After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 772

Chapter 772: You are amazing, we are not as good as you

After a long time, in the white birch forest that had just experienced war, there was still smoke curling up around them, and even monsters were poking their heads around in the distance.

Elder Westwind, Elder White Birch, and Elder Baiyang sat together to discuss their future plans.

At this moment, however, Robb, with Elsie and the dwarf chief, came over and stat next to Elder Westwind, looking as if they wanted to join the meeting.

Elder White Birch and Elder Baiyang had no objections to the two joining the meeting, but they were very disdainful of the dirty dwarves and blew their beards at the dwarf chief.

The dwarf chief also blew his beard at them and deliberately made strange laughter. He knew that elves liked quietness, so he deliberately laughed like this to make them angry.

The two elf elders found that they could not drive away the dwarf, so they gave up.

“Thank you for your help.” Elder Baiyang said solemnly to Robb, Elsie, and the dwarf chief, expressing his profound gratitude. “If it weren’t for your help, we really couldn’t have made it through this crisis. I don’t know where all these monsters came from, it’s really rare.”

Speaking of this, Elder Westwind felt a little embarrassed, “Ahem, this… actually, this monster incident is the responsibility of Westwind City. Although we didn’t directly cause these monsters to come, we still have an unshirkable responsibility.”

“What does it have to do with your Westwind City?” Elder White Birch and Elder Baiyang were puzzled.

Elder Westwind briefly explained the outside world’s ongoing construction of railways and the forced expulsion of monsters and finally understood that the humans were squeezing the monsters’ survival area, forcing them to come deep into the forest. It turns out that Westwind City indirectly dug a pit for itself.

However, the elves are a noble race, and they will not blame others for such foolish reasons. They just said helplessly, “So that’s it, we can’t blame you, you didn’t do it on purpose.”

At this moment, Robb spoke up, “Elder, this is not a coincidence, but a necessary development of society. With the unification of the Kingdom of Gran and the end of the war, the human population will continue to grow, and the populations of dwarves and elves will also increase. The outside world is developing rapidly and construction is booming. As a result, the living space for monsters will be further reduced, and the events you encountered today will continue to occur in the near future.”

The two elders exchanged a glance and saw concern in each other’s eyes. However, Elder Baiyang still had some doubts and couldn’t help but ask, “We have lived in this forest for over a thousand years, and there has been no change in the outside world for over a thousand years. It has always maintained a balance. But you speak as if there have been drastic changes outside. Has the outside world really changed so much that even monsters have nowhere to live?”

“The changes in the outside world are so vast that you can see them as soon as you step out!” Robb laughed. “You have seen the changes in your fellow citizens from Westwind City. If you stay in this forest and don’t go out to see for yourselves, you won’t even be able to catch up with humans and dwarves, let alone your own people.”

The two elf elder exchanged glances again. “But… our elven traditions…”

“What traditions?” Robb shrugged. “Does your tradition mean you can’t pursue progress and only want to regress?”

The two elf elders huddled together and whispered for a while before sitting up straight and shaking their heads. “We have discussed it and still feel that we cannot leave the forest. This is our race’s tradition. Regardless of how the outside world changes, we only need to do our own thing. If we can’t keep up, then we can’t. We don’t want to compete with others.”

“Wow, elves are really troublesome,” the dwarf chief jumped up and said. “You are so stuck in your old ways.”

“You, a dirty and greedy dwarf, won’t understand anything,” the two elder said. “We don’t act like you, risking our lives for a few gems underground.”

“That’s called having ambition. You are just resigned to decline.”

“We call it contentment!”

“It’s clearly just escapism!”

Both sides began to argue. The dwarf chief was skilled at arguing and held his own, but the elves, being noble, having rarely argued with others, were at a loss for words. Just as the argument was getting heated and there seemed to be no resolution…

Robb suddenly brushed and took out a thick stack of books from his bag, and placed them in front of the two elder elves, saying: “Take a look, this is a book written by the elves currently living in our Westwind City.”

He took out a thick book and pointed to the Westwind Elder, saying, “This book was written by him.

When the White Birch and Baiyang Elder saw the book, they were stunned and then exclaimed together, “What? You have already written a book?”

The Westwind Elder showed a look of pride on his face and said, “Hahaha, that’s right. Didn’t I just tell you? Fighting is just a small matter. My real achievement is in literature, hahaha! In literature, I have achieved unprecedented success among the elves, and maybe more will come in the future, hahaha!”

The White Birch and Baiyang Elder looked stiff and after a few seconds, they said together, “Your writing is so bad, and you can still write a book? In terms of writing style, we are above you, but we don’t have the chance to publish a book.”

The Westwind Elder became angry and said, “Nonsense, when were your writing skills above mine? Clearly, I am above you twoo.”

The two elders also got angry and said, “Nonsense, do you not know your own abilities? We are clearly above you.”

Elder Westwind sneered, “If you dare, let’s compare book sales. I never brag, but I can tell you for sure that my book has sold more than 500 copies. Are you afraid?”

As soon as they heard the number of more than 500 copies, the nearby Dwarf Chief and Elsie couldn’t help but laugh, but they couldn’t laugh at this moment. They quickly covered their mouths and tried not to laugh.

The elder printed a total of 5,000 copies, but only sold 500 copies, which was quite miserable.

However, the White Birch and Baiyang elder didn’t know that, in their knowledge, books were made of parchment and were extremely expensive. Each one was precious and ordinary people couldn’t afford them, nor would they be willing to buy them. The fact that the book written by the Westwind Elder had sold 500 copies indicated how much people loved this book.


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