After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 737

Chapter 737: Black Earth Knights vs. White Lion Knights

“Report to your Majesty, our air force has been completely wiped out and we are unable to destroy the enemy artillery position.” A soldier covered in dust and ash reported to Mondra in a pitiful state. This poor soldier had just crawled up from the ground, having survived a nearby explosion of a thorium bomb moments ago. He had quickly thrown himself to the ground and was lucky to have escaped with his life, but his face was now covered in black and gray dirt, looking extremely disheveled.

Mondra himself also looked quite disheveled. He used to stand tall and proud when commanding battles, but today he was surrounded and protected by defense soldiers, retreating to the safety of the city gate. This was currently the safest place, as long as the city gate remained intact, it was like an air raid shelter.

However, this position was very awkward, and he could hardly see what was happening on the battlefield. All he could hear were the continuous sounds of bombs flying and exploding, as well as the cries and moans of his soldiers. Injured soldiers were brought in from time to time, and the priests of the Church of Light quickly cast spells to heal them.

Mondra spoke with a dark face, “We can’t keep fighting like this.”

Yingsi nodded, “This will only result in us being beaten down by them, without being able to fight back. We can’t just defend the city anymore. We have to go out and charge. I will lead the White Lion Knights out.”

Mondra nodded, “It’s worth a try.”


In West Gran’s army!

Tens of thousands of West Gran soldiers silently watched as the West of the Capital of Saints trembled amidst a barrage of artillery fire. There were no soldiers standing on the city walls anymore, and countless soldiers had fallen behind the walls. As for the ordinary citizens who lived along the western wall, they had already been frightened out of their wits and ran away.

Therefore, what they now saw was almost an empty city!

Of course, they knew that this was not an empty city, but rather that all the enemies had hidden themselves from their view.

The queen took a deep breath, “The combination of mortars and thorium bombs is truly terrifying.”

Madeline next to her nodded, “It has changed the way wars are fought.”

The queen said, “But we have used a lot of our bombs, haven’t we?”

Madeline replied, “Yes, in just this small amount of time, we have fired over a hundred thorium bombs. The consumption is extremely high…”

Hearing the number “over a hundred,” the queen’s heart felt a bit pained. How much thorium did that use up? However, seeing Mondra being blown away and not even daring to stand on the city walls anymore also made her feel a bit satisfied.

She was considering whether to continue bombarding the city or to temporarily stop the shelling and send in the infantry to attack the city.

At that moment, the city gate in front of them opened!

Then, a knight in white armor and a white helmet charged out of the city gate, holding a gray military flag in his hand. The center of the flag was embroidered with a lion baring its fangs and claws.

The White Lion Knights are here.

As soon as she saw the silver and white battle flag, the queen’s anger surged up. Mondra and the White Lion Knights were the ones who chased her the most, and without the help of the Duke Yingsi, Mondra might not have dared to rebel. The Flame, Ice, and Thunder Knights might not have listened to Mondra either.

Old and new hatred surged together.

The queen shook off her dark spirits and planned to take action personally, but someone beside her pressed her shoulder hard and said in a deep voice, “Elizabeth, don’t forget that I was also hunted by him.”

The queen was taken aback.

Madeline mounted her horse, waved her holy sword forward, and shouted, “Black Earth Knights, counterattack the traitor Yingsi.”

Boom! The black-helmeted warriors took a step forward together.

“Okay, go!” The queen didn’t say any more nonsense.

Cavalry against cavalry!

Brave against brave!

The two sides clashed as soon as they met.

Five hundred yards were not far for either side. In the blink of an eye, the cavalry had collided fiercely and were sent flying.

The Black Earth Knights had many earth magic users. As soon as they collided, the whole army lit up with a brown light. Earth magic was primarily defensive, and their stone skin defense was activated, making the entire army stiff like stone.

However, the formidable Duke Yingsi was not to be trifled with. He was a powerful paladin, and when his aura was activated, the warriors around him became incredibly powerful. They collided fiercely with the Black Earth Knights, who had activated their stone skin defense, and were not at all at a disadvantage.

Robb’s eyes followed Madeline with a slightly worried look…

Of course, only slightly!

Anyway, even if Madeline accidentally dies in battle, he can secretly cast a resurrection spell, so that’s not a big problem. What Robb is worried about is that Madeline might get hurt and feel pain or even cry. However, upon further consideration, Madeline is very strong and even if she is injured, she probably won’t cry but silently endure the pain. This thought made Robb even more worried.

The Black Earth Knights and the White Lion Knights were seen fighting fiercely together.

Twenty years ago, the previous generation of the Black Earth Knights mostly died in the Battle of the Black Dragon, and those survivors who were lucky enough to survive the Battle with the Black Dragon were hunted by Mondra and the White Lion Knights for half of the kingdom of Gran. The battle was so brutal that no one knows how many previous generation Black Earth Knights died while fleeing.

New grudges and old hatreds erupted into a bloody battle!

In the chaos of the army, Yingsi and Madeline collided with each other. With a flash of their swords, they quickly exchanged blows. A holy light radiated from Yingsi’s body, while a black aura emanated from Madeline’s.

When their long swords collided, Madeline couldn’t help but step back several steps. In terms of strength, she was still inferior to a Paladin. However, she was confident in her agility. With a flash of her sword, she instantly unleashed several sword strikes around Yingsi.

Yingsi was obviously having trouble keeping up with Madeline’s speed. His profession as a Paladin was not good at speed, and he was also not young anymore, so his reaction time was not as fast as that of a young person.

But he had his own way. While narrowly blocking Madeline’s attacks with his one-handed sword, he also used his “Blessed Hammer.”

Golden magic condensed into one small golden hammer after another in the air around him. In a blink of an eye, dozens of hammers were suspended around him, flying around him. Each of these hammers carried powerful magic, and under their irregular rotation, they formed a field of indiscriminate attack composed of golden hammers.

Even a fool could see that it would be difficult to avoid the constantly rotating small hammers in this field. If hit by them, one would undoubtedly suffer serious injuries.


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