After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 672

Chapter 672: Time seemed to have stopped

During winter of the year 1347…

Snowflakes were falling, filling the earth.

The little Cat Girl Huahua was frolicking in the snow, deliberately jumping off the roof of the chapel, stretching her hands and feet in mid-air, and then “pia” falling into the snow, leaving a beautiful human-shaped depression.

This playful activity delighted the Rabbit Girl Shang Hui, whose hometown rarely saw such heavy snow. She happily built snowmen, but the snowmen she made were also rabbits, each with a pair of long rabbit ears and a big rabbit head, looking very funny.

However, most people did not have such a good mood. They were busy cleaning up snow on the roads in front of their doors, so that the steam buses could easily reach their doors. Otherwise, it would be very tiring to go to work without a bus to take.

Robb was calculating the time before seeing a man wearing black armor, looking very handsome, walking to the front of the yard. He bowed to Robb at the gate, then walked to the opposite side of the stone table and stood there, “Godfather, hello! I am the vice commander of the Black Earth Knights. We have met before.”

Robb recognized him at a glance. He was Mr. Magic Swordsman who had once chased after Elsie to Westwind Town.

Robb smiled and said, “Hey, why are you here?”

The Magic Swordsman respectfully said, “I am here by order of Her Majesty the Queen to lead my troops to set up camp three miles southeast of Westwind City. In the next year, the Black Earth Knights under my leadership will be stationed there, in mutual response to Westwind City. I came to inform you, lest you suspect that we have any malicious intentions.”

After listening, Robb was silent for two seconds, then smiled and said, “Three miles away? I see! If I can hold on my ground against the Black Dragon, you guys will come over and help me fight it. If I’m instantly dead, you guys will immediately withdraw. Is that what you mean?”

A hint of embarrassment flashed across the Magic Swordsman’s face. This man was indeed very cunning. With just a sentence, he had guessed the purpose of their visit. He was indeed the man who had developed Westwind Town into a big city from a small town. His brain was too fast.

He respectfully said, “Please forgive us for being so useless!”

“It’s okay, I don’t blame you.” Robb said, “I have heard from others about how strong the Black Dragon is, and I can understand your concerns. Besides, this is definitely not your idea, but the idea of that woman. As a soldier, you can only follow orders, why would I blame you?”

The Magic Swordsman said, “Thank you for your understanding.”

Robb said, “It’s hard enough to live in a temporary military camp for a year. If you have any difficulties or need any supplies, just send someone to purchase them in Westwind City. I will make sure they are cheaper for you.”

The Magic Swordsman said with a sweat, “Given the current situation, you still have the mood to do business?”

“How can we live without doing business?” Robb laughed and said, “Even if the sky falls tomorrow, we still have to work hard today to make money. Otherwise, if the sky doesn’t fall, and you haven’t made any money, won’t you starve to death?”

The magic swordsman smiled and said, “Thank you for teaching me.”

Robb asked casually, “Mr. vice commander, is Madeline still guarding Crystal Canyon?”

The magic swordsman replied, “The commander is still leading a black earth knight group stationed on the border, monitoring the movements of the Desert Kingdom. Since you moved the border stela in the north more than a mile north, the Desert Kingdom has been plotting to move the stela back. The commander often argues with the people from the Desert Kingdom near the border stela.”

“Haha!” Robb laughed. “What about kingdom of Norma? What are they doing now?”

The magic swordsman said, “Since their last operation, the kingdom of Norma has been quiet and has been on guard by the seaside to prevent our steel battleships from attacking their ports. Apart from that, they haven’t done anything, probably because the Year of the Black Dragon’s flight is coming soon so they dare not act recklessly. They are transferring the wealth from the big cities and assembling heavy troops to guard the capital and important cities. Oh, and Mondra is the same. During the Year of the Black Dragon’s flight, no one dares to easily move their troops…”

After learning about the world situation, Robb found it quite boring. Okay, when the Year of the Black Dragon’s flight comes, the whole world seems to come to a standstill. Come to think of it, the year he came to this world was also the Year of the Black Dragon’s flight. Queen Miss took advantage of the fact that all kingdoms were not allowed to move their troops that year and seized the opportunity to rebel against Mondra. Otherwise, with her strength at the time, it would not have been so easy to raise a flag.

After the magic swordsman bowed and left, Robb saw a group of people walking towards him with smiles on their faces. Upon closer inspection, they were actually a large group of rabbit people. These rabbit people were wearing Eastern-style cotton-padded jackets, looking round and fat. When they saw Robb, they greeted him loudly in Chinese, “Ah, Godfather, hello! Long time no see, we have missed you very much.”

These rabbits translated “Godfather” into “教父” in Chinese, which sounded a bit less significant, but they couldn’t take advantage of Robb’s status. Robb asked in surprise, “Who are you? Are you craftsmen from the paper mill?”

The leader of the rabbit people said, “Paper mill? What paper mill? I am Shang Yang! Don’t you remember? I am the Easterner rescued from the hands of the kingdom of Norma by you.”

Robb said, “Who can tell who you are? All of you rabbits look the same.”

Westerners think all Easterners look the same, but in fact, Easterners think Westerners look the same too.

Shang Yang didn’t mind Robb’s criticism and smiled, saying, “We traveled the Tea Horse Ancient Road, returned to Big Tang, rested for a while, prepared some goods, and quickly set off again. We once again crossed the Tea Horse Ancient Road and came back to Westwind City. Here is the tea you wanted. I brought a big bag for you.”

He took out a large bag of tea from the bag and placed it in front of Robb.

Upon seeing this, Robb couldn’t help but feel delighted.

Surprisingly, Shang Yang also brought out a set of tea utensils and placed them in front of Robb. The exquisitely carved tea tray made of tree roots, several high-end Jingdezhen-made tea cups on top, and a top-notch purple clay teapot all together made the set instantly luxurious.

Robb gave him a thumbs up. Eastern people are sensible in gift-giving; they always give a complete set! This is the etiquette of their kingdom.

In this day and age, the East is indeed more civilized than the West, at least in terms of dining etiquette. The East is really ahead of the West by several blocks.

Robb quickly shouted, “Lilian, bring some hot water.”


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