face was yellow and no one could see it. It was so embarrassed that it thought, [I can’t admit that he said wrong.]

Robb stood there, unwilling to cross the border. The sphinx also stood there, not daring to do so either.

As a result, the two sides could only look at each other from afar across a boundary stela.

On the contrary, the subordinates of both sides began to curse fiercely. The soldiers of the desert kingdom shouted, “your Godfather is a coward. He doesn’t dare to come over and fight with the sphinx.”

Elsie also led his group of people and retored, “your sphinx is really a coward. Does it dare to come out of the desert?”

There were a lot of people on the other side of the desert, but Elsie had a magic tool for sound transmission, which was powerful enough to roar. After a fierce battle, the result was neck and neck.

In fact, nobody would win just by shouting at eachother.

Someone who would think they could win by shouting must have a mental problem.

While they were cursing each other, Robb suddenly said, “Hey, what’s the point of you cursing each other like this? Well, there’s a plan that can let me fight with the sphinx. I’ll tell everyone and see if it works.”


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