After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 78

Chapter 78: The Right Way to use Magic Containers

Robb understood that this was a container for magic, just like a cup of water. It can be filled with magic and then slowly poured out for use. No wonder it is called a “magic container.”

There was no such thing in the game. Robb felt a great interest in it. He took it in his hand and looked left and right. Then, he infused a little bit of holy magic into it and saw that the body of the ‘teapot” slowly brightened up. A mass of golden particles rippled in its body.

“How do you release specific magic after injecting it?” Robb asked.

John said respectfully, “Sorry, that is still being studied. The Institute of Magic is still carrying out its development, and so it’s not perfect yet. At present, this thing only has the function of collecting magic and releasing it, but there is no specific magic that can be released. You see, click the button on it, and the magic inside will be released. “

Robb looked at the magic container, and there was a button, and the golden magic inside, like running water, ejected from the teapot’s spout and dissipated in mid-air.

“This is fun.” Robb laughed, “It’s interesting.”

He was a little interested in this new thing. Although it was only half-developed and useless, it was much more interesting than what he was tired of doing. He smiled and said, “John, please reply to the Baron. I like this thing very much. If there are any new magic items in the future, come and let me play with them again. “

John said, “I will certainly relay your words to the Baron.”

John left with Robb’s words in his mind and hurried back to Bright Road.

Meanwhile, Robb returned to his usual lazy attitude. But he wasn’t like a paralyzed man. He sat upright, tossing the magic container around his hands.

As soon as Little Yi saw his actions, she quickly picked up her record that fell on the ground. The firearms blasted two holes on the record, but this did not affect it. She picked up her pen and wrote on it, “on August 20, 1344, Father Robb finally acted. He began to study a magic container attentively. He injected ice magic (He can do ice magic?),and shouted, ‘Refrigerator’. Then, he asked his maid, Lillian, to bring a bottle of Coca-Cola and slowly poured the contents of the magic container onto the drink. ” (TL: I changed it from Ice Box to Refrigerator since it seems more appropriate)

“Little Yi, don’t write on paper. It’s a waste of life.” Robb put a bottle of cold Coca-Cola in front of Little Yi with a smile, “you see, we have a refrigerator. When we want to drink ice water, pour the contents of the magic container on the water, and we can make the water cold instantly, so you don’t need to use ice magic every time you want to drink cold Coca-Cola. Hahaha!”

“Bang!” Little Yi slammed the stone table, “such an advanced thing like the magic container should not be used in this way, should it?”

“Why? Who said so?” Robb said, “then what do you think is the specific use of this magic container?”

“This… This is… Isn’t the Magic Research Institute of the White Lion Cavalry studying it? I’m sure they’ll come up with something.”

“Cut!” Robb said, “Study how to use the magic container for fighting? What’s the point of that? I have ten thousand ways to beat the enemy, and I don’t need a magic container at all, so it’s better to use it as a micro-refrigerator. “

Little Yi, “……”

“You see, we can also use it to make a simple stove.” Robb injected fire magic into the magic container, then put it on the table and asked Lillian to set up a pot on it and fill it with water. Robb pressed the button on the magic container, and fire magic slowly flowed out, constantly heating the bottom of the pot. In a twinkling of an eye, the water in the pot boiled.

Lillian poured out the boiling water and made Robb a cup of black tea.

Robb laughed, “How fun! It seems we can do a lot of tricks with it. The Baron really gave me a good thing this time. It was worth going into the Black Pine Mountains to help him fight the bad guy.”

Little Yi covered his face and said, “Please stop using the magic container like this. The magicians who developed it will cry.”

Lillian suddenly said, “Master, can you use this magic container to move the ceiling fan you mentioned last time?”

“Huh?” Robb was overjoyed, “Lillian, you’re so smart. Come on, call the blacksmith. I’m going to build a ceiling fan!”

As a result, Little Yi continued to write on her record, “Father Robb asked a blacksmith to make a long iron stick and put some strange fans at the tip, which looked a little sleek. The blacksmith did not understand at all. Not to mention, it wasn’t easy to make it even under the repeated guidance of the priest. And then. Father Robb asked the blacksmith to create several strange things, which are said to be called ‘gears’. Finally, he hung the mess on the tree and injected wind magic into the magic container. (How does he know wind magic?).”

Robb spread his hand and said, “because it’s too difficult to make a small electric motor, I can’t use electricity for energy. I have to use wind to turn the gears to move the fan. When I figure out how to make the motor, I’ll change it to run on electricity.”

Little Yi said miserably, “I don’t understand. What’s the use of such a thing?”

“Gee, if you could understand what I’m doing, wouldn’t you be as good as me? Do your job as a spy, but don’t expect to understand what I’m doing,” Robb said.

He waved to Lillian, “come and sit under the ceiling fan. It’s very comfortable under the ceiling fan in this hot summer.”

Lillian said, “isn’t this an instrument of torture?”

Robb said solemnly, “when there are no bad guys to execute, it is the artifact that blows us air.”

Lillian made an ‘Oh’ sound and sat down under the ceiling fan. The soothing wind lifted her blond hair, making it wave. The picture was so beautiful that Robb almost froze.

Lillian clapped her hands and smiled, “Oh, it’s really cool under the ceiling fan.”

“Really?” Although Little Yi kept a straight face, she moved without hesitation and stood under the ceiling fan. The wind blew on her face, and her cold face showed a “very comfortable” expression that looked pleasing to the eye.

【Robb acquired a ceiling fan (Wind-powered)】


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