After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 687

Chapter 687: How are your students doing?

The Queen talked to Robb about returning the pastry master while signaling the nearby guards. Soon, the guards called the royal chef over.

The chef carefully examined the crystal ball, staring at it with widened eyes for a while before turning to the Queen and saying, “I see peppercorns, butter, and I suspect salt was added. I can’t recognize the reddish material, but it should be the main ingredient.”

The Queen was furious, “You can’t even recognize the ingredients as a chef? How did you become a chef?”

The embarrassed chef stuttered, “Uh…”

After scolding the chef, the Queen noticed that not only were there a group of maids eating by the large pot, but also a dwarf traveling merchant. This was very interesting.

The perceptive Queen immediately thought of something, “I see, this reddish thing must be the new novelty that the dwarf merchant just brought.”

Robb stuck his tongue out at her, “I won’t tell you!”

“You won’t tell me? Shall I find a way to get the information?” The Queen turned around and gave an order. Soon, the royal merchants Gugu and Jiji came over, and they recognized the traveling merchant at a glance. They whispered, “This dwarf merchant sells small commodities, such as pepper, silk, and a large number of daily necessities. I saw him once in the Lost City a few days ago. He should have just come out of there.”

The Queen snorted, “Immediately contact number 2 in Lost City and ask him what this red thing is. If he doesn’t know, send someone to ask in the commercial street of Lost City.”

Soon, the second person was contacted through the crystal ball, and shortly after, the Queen returned to the crystal ball and laughed at Robb, “Trying to deceive me? I already know! This thing is called red pepper, it was seized by the Dark Church from a merchant ship from Norma. It is said to come from the New Continent Maya, and the taste is very spicy. You use pepper and chili to make soup base to suppress the fishy smell of the food!”

“What kind of crazy woman are you? How many people did you mobilize to investigate in such a short time? Is this how the kingdom’s power is used?” Robb said.

“How else should it be used?” the Queen replied.

“Use it for legitimate purposes!”

“This is already very legitimate.”


Ignoring Robb’s ridicule, the Queen turned to criticize him, “It’s all your fault. You never do anything serious, just research food all day. You always use these miscellaneous things to influence the normal operation of the entire kingdom of Gran, luring good, honest, and hardworking Gran people into one pit after another. You are the person who never does anything legitimate.”

Robb rolled his eyes.

The Queen realized that she had said something crazy and didn’t continue. She quickly changed the subject, “Right, Madeline will pass by the Westwind City soon.”

“Oh?” Robb immediately understood. “Last time I remember you said you wanted to guide her back to Bright Road and then lead the army to march to the Capital of Saints.”

“That city is not the Capital of Saints,” the queen said. “Its name is Mondra’s Lair.”

“Yes, yes!” Robb said. “The only real capital of the Kingdom of Gran is the Black Earth Tower, right? Everything else is a pseudo-capital.”

“That’s right,” the queen said. “Madeline will definitely want to stay in the Westwind City for a day and not immediately take the train. You can probably guess why. I just wanted to ask beforehand, how is Robb Smith’s wind magic progressing now?”

“It’s going well,” Robb said with a smile.

“Is it just polite well or is it really well?” the queen asked.

“It’s really well!”

“Okay, I see,” the queen said. “Let’s stop here. It’s getting late, and I still need to go get some hotpot.”

“Oh? You’re not even trying to hide it now?” Robb asked.

“There’s no point in hiding it in front of you,” the queen said. “Anyway, you can guess it.”

After saying that, she decisively hung up the phone without even saying “goodbye” or “talk to you later.”

Robb shrugged at the crystal ball and looked up at the train station across from him, thinking to himself, “Looks like there’s a possibility that Madeline will drag me to Mondra’s Lair. Ugh, I don’t really want to go!”

Robb was still the same as before, not liking to move around too much. However, the incident with the black dragon’s attack last time had some impact on him. If he stayed here without doing anything for four years, the black dragon might come again, and then another tough battle would ensue. Without the help of the queen, would they still be able to successfully repel the black dragon next time?

The answer was obvious!

Perhaps it was time to go out and exercise his muscles and prepare a little for the black dragon battle four years later. At least he needed to get some decent equipment. His only reliable equipment now was the bow of life, which he improvised during the last fight against the black dragon. The armor he was wearing was just a plain steel armor, and his shield and sword were all ordinary junk. He had never encountered a strong enemy in this world before, and he could easily beat everything so far with just his bare hands, so there was no need to prepare any good equipment or armor.

But now, it seemed like he had to prepare a little.

Moreover, he had to prepare his subordinates as well. Killing a world-class final boss like the bahamut was not something he could do alone, even with a set of godly equipment. He needed teammates to cooperate. He had to arm an army, and the next time the black dragon dared to come, they would really have to chop off its head.

“Good!” He stretched lazily. “It’s time to be a little more diligent. Let’s go out and look for some equipment.”

A few days later, a diesel train roared over from Stone Canyon, bringing a whole load of passengers.

Meanwhile, ten minutes before the train arrived, Robb had already split himself up, with his doppelganger maintaining his blond hair and sitting on a stone bench lost in thought.

His real self, however, had transformed into the appearance of Robb Smith and was sitting quietly in the chapel waiting.

After the train arrived at the station but before it had come to a stop, Madeline had already jumped out of the window and several black earth knights stumbled out of the window behind her, shouting, “Commander, jumping out of a moving train will get us into trouble.”

Without looking back, Madeline replied, “I’ve checked it out. The people in Westwind City follow the fine tradition of Godfather and only curse at men, not women. So it’s fine for me to jump out of the train, but if you follow suit, it will be a big deal.”

As soon as she finished speaking, several staff members jumped out of the platform next to her, grabbing the black earth knights and angrily scolding them, “Don’t you know how to use the door? If you like jumping out of windows so much, why do we need train doors? You bunch of fools won’t die from the fall, but you’ll be fined one gold coin each.”


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