After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 727

Chapter 727: The queen left

“Don’t mess around, it’s not like you at all,” Robb broke out in a cold sweat.

“I’m not messing around,” the Queen brushed it off and resumed her cold expression, as if the normal woman she had just been a moment ago had never existed. She said with a straight face, “What kind of man are you? I’ve already acted cute, and you still won’t give me some good stuff.”

Robb responded irritably, “When a normal woman acts cute, it’s real. Your acting cute is like a horror movie. How effective can it be? Alright, stop messing around! I won’t give you any of this connective tissue because your craftsmen don’t understand it, and it would be wasted on them. They wouldn’t be able to make anything decent with it. It’s better if I make it myself and then give you some finished products.”

“Huh?” The Queen was surprised, “You were planning on giving me some?”

“Exactly!” Robb said seriously, “Am I the kind of selfish person who wouldn’t?”

“Yes, you are!”

“In that case, I won’t give you any.”

“You are the most generous person I’ve ever met. You are not selfish at all.”

“You are so good at changing faces. What kind of woman are you?” Robb teased.

They laughed and joked for a while until the Queen suddenly stopped and her face became more serious than ever. “There’s something I need your help with.”

“Tell me, but if it’s too difficult, I won’t help.”

“Come to Bright Road and take care of my palace and throne for me. Just for two months, no, maybe one month will do,” the Queen said with utmost sincerity.

Robb’s face twisted into an evil grin. “What do you want me to do? Sit on your throne while you sit on my lap? Although this request is a bit excessive, I am willing to reluctantly agree to it with the spirit of eating a small loss. But I can’t guarantee that I can control my own hands.”

The Queen obviously did not want to joke around at this moment, and her face was terrifyingly serious. “Stop talking nonsense. This is a serious request. You should know what I want to do. Joking around won’t help. I’m just asking, will you help me?”

Robb sighed, “What kind of woman are you? Normally, in this kind of situation, shouldn’t we flirt with each other a bit? How come you don’t have any feminine charm?”

“In this situation, I don’t feel like a woman,” the Queen said. “Now I am an avenger, a queen, a leader. I have to be responsible for my kingdom and my people. Without a stable ruler, I cannot go out and fight fearlessly. However, if I don’t go and fight the final battle against Mondra myself, I feel like something is missing.”

She concluded, “I have to go! Therefore, I can only entrust Bright Road to you.”

Robb pouted, “Aren’t you afraid that when you come back, West Gran will be in my hands, and you will once again become a little exile girl, pitifully fleeing to the corner of the continent?”

“If you’re going to treat me like that, I won’t run away. I’ll come back and die in front of you,” the Queen said, biting her lip.

Robb applauded, “Now you’re finally showing some cuteness.”

“Hey, stop beating around the bush, I’ll just ask one thing, will you help me with this favor?”

“Ah!” Robb actually felt a little sorry for her and sighed, “Go ahead! I’ll watch it for you.”

The Queen was overjoyed, “Really? You agreed?”

“Mm! I promised.” Robb said, “However, I don’t have to sit on your throne. I’ll sit on my own chair in Westwind City. If there are any difficulties on Bright, just let the necromancer in charge of guarding come to me through the portal, and I’ll go help.”

The Queen looked deeply into Robb’s eyes, not saying anything unnecessary, because since the man had agreed, there was no need to confirm it again and again, nor was there any need to doubt whether he could do it.

She trusted this man, for no apparent reason, but this trust was unwavering and without a hint of doubt. She would even rather believe that one day she accidentally lost her capital city than believe that the crazy man would fail.

After hanging up the crystal ball, she carefully put it in a bag, hung the bag on her waist, put on a black robe, pushed open the door of her bedroom, and walked out.

Outside the door, the number 1 was waiting for her respectfully.

The Queen said calmly, “Leave number 48 on Bright Road to handle daily affairs. Everyone else, come with me and attack the stronghold of Mondra.”

Number 1 whispered, “Number 48 is not competent enough. The capital city may be unstable, especially the Church of Darkness. Our relationship with them is very delicate. If Your Majesty leaves, those guys may cause trouble secretly.”

“It doesn’t matter.” The Queen said arrogantly, “I have made full preparations.”

Number 1 said nothing, bowed, withdrew, dispatched messengers, and soon a large group of necromancers from various departments rushed over and gathered at the gate of the palace. Except for Number 2 at Lost City, Number 8 in Westwind City, and Number 48 guarding Bright Road, all other necromancers were present.

These were all loyal old officials from the previous dynasty of the kingdom and the most loyal supporters of the Queen!

They used to be court magicians twenty years ago!

The Queen didn’t say anything unnecessary, nor did she need any pre-war mobilization. She took the lead and walked out of the palace, mounted a skeletal horse, and galloped towards the east city gate.

As soon as she left, a huge skeletal dragon spread its wings and flew up from the backyard of the palace, protecting her front and moving eastward at the same speed as her skeletal horse.

Then, a large group of necromancers all mounted skeletal horses and followed behind the Queen. At this time, the moon had just risen, and the pure and bright moonlight spread across the land.

A large group of people, illuminated by the moonlight, ran out of the city towards the east overnight. In the woods and canyons outside the city, thousands of skeleton soldiers, skeleton archers, and skeleton dogs emerged and followed closely, as if ghosts were wandering at night!

She had just left the city not long ago…

A city gate guard quietly left his post under the cover of night and entered the Church of Darkness. Then, the new Archbishop of the Church of Darkness took out a crystal ball and dialed the Pope at Lost City…

Shortly after, the church gathered all the cardinals and archbishops in a small room. Then, they heard the church’s deep and sinister voice saying to them, “The Queen has left Bright Road.”

The bodies of the cardinals and archbishops trembled slightly, and then everyone laughed with a gloomy voice, “She left Bright Road?”



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