After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Are you guys leaving?

It was already very late by the time we finished eating dinner, so it wasn’t too convenient to go to my real estate today.

Robb and Gorda’s party slept at the mayor’s residence, but Gorda’s snoring was so loud that they couldn’t sleep in the same room as him, so Robb got up and sat down on a stone bench in the mayor’s backyard.

A figure slowly approached nearer. The red-headed magician, Xielu smiling, sat on the other stone bench beside Robb, looking at him with her head tilted.

“Why? Is there anything on my face?” asked Robb.

“You exude a mysterious feeling.” Xielu smiled, “Gorda and Jike may not have said it as I did, but they probably felt the same way. You were once a big shot, weren’t you?”

“Huh?” Robb exclaimed, “What makes you say that?”

“Of course, first of all is because of your power. Needless to say, your magical powers are so powerful that you don’t even need to chant or say a spell. And you can even cast magic with just a move of your hand. My God, I suspect that you might have an artifact on you that can shorten the time it needs for you to cast your spells. If a priest as good as you doesn’t have a high position in the church of light, then you must’ve had a high position in the past. It is impossible for you to be a no-name small priest, not to mention your attitude…” At this point, she pauses and organizes her words.

A few seconds later, she continued, “You have a calm air surrounding you, and when you walk it us, you unintentionally release the aura of a great, powerful man, walking about the streets with his men. It’s very subtle.

“Hey? Did I?” Robb thought carefully, and perhaps he did. If someone uses a maxed account to go with some low-level players, he’ll inevitably feel like an “old man with a new man”, unintentionally. This is not good. I’ll try to keep a low profile, so I don’t gather too much attention. No, no one in this world will use a small trumpet on people anymore.

Xuelu asked, “Are you a high priest? Grand Priest? An Oracle? A cardinal? Oh, but you can’t but such a young cardinal, but I think you’ve probably held one of the other posts, and you must’ve been or were a great figure in the church of light.”

Robb thought, “There’s still the Pope, you mentioned all the top professions of the church, but you’re right. I’ve done them all.”

Though he only thought that in his mind and didn’t reply to her, the expression on his face betrayed his intentions.

The expression on Xieru’s face hardened. She lowered her voice and exclaimed, “Oh my God, are you really such a big figure? I can feel that you aren’t a normal person, but I didn’t know that you were this good.”

Robb said, “Well, you know my secret now. I might have to kill to silence someone.”

Xielu was visibly startled, and for a moment, she turned pale and trembled.

Robb didn’t realize that he frightened her, “Heyyy, I’m just joking.”

“Huh!” Xielu heaved a sigh of relief. “Please don’t make these kinds of jokes. You are too strong to be doing so. I almost jumped back and threw a ball of fire at you.”

Still a little frightened, she looked timidly at Robb’s face and saw his soft expression. This time, she was truly relieved. She whispered to him, “Why did a big figure like you come to such a small town? Are you on a secret mission? Or… huh? Could it be that you are being ostracized or even being chased? I’ve heard of such a story in the past where some great man offended another great man and was hunted down by a big army, so he had to live in a small town under a new name.”

“Your imagination is too wild.” Robb said, “I just want to be carefree and lazy.”

His laziness shocked Xielu again. “Sloth is one of the seven sins!” she whispered. A normal man must go to a priest to confess. But for a great man like you to speak about laziness is a bad example! It would be bad if followers of the church of light follow your example… I think I at least know why you were ostracized.”

Robb thought, “You’re such a funny girl. Forget it. I’m too lazy to explain. I’ll just go with being ostracized because of the seven sins.”

He didn’t want to think about the question anymore. He asked, “Are you leaving tomorrow?”

Xielu nodded, “Yes, Gorda took a commission. In the birch forest to the southwest, a small village was invaded by trolls, and the villagers requested us to get rid of them. We’ve been here for days looking for the double-legged dragon, so we’re tight in time. We have to get up early tomorrow and leave.”

“Oh!” replied Robb, apparently cold and seemingly indifferent about their future journey, but in fact, he was secretly worried. He was a more affectionate man than he had imagined. The three adventurers weren’t annoying, making him feel a sense of attachment to them. He didn’t want to hear from some traveling merchant that they’d been eaten by a troll in the birch forest a few days later.

However, he also didn’t have any intentions of accompanying them to the birch forest.

Their journey doesn’t end after reaching the birch forest. They might go to the black birch forest or the yellow birch forest afterward. They still have countless adventurers set for them, it’s impossible for Robb to babysit them forever. Perhaps, he can give them a little gift to pin their blessings on their lapels and say his farewells.

“By the way, since you’re a magician, you often make magic scrolls. Do you have a blank scroll for making magic scrolls?” asked Robb.

“Of course I do. Xielu takes a pocket from her waist and rolls a parchment from it. If this is the game world, this is a material named “blank magic scroll”. Magicians can engrave magic he has already mastered on the scroll and give it to someone else. Even if the recipient isn’t a magician, he can still use the scroll to evoke the engraved magic.

Robb picks up the piece of parchment and uses the “Create Magical Scroll” skill. He selects “Transmit,” and selects the material “Blank magic scroll,” and begins to engrave the magic…

A cold blue light spread around him in an instant and dispersed into the parchment. A strange symbol began to appear on the parchment, which too was giving a faint blue light.

Xieru glanced at it and exclaimed, “The magic scroll of instantaneous teleportation… It’s… it’s a precious life-saving magic.”


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