After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 689

Chapter 689: Let him

“A nationwide, grand mobilization order for the Eastern Expedition that swept across the kigndom began.

The queen’s determination to recover the Kingdom of Gran was extremely firm and now her will has become the will of the majority of the people in West Gran as well.

Since the small video of Mondra colluding with demons was leaked, the people of the kingdom of Gran had long lost their trust in Mondra, seeing him as a synonym for evil and an unworthy ruler to follow.

But in these four years, Miss Queen has constantly learned various new ideas from Robb, developed the economy, and promoted culture. Under her management, West Gran’s economy has been thriving, with industry and agriculture making progress in tandem, and transportation and water conservancy have also made great progress.

When people have a better life, of course, they will love their rulers. A war launched by a beloved ruler will naturally become a just war.

The righteous will prevail over the wicked, this is an unchanging truth even in the world of swords and magic.

The people of West Gran responded enthusiastically to the mobilization order for the Eastern Expedition, and the massive expeditionary army was quickly assembling.

At this time, Robb had already disguised himself as a black-haired youth, Robb Smith, and came to Bright Road with Madeline.

Bright Road at this time was already filled with an atmosphere of an impending war.

Militia from various villages could be seen everywhere on the streets.

Nobles from the countryside came together, parading around with their private armies. Groups of people could be seen everywhere on the roadside, cursing Mondra with righteous indignation.

In a square, a scholar was passionately giving a speech. Robb and Madeline stood on the side and listened for a while. The scholar spoke about the old events of twenty years ago, the year when the black dragon danced in the sky, and how Mondra colluded with the Church of Light to persecute the young queen.

This speech, coupled with Mondra’s already tarnished image, immediately stirred up the crowd’s emotions. Everyone around, soldiers and civilians alike, shouted in anger.

Robb shook his head and smiled, pulling Madeline and continuing to walk. When passing by the entrance of the Church of Darkness, they saw a large group of Templar Knights carrying supplies. Clearly, this battle was also important for the Church of Darkness.

If they won this battle, the Church of Light would be completely driven out of the Kingdom of Gran! So the Church of Darkness, who had ulterior motives, had to spare no effort to help Her Majesty the Queen.

Soon, the two walked to the front of the palace. Behind the palace was the Royal Magic Academy, so there were also many students coming and going on this road in front of the palace. Robb quickly spotted an old acquaintance, George! He was laughing and joking with a group of students as they walked down the long street.

George was wearing a silk robe and holding a white poplar wand in his hand. The tip of the wand was inlaid with a ruby, which was known to enhance the power of fire magic. With his appearance, George looked like a formal magician.

As Robb and Madeline were about to enter the palace, they saw George and the group of students rushing ahead of them. George shouted at the palace guards, “Listen to me, palace guards. I am George, a fire magician. I want to offer my enthusiasm to my great kingdom. Please allow me to see Her Majesty the Queen. I want to join the court magicians and serve Her Majesty.”

The guards didn’t react at all to George’s words for a while. Then, a man in a captain’s uniform emerged and pointed at George, saying, “You are a student at the Magic Academy, aren’t you? Go back to school and study. Don’t cause trouble. Although the kingdom is currently in need of people, it doesn’t mean that everyone should be sent to the battlefield. Students like you should finish your studies before offering service to the kingdom.”

George loudly replied, “What are you talking about? Do you notthink my strength is not enough? Let me tell you, I, the great magician George, am already a powerful master.”

The captain looked at George sideways and said, “Show me a spell.”

George shouted, “Watch this!” He waved his white poplar wand forward and muttered some words. Then, a fireball the size of a ping pong ball flew out of the wand’s tip. It looked comical but hit a large rock in the distance with a loud bang. The small fireball exploded and engulfed the entire rock in flames.

Everyone nearby was shocked.

In fact, most of the students who came with George were there to laugh at him, but they didn’t expect him to release such a powerful fireball.

Madeline was also stunned. “What’s going on? That fireball was so small, how could it have such a big impact?”

Robb whispered in her ear, “He’s wearing the silk robe that my teacher made. It adds 50 to his magic attack power. Therefore, the power of his magic just now was about 50.05.”

Madeline asked in surprise, “Is that data accurate? How was it evaluated?”

Robb shrugged, “It’s just an estimate.”

Madeline said, “You’re amazing. You can even estimate the power of magic.”

If someone else had said this, Robb would have thought that they were being sarcastic or making fun of him. But when Madeline said it, he knew that she was genuinely praising him. He felt embarrassed and thought to himself, [I just made it up. Don’t take it so seriously.]

George’s performance left everyone around him stunned.

However, the captain of the palace guard quickly reacted and pointed at George, saying, “Put down your wand, take off your robe and put on ordinary clothes, and then try to cast a spell.”

“Why can’t I wear my robe and carry my wand for the demonstration?” asked George.

The captain replied, “If a junior apprentice can become a magician just by having these equipment, then we might as well give this equipment to a real magician, who can become a great magician and bring greater benefits to the kingdom.”

“Hey!” George protested, “This is arrogance and prejudice, and you’ll get what’s coming to you.”

“Take him away! Send someone to ask his father if he’s willing to sell this equipment to the court magicians.” The captain waved his hand, and several soldiers walked over, lifted George up, and dragged him in the direction of the magic school.

As George was being dragged away, he screamed, “Put me down! Kante will be knighted, so why can’t I even be a small court magician? I must participate in this expedition to help my friend. Oh, Robb, you’re here? Please speak for me. You’re ranked high now, so your words carry weight.”

Robb shrugged and said to him, “Go back to school and don’t cause trouble until you graduate from elementary school.”

The students who came to watch the commotion laughed heartily and followed along.


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