After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 792

Chapter 792: If you lose…

The banquet was in progress…

The Maya chief sat beside the queen, and a Maya woman approached with a crudely-made clay pot, pouring a cup of pitch-black water from it and handing it to the Maya chief.

Then, the chief presented the cup of pitch-black water to the queen, “Respected Queen of the Kingdom of Gran, please taste our most delicious food. If you like it, I can send you more.”

“The most delicious?” The queen immediately became delighted, although her happiness was not easily discernible to those unfamiliar with her. She maintained her poker face, emanating an aura of solemnity.

She took the cup and calmly asked, “What is this?”

The chief replied, “This is called xocoatl!”

Since this item did not exist in the Kingdom of Gran, there was no corresponding translation in the Gran language. Therefore, the translator could only provide the pronunciation directly.

After finishing the translation, the translator added in a low voice in the language of the Kingdom of Gran, “Your Majesty, it’s better not to drink this strange water without caution. It’s highly suspicious. While these natives may possess some good things, their culture is not as advanced, and their thinking is still quite primitive. The food they offer may contain poison, unbeknownst to them. It’s possible that eating their food indiscriminately could lead to problems. Trying things like tomatoes or chili that have been tested by others is fine, but we have never even heard of this thing called xocoatl. What if it upsets our stomachs…?”

Before the translator could finish their lengthy and pointless speech, the queen had already poured the black liquid from the cup into her mouth. Whether it was poisoned or not, it didn’t matter, as she had Robb beside her, and even if she died from poisoning, she could be resurrected. It wouldn’t be in the style of the Queen to refrain from eating something that might be delicious. Having a good time and then dying, experiencing the feeling of resurrection, wouldn’t be bad either.

However, as soon as the water entered her mouth, the queen’s expression changed. Damn, what is this strange thing? It’s both spicy and bitter! An indescribably horrifying taste. Wasn’t this supposed to be the most delicious food of the Maya continent? How could it be like this?

She spurted out all the xocoatl she had just drunk.

“Oh? You can’t handle it?” The Maya chief expressed great regret. “We all find it delicious.”

“Delicious my ass! How can it be spicy?” The queen protested. “This crappy thing is supposedly the most delicious food of the Maya continent? What kind of garbage did you grow up eating? I don’t want it anymore. You don’t need to offer it to me again.”

The translator sweated profusely, thinking, [How can I translate this without offending the natives?]

“Hold on!”

Robb suddenly interrupted her and smiled, saying, “Miss Queen, you’re not being fair in your words. Let me tell you, this thing is indeed the most delicious food on the Maya continent. The chief didn’t deceive you in the slightest, without any exaggeration.”

“Hmm?” The queen turned her head. “You usually have sharp eyes and are good at discovering delicious things. But this time, you didn’t even taste it and claim it’s really the most delicious thing on the Maya continent. Isn’t that a bit… questionable? Let me tell you responsibly, this thing is both spicy and bitter, and its taste is simply unbearable. The tomatoes, potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, and other things I’ve discovered on the Maya continent before are much tastier than this.”

Robb smiled and said, “That’s because the Maya people haven’t discovered the proper way to handle this thing. They foolishly added chili to it.”

The queen said, “Even if we disregard the spiciness from the chili, its original taste is still bitter and simply inedible.”

Robb laughed, “Do you believe that with a little preparation from me, it will become incredibly delicious, a hundred times better than those things you mentioned just now?”

“I don’t believe it!” The queen shook her head. “It’s so bitter that it’s almost unbearable. Even if you can make it less unpleasant, it can never become the most delicious thing on the Maya continent. As of now, the tastiest thing is probably the tomato. It’s impossible for this lousy thing to be better than a tomato.”

Robb said, “Wow, that’s what you said. Want to make a bet?”

“Hehehe!” The queen sneered. “In the past, we’ve made bets, and you always won. But this time, you won’t win. I really don’t believe that you can turn something so bitter into the most delicious. Today, I’ll bet against you. Tell me, what do you want to bet?”

Robb pointed at the queen’s lips and said, “If you lose, you have to let me kiss you.”

The queen immediately responded, “If you lose, you have to help me unify…”. In the past, when she made bets with Robb, the stakes were always “help me unify the Kingdom of Gran.” But before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly realized that the Kingdom of Gran had already been unified. The bet she had used for four years was no longer applicable.

How melancholic!

She had been betting with this man for four years, losing for four years, and he had seen her in stockings countless times, but she had never won once. However, in the critical battle, the man finally helped her and assisted in unifying the Kingdom of Gran. Speaking of it, she owed the man a lot.

She couldn’t use that as a bet anymore, feeling a bit desolate and sentimental.

After a long while, the queen finally said leisurely, “If you lose. You’re not allowed to take Xuelu to the Demon King City.”

“What?” Robb was surprised. “What kind of strange bet is this?”

“Mind your own business. This is how I want to bet!”

“Well, then let’s bet like that.”

Robb turned to the Maya chief and said, “Elder Chief, I want a few black beans used for making this xocoatl. Oh, don’t worry, I know that thing is almost equivalent to money here, so I won’t ask for it for free. I’ll exchange it with a large barrel of Coca-Cola. Is that okay?”

The chief was instantly delighted. He had just tasted the Coca-Cola. In the future, when gathering with other tribal elders, he would take out a cup of Coca-Cola and make the others extremely envious.

As for the black beans, although they were precious, they could be harvested again next year.

The chief took a small bag from his waist and pulled out a handful of black beans, handing them over to Robb.

These things were indeed the currency of the Maya continent, so the chief carried them with him and could use them as money anytime. It was like how the people of the Kingdom of Gran carried gold coins.

Robb then had someone bring milk and white sugar.

As soon as the queen saw the white sugar, she began to feel uneasy inside. Did he need sugar to make this thing? Uh-oh! He’s probably going to make something delicious again.

Robb crushed the black beans one by one into powder, mixed them with milk and white sugar, and cooked it all together. Somehow, it turned into a pot of sticky and strange liquid. Then, he waved his hand and used an ice ring spell to solidify the entire pot of strange liquid.

Turning to the queen, he chuckled and said, “Get ready for me to kiss you.”


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