After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 739

Chapter 739: My luck is really good

The next day, the siege continued!

Her Majesty’s army once again pressed against the walls of the Capital of Saints. As soon as the first thunderous boom of the mortars sounded, the defenders of Mondra’s army abandoned their posts and hid in various places such as ditches, low walls, gateways, and hidden bunkers.

No one blamed them for not being loyal to their duties, as they were useless even if they stood in their defensive positions.

After being relentlessly bombarded and unable to fight back the previous day, Mondra’s army wasn’t completely foolish. They worked all night to mobilize all craftsmen in the city to make many shields resembling giant tortoise shells, using a large amount of steel to make them very thick and impenetrable even compared to the thorium shards.

When West Gran’s mortars went off, soldiers immediately took cover inside the tortoise shell shields. They shivered in fear inside, even as the outside world exploded.

However, they underestimated the queen’s capabilities, thinking she would only bombard the entire day before retreating. The mortars only fired one round before ceasing, and the true siege force emerged.

Short cannons were pushed forward, aiming low and pounding fiercely at the gates of the Capital of Saints with solid iron balls that left pits and dents on the doors.

In the past, Mondra’s army’s short cannons would have immediately fired back, but now, the walls had already been ravaged by the mortars, and there wasn’t even a gunner behind the short cannons on the city walls. They dared not show themselves and there was no way they could return fire.

The catapults, ballistae, and other siege weapons were all silent.

The soldiers of West Gran began to advance slowly.

The massive siege tower, using the suppression of the mortars and short cannons, began to move forward.

Battering rams, shield cars, and all sorts of miscellaneous siege equipment slowly pushed forward.

The undead legion led the way because they wouldn’t die, making them the best choice for the forefront of the assault, but their individual combat abilities were poor. In crucial assault positions, real warriors were needed. Therefore, the Black Earth Knights, Wind Knights, and Demi human armies each sent a small group of brave vanguards mixed in with the undead army, all advancing together.

Robb shouted loudly from behind, “Take it slow when advancing. Mortars have poor accuracy and can easily injure ourselves. Slowly advance, don’t rush too close to the city wall at once. During the final charge, we will have the artillery stop firing.”

Kante, who was mixed in with the attacking force, turned around and waved his hand at Robb, laughing, “Don’t worry, this kind of luck-based shell can’t hit me. I have incredible luck. Even if a thorium bomb explodes beside me, all the shrapnel will pass by me.”

Everyone: “…”

Robb said impatiently, “Where did you get this confidence? Shut up and focus on the front.”

Kante laughed heartily, “What’s there to see in front? The enemy is too cowardly to even raise their heads.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a brave White Lion Knight on the city wall, risking being blasted into the sky by a mortar, climbed up and chopped the taut rope behind the giant crossbow car with an axe. The giant crossbow car “buzzed” and shot out a huge arrow…

This thing is just randomly shooting, and the White Lion Knight didn’t even aim, but it happened to fly towards Kante.

Kante was twisting his head, talking to Robb and couldn’t see the arrow coming.

The nearby skeleton soldiers were anxious and shouted, “Crack, crack (Knight, be careful).”

However, Kante couldn’t understand at all!


With a loud noise, the giant arrow hit Kante’s back, and the immense force lifted his whole body off the ground and threw him forward.

Fortunately, he was wearing a cheat-level defense Secret armor that Lord Nuolun had cobbled together and handed over to Robb, who personally kneaded it. Even though he was hit by the giant arrow, he wasn’t pierced, just suffering from internal injuries due to the immense force.

After he flew far away and fell to the ground, he spat out a mouthful of blood and moaned, “Priest…”

The people next to him said, “This…this guy still dares to say he’s lucky?”

Several dark priests quickly cast spells, and several magical lights flashed on Kante’s body. He flipped over and jumped up, furiously saying, “Mondra is too despicable, ambushing me.”

The people next to him couldn’t help but cover their faces and say, “Who do you think you are? Who would come to ambush a new recruit like you on the battlefield? You just have bad luck.”

“I have bad luck? It’s impossible for me to have bad luck!”

“Hey, another stone is flying towards you again.”

Kante quickly turned his head and looked over. Sure enough, a head-sized stone was thrown out by the enemy’s stone thrower and flew towards West Gran’s army. It was also so coincidental that it was heading straight towards Kante.

He was furious!

He raised his shield in his left hand and weighed it, feeling that he might not be able to block it with just his shield. He waved his right hand forward, “Wind Wall!”

The people beside him were all thinking, “How is this guy playing with the wind wall using physics?” as they listened to him roar at the wind wall.

But this thought only lasted a moment, and everyone was surprised to see a wind wall really rising in front of Kante. The stone that flew over from the sky first hit the wind wall, and the magic barrier formed by the strong wind effectively slowed down the stone’s falling momentum.

Then, Kante raised his single-handed shield with his left hand!


With a muffled sound, the flying stone was actually blocked by Kante and fell weakly at his feet. Kante held up his shield with his left hand and his sword with his right hand, laughing, “Come on! Try to ambush me again! Am I someone you can easily ambush, Kante, the magic knight?”

The people beside him: “…”

A fierce wind knight shouted, “Kante, when did you learn magic?”

Kante sneered, “My family taught me…”

“Your family’s teachings my ass!”

Kante had no choice but to admit, “Godfather taught me.”

The crowd: “…”

“Don’t talk nonsense in battle!” Barry scolded beside him. “The other legions are watching us, the fierce wind knights, become a laughing stock.”

At this time, the army was still slowly advancing, and mortar and short cannons were still firing. West Gran’s catapult had also moved within attack range and could start hurling large rocks at the city or directly throw bombs and landmines made of ordinary materials.

Of course, Mondra’s people were not fools. They also knew how to use catapults to throw magical items. Some desperate soldiers risked the mortar fire and worked hard to operate the catapult. Large stones and magical items were flying all over the sky.

The situation suddenly became tense.


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