After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 716

Chapter 716: We need range

The wind knight got up, looking unhappy as he stared at Kante. “I thought you really learned wind magic, but it turns out you’re still a physical magician.”

Kante said, “Oh, that was an accident.”

The wind knight couldn’t be bothered with him, and turned to Robb. “Lord Robb, why are you fooling around with Kante?”

Robb smiled wryly. “Well, I didn’t expect him to be this bad.”

Kante shouted from the side, “Come on, come on!”

The wind knight retorted, “Forget it!” He angrily brushed off the dirt on his body and prepared to leave.

“Don’t be like that, come again,” Kante pleaded, holding onto the wind knight.

But the wind knight was already thoroughly disappointed with Kante. He kicked him away and left.

Robb rolled his eyes at Kante. “You need to familiarize yourself with what you just learned and practice combos before finding someone to spar with. Godfather said that once you have mastered what you learned from these two books, you can consider learning new things.”

In the game, items could help people quickly learn magic and combat techniques, but it didn’t mean that they could use them without practice. Players still had to familiarize themselves with their skills and practice combos, and the same went for Kante.

Robb estimated that he needed some time to integrate the contents of those two books completely. By then, he would probably become a magic knight.

After parting ways with Kante, Robb walked back to his room. Along the way, he heard soldiers discussing the poison mist and the method he proposed to disperse it with the wind.

As he walked a few steps, the logistics team came by, pulling several heavy carriages with their trained thunder lizards. The long caravan was covered with canvas, and although Robb didn’t know what was inside, it looked very heavy. The thunder lizards struggled to pull the carriages, and the wheels made creaking noises.

Robb couldn’t help but ask, “What is this? It looks very heavy.”

The logistics soldiers quickly bowed and saluted. “Lord Robb, these are ten short cannons. We plan to use them in the battle to attack Mondra’s stronghold.”

“Oh!” Robb nodded, impressed with the siege weapons.

A soldier next to him muttered, “That villain Mondra released poison mist when the east wind was blowing. We will use these cannons to shoot iron balls into his city, so he can also taste our power.”

But another soldier shook his head and sighed. “The short cannons are powerful, but their damage is limited. Even if we fire dozens of shells into his city, we won’t be able to do much damage. It’s not like him, who nearly destroyed our fortress with a single poison mist attack.”

A soldier who had spoken earlier said, “There’s nothing we can do. We don’t have that kind of crazy poisonous fog. Only witch doctors who are good at playing with poisons have it. Besides, even if we could create such a poison, the enemy has high bishops who can use group detoxification spells to dissolve it all at once. It’s pointless.”

As the soldiers talked about this, they couldn’t help but feel upset and had expressions of dissatisfaction on their faces. They had been played by someone else’s dirty tricks, but they didn’t have any counter-tricks to fight back. Everyone knew the power of the short cannon, but it wasn’t enough to vent their anger.

At this moment, a soldier spoke up, “Actually, Mr. Robb’s magical devices are also very powerful. The Katysusha and landmines are both very powerful magical devices, but their range is not very good.”

“Yes!” Another soldier sighed, “Katyusha is a loading-type magical device, and the range of the magic inside is limited by the range of the magic itself, only a few hundred yards. As for landmines, it goes without saying that they can only explode in place. If we could throw them into the enemy’s city from a super long distance and explode them, that would be powerful.”

“How about using a catapult to throw landmines?”

“A catapult is useless. The giant crossbow carts on the city wall are enough to destroy the catapult. That range is not enough to make an overwhelming impact on the enemy.”

“What should we do then?”

“If I knew what to do, I wouldn’t be a foot soldier. I would have been promoted to a baron a long time ago.”

The soldiers chatted awkwardly, but it was just a casual chat without any deeper meaning. However, these words caught Robb’s attention. Range! As long as there was range, the landmines could be turned into flying mines. But how could he increase the range of this thing?

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly saw a soldier passing by with a cylinder in his hand. It was a single-person magical device with three compartments containing three fireball spells, which looked like a rocket launcher.

That cylinder immediately sparked Robb’s imagination: “I’ve got it! Something that’s low-tech, super long-range, and easy to implement, under the premise of the short cannon’s technology. Hehehe…”

He quickly returned to his room, concocting medicine while idling and switching his consciousness to the Lazy Priest’s body. With a brush of his mind, he returned to Westwind City.

Lifting the manhole cover, he arrived in the dwarves’ underground village in no time.

Here had become a large-scale forging factory, with two thousand dwarves and thousands of human craftsmen gathered here. The third steel battleship was under construction, and several groups were simultaneously developing different technologies such as trains and tanks.

Robb wandered around the village until he found the dwarf leader.

The talkative dwarf was squatting next to a few craftsmen, passionately discussing a piece of ore. That ore was precisely the small piece of Arcanite Gold ore that had just been dug up from the lake. It should have been sent back by the group of miners at the lake through the transmission portal.

When the dwarf leader saw Robb approaching, he jumped up with a brush, “Godfather, you’ve come at just the right time. We’re researching this new ore called Arcanite Gold. Oh, this stuff is really amazing. I’m sure weapons and armor made from this stuff will be even better. If used to make parts for trains, cars, and warships, it can also improve the strength of various bearings.”

Robb smiled and said, “You’re not wrong.”

The dwarf leader suddenly became excited and asked, “Did you come here in person to teach us how to use this ore?”

Robb replied, “No, actually, I suddenly had an idea for a weapon and wanted you to help research and design it.”

Hearing this, the dwarves also became interested and asked, “What is it?”

Robb drew a cylinder on the ground, tilted at a 45-degree angle towards the sky, and said with a smile, “I call this thing a mortar. Its main purpose is to throw bombs remotely at enemy positions. I think you, who have already mastered the artillery technology, should be able to easily research this thing.”


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