After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 758

Chapter 758: I am an adventurer

“You learned it very well.” Robb clapped his hands next to her, “I told you, Miss Queen, you don’t learn anything else well, but you learned my yin and yang weirdness perfectly.”

Queen said, “You know that you have yin and yang weirdness?”

Robb said, “I’ve always known.”

There was nothing to say to someone who knew their flaws but refused to change. The Queen stopped talking and just watched as the army of the Kingdom of Norma retreated.

The troops of West Gran only pretended to pursue them and then returned, watching as the army of the Kingdom of Norma walked away.

They were really tired now, and many of the people in this unit had joined on a whim after the Queen’s speech earlier. Now that the enemy had been driven away, they still had to deal with a pile of problems.

By the way, there was still a unit in the city that was holding out!

This unit was part of the Church of Light, the Templar Knights.

Their numbers were not many, because the Templar Knights under the Church of Light had undergone several splits, and Bishop Elsie led three hundred of them to join Westwind Town. When the Queen captured Bright Road four years ago, they also suffered many losses.

Therefore, this Templar Knights unit was not shining in this big battle, and was even ignored by people.

After Mondra escaped defeat, this Templar Knights unit also wanted to escape, but with several hundred people, all of whom were from the Church of Light, it was not easy to escape the city. They were trapped in the city by West Gran’s troops and couldn’t get out.

They had hoped that when the army of the Kingdom of Norma attacked, they might be able to break out, but now the army of the Kingdom of Norma had retreated, and they didn’t even have a chance to be taken out.

This Templar Knights unit could only fight like trapped beasts.

Number 1 walked up to the Queen and said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, do you want to kill all these Templar Knights?”

The Queen glanced at Robb beside her and sighed, “I can’t kill them all. If I give the order to kill them, the next moment, the crazy man standing beside me will betray me and go help the enemy.”

Number 1 froze.

Robb said, “Hey, am I that fickle?”

The Queen said, “You’re not fickle, you just can’t stand meaningless killing.”

Robb shrugged, “Okay, you’re right. These Templar Knights, especially the grassroots soldiers, haven’t made any major mistakes. They just believe devoutly in their gods and were deceived by greedy villains who used the name of their gods to deceive them into taking sides. Killing them all is too crazy and doesn’t conform to the mainstream of the times. We should capture them all and put them to hard labor. If you find them annoying, my Westwind Prison can take them in.”

The Queen said, “It sounds good, but it’s just a way to increase the population of your city.”

“You are mistaken. My Westwind City no longer needs to increase its population through such means,” Robb said seriously. “I truly believe that killing cannot solve the problem. The real solution is to change their thinking.”

The queen agreed with this statement and waved her hand. Number 1 brought out a magical amplifier and walked towards the palace of Mondra. She stood in front of the resisting Templar Knights inside and shouted loudly, “Listen, you are surrounded. Your reinforcements have been repelled. You have only one way out. I urge you to lay down your weapons and surrender immediately. We will not harm you. We will only find the culprit and punish them. The rest of you will be treated leniently.”

Upon hearing this, the Templar Knights were surprised. They thought they were doomed once they fell into the hands of West Gran, but they did not expect a turnaround like this. The Queen had an exceptionally good reputation, and her promises were highly trustworthy. If she said she wouldn’t kill them, then she definitely wouldn’t.

The weapons in the soldiers’ hands fell to the ground with a clatter, and their fighting spirit dissipated.

However, the Archbishop quietly retreated and left the crowd. He knew that others could surrender, but he could not. The little video of his negotiation with the demon was well known in West Gran. When the other party said they would find the culprit and punish them, wasn’t that sentencing him?

Perhaps ordinary soldiers would be safe, but he was certainly on a dead end, so he had to flee now while he still could.

The Archbishop sneaked into the palace’s drain and crawled a long distance. He did not know that his escape route was the same as the one Mondra had taken not long ago, and they had followed the same path.

He finally escaped from the palace with great difficulty and crawled into the city’s sewer. Covered in mud, he scrambled his way into the slums, then from there to the east gate. With the arrival of the White Lion Knights in the city, the east gate was opened, and nobody paid attention to a fat man covered in mud who squeezed through the crowd.

The Archbishop walked quickly and ran up the hill as fast as he could.

Suddenly, he saw several people sitting under a tree ahead of him, with their heads drooping and their chests covered in blood. Although one person’s face had lost all color, the Archbishop could still recognize him as Mondra.

Did he manage to escape from the city and then get killed here?

The Archbishop was shocked and was about to run away when he turned around and bumped into a sturdy body. The person was wearing a suit of steel armor, like an iron tower. The Archbishop hit him and became dizzy. He stumbled back a few steps and, upon looking closely, realized that this was a warrior, but not the kind with a firm military bearing.

The Archbishop immediately understood, “An adventurer?”

The man smiled and said, “That’s right, I’m an adventurer named Gorda! Over there is an archer named Jike, and here we have a magician named Xuelu.”

He pointed to two teammates who stood a little further away, forming a triangular battle formation with him.

The Archbishop felt uneasy, but put on a smile and said, “So you’re adventurers, that’s great! I have money, I’ll give you a lot of money. I want to hire you to escort me to the Kingdom of Norma. I’ll give you 200 gold coins, no, 300!”

Gorda chuckled and said, “Sorry, we never take commissions from bad guys, especially those who are plotting against us. We absolutely won’t accept their commissions.”

He smirked and added, “In fact, we gave ourselves a commission, to make sure that none of the people who conspired with the demon to harm us can escape.”

The Archbishop was shocked. He now knew who had killed Mondra, and it was obviously these three people. He raised his staff, but before he could cast any magic, Jike shot an arrow into his throat. Xuelu’s fireball hit him in the face, and Gorda chopped off his head with his sword.


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