After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 794

Chapter 794: I’ll teach you a method

The queen, feeling resigned and defeated, finally took the remaining large piece from Robb’s hand.

The thing was as ugly as mud, but it was incredibly delicious. She broke off a small piece from the top, placed it in her mouth, and let it melt slowly in her cheek. Afraid that it would be gone once she finished eating, she didn’t dare to chew it. Her cheek bulged, and she asked Robb in a muffled voice, “What is this thing called?”

Robb chuckled and said, “Chocolate!”

“Why does it have such a strange name?” she asked.

Robb replied, “The name is meant to teach you the lesson of using intelligence to overcome strength.”

Using intelligence to overcome strength, chocolate?

After connecting the dots, the queen finally understood that he was teasing her.

She hummed and turned to the Maya chief, saying, “Do you have a large quantity of those black beans you had earlier? I want to buy a lot of them! A large quantity!”

The chief’s face showed an embarrassed expression. “Well… the quantity is actually quite limited. Those beans are called cocoa beans, and they can be used as currency in our community.”

Something that can be used as currency naturally can’t be available in large quantities, and it was quite precious to the chief as well.

He didn’t want to sell, but instead, he asked the queen, “Can we buy some of that white sugar used to make chocolate from you? We also want to make and eat chocolate.”

The queen sneered. “You, indigenous people, if you won’t sell me cocoa beans, you still want to buy my sugar? I won’t sell you sugar. Let’s see how you make chocolate.”

The Maya chief also thought, [You, white woman, if you won’t sell me sugar, you still want to buy my cocoa beans? I won’t sell you cocoa beans. Let’s see how you make chocolate.]

The two of them confronted each other like this!

Robb couldn’t help but chuckle inwardly. “Chief, you’re just a small tribe on this Maya continent, right?”

The chief nodded. “Yes, there are many tribes on the continent, and we are just a very small one.”

On the Maya continent, there were millions of Maya people, but they were divided into independent tribes that had no centralized authority. They even engaged in wars with each other, and sometimes, neighboring tribes were not synchronized in terms of culture.

Robb said, “You may not have many cocoa beans, but other tribes might. You can buy them from those tribes.”

The chief looked embarrassed and said, “Cocoa beans are our currency here. We need to have valuable goods to exchange for their cocoa beans…”

Robb reached out and placed his hand on Maya chief’s shoulder, whispering, “Come on, let me teach you how to do business. You see, that lady in the white dress really likes your cocoa beans, and she has white sugar. You can start by exchanging one kilogram of cocoa beans with her for two kilograms of sugar.”

The Maya chief said, “But then I won’t have any cocoa beans left.”

Robb said, “But you’ll have two kilograms of sugar. Take that sugar and go to another nearby tribe to make friends. Teach them how to make chocolate, and they will surely find it delicious and crave it, which means they’ll need sugar. That’s when you can sell your sugar to them, exchanging one kilogram of sugar for one kilogram of cocoa beans.”

The Maya chief had a hard time wrapping his head around it. After all, their civilization was too backward, and he had never engaged in business in his life. However, after carefully considering Robb’s words, he thought, [Hmm? If I follow his instructions, my one kilogram of cocoa beans can become two kilograms of beans, right?]

Robb patted his shoulder and continued, “Then you take those two kilograms of cocoa beans and go back to the lady in the white dress. Exchange the two kilograms of cocoa beans for four kilograms of sugar.”

Now the Maya chief fully understood. “Then I can use the four kilograms of sugar to exchange for four kilograms of beans, right?”

“Bingo!” Robb gave him a thumbs-up. “You’re a wise chief indeed.”

The chief was filled with joy, as if he had glimpsed a new world. He quickly turned to his men and said, “Hurry, go back and bring me all the cocoa beans I have at home.”

The queen was also delighted. She could exchange for cocoa now, and she was thrilled. Snacks were available! Moreover, she didn’t even need to think about it. She knew the astronomical price she could sell it for in the Kingdom of Gran. If one kilogram of sugar could be exchanged for one kilogram of cocoa. She would probably wake up laughing.

At this moment, several eagle warriors standing beside the Maya chief had envy written all over their faces. They had just tasted the chocolate and found it incredibly delicious. They wanted to have more, but they knew how precious cocoa beans were. They, as low-ranking soldiers, couldn’t afford it. Having a sip of xocoatl at the banquet was already a great honor. It seemed like a luxury to hope to taste chocolate again in the future.

However, just as they were thinking about this, they saw Robb approaching with a smile on his face. He said cheerfully, “I can tell by your expressions that you want to eat chocolate but don’t have money to buy it.”

The eagle warriors looked embarrassed and replied, “Yes.”

“I can show you a way to have it.”


Robb grinned and said, “I can see that you have strong muscles and great strength. You’re definitely good at lifting things.”

“Yes!” the eagle warrior said earnestly, “I’m really good at lifting things.”

Robb said, “That lady in the white dress also has to mine for ore in the abandoned mine where the Norma people were driven away. But she can’t move the ores on her own without any help.”

The eagle warrior nodded, “So you mean…”

Robb said, “If I were you, I would go and offer your help to her. Tell her that you can help her move the ores, but in return, she should give you white sugar. With your strength, you can move the ores quickly, and in no time, you’ll move a lot of them and earn a lot of white sugar. Then you can exchange some of the white sugar for cocoa beans and make chocolate yourself.”

“Ah? That’s right!” The eagle warrior suddenly understood, “With cocoa beans, we can have everything.”

Cocoa beans are the currency of the Maya!

However, the eagle warrior quickly realized that white sugar would likely become a currency as well. According to the chief’s suggestion, white sugar would soon have a one-to-two exchange rate with cocoa beans. As long as he could earn white sugar, what couldn’t he earn?

He couldn’t help but grab the translator and walk up to the queen, babbling excitedly.

The other eagle warriors nearby also heard Robb’s words and didn’t want to be left behind. They gathered around the queen and engaged in a lively discussion. After a while, they reached an agreement!

The queen obtained a large group of laborers!

She couldn’t help but turn to look at Robb, thinking to herself, [This cunning man is truly impressive. With just a few words, both the Maya people and I feel like we’re getting a great deal. No one loses, everyone gains! This, this is the way a truly clever person acts.]


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