After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 796

Chapter 796: War? No, it’s tribes fighting!

Just as the woman fainted, a group of people returned to the mining site.

It was a mixed team consisting of a translator, three Westwind individuals, and ten Eagle Warriors. Surprisingly, the leader of the group was Suofa.

With a smile on her face, she approached Robb and immediately handed him a freshly drawn map, the ink still wet. She said, “Godfather, I have mapped the area within a ten-mile radius of the mining site.”

Robb was overjoyed!

A few days earlier, after the Queen led her army to help the Maya people defeat the Norma’s group and rescue the tribesmen, the relationship between the two sides improved. The people of Westwind City were no longer confined to the mining site. With the guidance of the Eagle Warriors, they could venture outside and explore.

Therefore, Robb summoned Suofa and instructed her to lead a small team to create a map. After several days of arduous surveying, they finally completed the map of the surrounding ten-mile radius area.

Robb took the map and examined it carefully.

The ten Eagle Warriors who returned with Suofa looked at the woman lying on the ground and asked, “What happened to her?”

After some explanation from the translator, the Eagle Warriors understood that the woman had received several thousand kilograms of potatoes and had become so excited that she fainted. They couldn’t help but marvel at how happy and troublesome such a situation could be.

A few of the Eagle Warriors almost considered looking for a woolly mammoth!

However, they knew that woolly mammoths were not easy to find, and even if they did find one, it wouldn’t be easy to defeat. It required a stroke of luck. The reason this woman’s family was able to obtain a piece of woolly mammoth hide was simply because her husband had been lucky enough to stumble upon a dead woolly mammoth while hunting. Such luck couldn’t be replicated.

The Eagle Warriors quietly discussed amongst themselves, “Let’s form a team to hunt for woolly mammoths.”

“Ten people won’t be enough! We need twenty.”

“Let’s also bring twenty of our closest brothers, search separately, and then hunt together. After killing the mammoth, we can make jerky out of its meat, sell the ivory, and exchange the mammoth hide for several thousand kilograms of potatoes. Oh my god! Each of us would get at least one hundred kilograms of potatoes.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. Woolly mammoths are in the north, where the Polar Tribe resides. Our tribe doesn’t have a good relationship with them. If we casually enter their territory, it will provoke a war.”

“We can discuss it with the tribal chief. If the chief knows that a piece of woolly mammoth hide can be exchanged for over two thousand kilograms of food, he might agree to declare war on the Polar Tribe.”

The group continued their enthusiastic discussion, while Robb held the map of the ten-mile radius, activated his mineral search feature, but found nothing. The map only showed two small yellow dots, which indicated the two already excavated mines.

Wood search, nothing… The nearby trees are all inferior quality, not suitable for producing good wood.

Next, gemstone search, still nothing.

Herb search, none.

Animal search… damn it, this won’t work! The entire map is filled with small yellow dots, there are too many animals! Real-world animals are nothing like those in video games, where they are intentionally spread out, and insignificant ones are removed. But in the real world, animal search results in everything from the most common rabbits to massive thunder lizards being displayed as small dots on the map, which was overwhelming to look at. A bunch of rabbits alone can create a chaotic cluster of tiny yellow dots, it’s maddening.

Robb shook his head and set the map aside. “Ten miles is too small of a range. Suofa, I’ll have to rely on you to continue making maps.”

Suofa smiled. “It’s not a problem at all.”

Working for Robb wasn’t difficult at all, at least compared to risking her life for the Desert Kingdom in the past.

At this moment, the translator emerged and pointed to the Eagle Warriors nearby, whispering, “It seems like these guys are planning to capture a woolly mammoth and trade the leather for potatoes.”

Robb chuckled, “That’s great. I can never have too much polar fur.”

The translator added, “However, they say capturing a woolly mammoth will require a conflict with a certain tribe in the north. It seems they’re preparing for war.”

Robb pondered for a moment. He didn’t like hearing news about war, but when he thought about the current state of the Maya tribes, it wasn’t much different from primitive tribes. War for resources was a normal occurrence among tribes, a necessary part of their intertribal relationships.

It was a form of survival!

Robb found it inconvenient to get involved in such matters. If he provided assistance to these Eagle Warriors, it would harm the people of the Polar Tribe. Even if he tried to dissuade them, they probably wouldn’t listen. These people wouldn’t hesitate to risk their lives for resources because their survival depended on having resources.

Even if Robb said he didn’t want polar fur anymore, these guys wouldn’t stop. They already knew the value of polar fur, and even if Robb didn’t want it, other merchants would come for it in the future. The outcome would be the same.

“It’s really awkward!” Robb sighed, “With one careless move, I’ve become an instigator of war. This is truly against my will.”

Suofa whispered, “Godfather, you are a kind-hearted person who cannot stand war and death. However, in the current situation on the Maya continent, it is impossible to avoid conflicts between these tribes. Sooner or later, they will have to go through a unification war, where powerful tribes swallow the weaker ones and merge into a true nation. Otherwise, they will forever remain in their primitive state.”

That makes sense!

But upon further consideration, the tribal wars among these Maya people can’t really be considered as wars. At most, it’s just villages fighting each other. The scale is not large enough to have many deaths. It’s better to let them enjoy themselves and integrate the population and resources of the tribes, which is also beneficial to themselves.

Robb decided to simply let them be and have their fun.

A few days later…

It was 11:30 PM, and the night on the Maya continent was much quieter compared to the nightlife of Westwind City. There were no street lamps, no bustling night activities. Taverns and dance halls were completely nonexistent, which made the Westwind people, who were used to nightlife, very uncomfortable!

In the quiet of the night, Robb tossed and turned in bed, bored and unable to sleep. Outside the window, there was a crescent moon and scattered stars.

Just then, the dedicated communication crystal ball for the queen lit up.

Robb answered the call, sounding annoyed. “Hello! Don’t you realize what time it is? Calling in the middle of the night, do you want to disturb people’s sleep? Luckily, I haven’t fallen asleep yet, or you would have killed me with your call.”

The queen replied, “Oh? It’s only 7:30 PM here, not long after dinner.”

Robb suddenly remembered that he was now in the New Continent, while the queen was in the Kingdom of Gran, and there was a four-hour time difference between them.


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