After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 76

Chapter 76: You’re here to spy on me

The cloth merchant could not help but wonder, “Father, why is the division of labor so detailed? If everyone’s work is divided into such, some people will be less useful. Won’t it only lead to us hiring more people? We have to pay more for monthly salary.”

“No, it won’t. If one person does everything from raising spiders to weaving to sewing socks to selling, it will make it highly inefficient, and as a result, it will take a lot more people to do it. ” Robb said with a smile, “A refined division of labor can make us hire fewer people and pay less salary. You will understand later.”

The cloth merchant didn’t understand, but that didn’t stop him from doing it obediently.

After receiving some start-up funds from Robb, the cloth merchant went to the town to find people to build the factory.

Before long, a large group of townspeople returned with the cloth merchant. Among them was an old acquaintance, the mason who built the water tower for Robb. He was very excited when he heard he was going to build a factory for Robb. As soon as he saw Robb, he kept saying, “it’s an honor for me to work for Father again.”

Robb said with a smile, “what we want to build this time will enable all the women in the town to participate in production jobs. It will make everyone a lot of money.”

“That would be great. My wife has always wanted to do something to earn money for the family.”

The factory building was built quickly. In this day and age, there is no need to build a house with a proper foundation or anything like a sewer pipe. They simply need to level the land, pick up a pile of stone and mud, and dozens of townspeople will work together in a few days. And voila, it’s complete.

Then there was the transportation of spider eggs. The cloth merchant invited the most experienced old hunter in town as a guide to move the spider eggs one by one to the factory building and put them in a small spider room.

Robb heard the old hunter warning the townspeople who moved the spider eggs in the big field, “be careful! There is highly poisonous mucus in the eggs of this spider, and although there is a priest behind us who can detoxify you, no matter how fast you are detoxified, you will still feel excruciating pain. I’m sure you don’t want to experience that feeling. “

Hearing this warning, the townspeople dared not neglect it and carefully moved the eggs into the new factory building.

Finally, the old hunter personally took the four big spiders to the factory, locked them up, breathed a sigh of relief, and finally warned, “I must remind you that you must be very careful not to let one of them escape. Otherwise, if they come out to poison the townspeople, God will condemn you. “

Robb smiled and said to the old hunter, “Don’t worry, I will draw a huge circle outside the factory with holy water. This kind of spider is evil, and they don’t like holy water.”

Hearing what Robb said, the old hunter was relieved, “All will be good with the protection of the priest.”

The next step was to prepare many looms, sewing kits, and hire the town’s women. All the preparations were carried out in an orderly manner, and of course, the cloth merchant did all these things. Robb just had to be lazy in the yard.

Then, more than ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

The first batch of small spiders hatched in the factory, and the “spider raising group” hired by the cloth merchant took the lead in the work. They were responsible for raising these little spiders healthily enough to spin silk.

Robb really didn’t know how to raise spiders, but fortunately, it was not a problem for the hunters in the town. They took good care of the little spiders.

In mid-August, the heat was strong.

Robb was still lazy on the stone stool in the courtyard when an uninvited guest suddenly appeared at the chapel’s gate.

Robb only glanced and smiled, “Yo, it’s Little Yi. What brings you here again?”

It was Sister Ishir, who looked exactly the same as when they parted, dressed in a blue nun dress, her hair covered by her hood, revealing only her little golden bangs, riding her red horse with a wooden staff across her back.

Little Yi said with her expression still cold, “I came to Westwind Town to be a resident of the chapel. The archbishop of the Church of Light has officially issued me the letter of transfer. So, from today onwards, I would like to ask Father Robb to take care of me. “

“Nani?” Robb almost jumped up and said, “You want to stay? Who dares to shove a girl into my house without my consent? Damn! This is just… crazy. Good job!”

Little Yi dismounted, went into the yard, and sat on the stone bench opposite Robb. She really took a parchment out of her arms and spread it out on the stone table.

Robb glanced at it, and sure enough, it was a transfer document issued by the archbishop of the Church of Light, ordering Little Yi to be transferred to the Westwind Town Chapel to spread the teachings of God to the townspeople of Westwind Town.

Robb can not help but laugh, “Little Yi, you have been demoted, ah, from the big city church, kicked to a small town church, isn’t this sad?”

Little Yi’s face was expressionless, “it’s the same for me as long as I get to listen to God’s teachings.”

“En, I see.” Robb’s fingers tapped gently on the transfer paper on the table, and after a few seconds, he suddenly looked up and said, “your mission this time is to spy on me, right? Or, to put it better, to observe me?”

Little Yi, “……”

Robb smiled and said, “Let me guess what happened when you returned this time.”

He changed his tone, pinched his voice, and said coldly, “Archbishop, when I went out on a reconnaissance mission, I met a very powerful priest. He seemed to be a heretic judger.”

Then he immediately lowered his voice and turned into a hoarse accent, “Oh? How can such a thing happen? I don’t remember arranging any heresy judger to stay in Westwind Town. Are you sure he’s one of us? “

Immediately changed into a female voice, “his holy magic is very powerful. If his faith in the God of Light is not enough, he can’t use such powerful holy magic, so he can not be outside the Church of Light.”

Robb changed back to his hoarse accent, “Good point. Maybe he’s someone directly sent by the Pope. He actually sent such a powerful guy to Westwind Town without informing me… en… Let’s see… I must hurry to write to the Pope to see if he has any plans. Before receiving his reply, go to Westwind Town and keep a good eye on this man. If anything happens, please report to me as soon as possible. “

The cold expression on Little Yi’s face burst instantly: “my voice is not as bad as that.”


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