After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 815

Chapter 815: Guardian of Light!

The warriors of Westwind City lined up, waiting for the people of the Kingdom of Norma to attack.

The People from the Kingdom of Norma arrived quite quickly. It didn’t take long for them to reach the outskirts of the town, and when they came closer, everyone could see clearly that these people were all injured, bearing the marks of a fierce battle. Their ranks were not solely composed of warriors; there were also many Maya civilians, young and old, all looking emaciated and pitiful.

A Norma warrior, from a distance, set down his weapon and approached everyone with empty hands, shouting, “Is this the mithril mine under the jurisdiction of Westwind Holy City?”

A young girl standing at the front burst into laughter and said, “That’s right! Norma pigs, did you come here to die?”

Upon hearing the words “Norma pigs,” the Norma warrior’s face immediately revealed an awkward expression.

He didn’t say anything, but a person resembling a knight behind him spoke loudly, “I thought the people of Westwind City would be different, but it seems that when you speak, you’re no different from ordinary Gran people. If you value race and discriminate against people from other kingdom, then perhaps we’ve come to the wrong place.”

The young girl crossed her arms and was about to say something more when another person at the back, named Little Yi, shouted, “Russ, watch your language. The God of Light doesn’t like impolite people.”

The young girl exclaimed in surprise and quickly covered her mouth. After a few seconds, she composed herself and put on a disciplined appearance, saying, “Ah, People of Norma, what are you doing here? We didn’t invite you. And what’s the situation with these Maya people you brought?”

Her language became more polite, and the knight walked forward from behind, his face showing a heavy expression. “We have come seeking refuge.”

“Hmm?” The young girl’s face showed disappointment. “Weren’t you here to attack us? Weren’t you here to defeat the New Church of Light? Oh well, you aren’t People of Norma anymore? You should unite under the banner of the Old Church of Light, treat my New Church of Light as a ferocious beast, and relentlessly persecute us, so I can rise up in resistance and protect the Holy Light.”

Everyone: “…”

Little Yi couldn’t bear it any longer and rushed forward from behind, delivering a swift blow to the young girl’s head before dragging her away.

So, Elsie, the leader of the Westwind Self-Defense team, stepped forward again. “Hello, knight from the Kingdom of Norma, I am Elsie, the Commander of the Westwind Self-Defense Team.”

Elsie truly lived up to being an experienced charlatan. As soon as he spoke, he exuded an elegant and polite demeanor, wearing a smile on his face that made people feel amiable and willing to engage in conversation with him.

These kinds of people are the most deceptive. People often think that they are easier to get along with, but in reality, everyone is mistaken. The young girl may appear foolish, but she is sincere, while Elsie may seem amiable and approachable, but in reality, he is much harder to be friends with.

The knight was also deceived and thought he finally found someone he could talk to. He sighed and said, “I had a falling out with Norma, and now I am a homeless person. I heard that Westwind Holy City is inclusive, so I came here seeking refuge.”

“Oh? Had a falling out with Norma?” Elsie was surprised. He looked at the emblem on the knight’s shoulder, which was a symbol in the shape of a horse’s head. “If I’m not mistaken, you are a member of the renowned main force of Norma, the Iron Horse Knights. How can someone in your position have a falling out with Norma? Are the Iron Horse Knights rebelling?”

The knight wore a bitter expression and said, “No, the Iron Horse Knights are not rebelling. It’s just me and my subordinates who have rebelled. It may sound ridiculous to you, but I just… couldn’t stand it… I couldn’t stand the oppression of the Maya people by our fellow people…”

At this point, he turned around and pointed to the emaciated Maya refugees behind him. “They are Maya people who were captured by our kingdom to work as slaves in the southern colonies, living lives worse than dogs. I watched them being tortured and abused every day, and it weighed heavily on my heart.”

He murmured in his mouth, “I am a knight who devoutly believes in the God of Light. When I took my oath to become a knight, I pledged my life to fight for those who cannot fight, to help those in need, and not to harm women and children… But the practices in the colonies made me feel like the oath I made was a lie! No, it was bullshit! It was worth less than bullshit.”

He became increasingly agitated as he continued, “They killed women and children right in front of me. That is trampling on my beliefs, trampling on the holy light in my heart. So, I must rebel! But my abilities are limited. Although I managed to rescue these Maya people, I couldn’t withstand the upcoming siege. So… we are now at a dead end.”

Elsie: “…”

The people who heard these words from behind fell silent together.

In reality, at least a hundred or more listeners had the thought in their minds at that moment, [Are you fucking kidding me with your saintly act?]

And there were hundreds of people wondering, [How naive can you be?]

Elsie almost burst out laughing on the spot and silently cursed in his mind, [Are you crazy? You’re willing to give up the noble status of the Iron Horse Knights, the fame and fortune, all for this group of natives? What holy light are you trying to protect? You’re sick, and you need treatment!]

However, the young girl swiftly rushed to his side, placing a hand heavily on the knight’s shoulder and patting it firmly. She said, “I think you’re a good person, really! Your ideals of protecting the holy light are amazing. I think you could also become a guardian of light.”

Elsie turned his head and looked at Robb. Although he thought the knight was incredibly foolish, he wouldn’t show it. He waited for Robb to make a decision before expressing his own stance.

Robb nodded in response to Elsie.

Elsie understood and turned around, smiling at the knight. “Oh, you are truly a wise (foolish) and bright (unintelligent) knight. Your kindness (naivety) and compassion (foolishness) deeply impress (amuse) me. We wholeheartedly welcome your arrival here.”

The knight was overjoyed. “Really? Are you truly willing to take us in?”

Elsie maintained a warm smile. “Of course, we cannot refuse a heroic figure like you, or should I say, a hero like you. The more heroes, the better.”

He spoke in pleasant words, but behind him, Suofa leaned towards Robb and whispered softly, “Why does it feel like this guy’s words are sarcastic? But his smile seems so genuine. Could it be my imagination?”

“No! It’s not your imagination,” Robb shrugged. “That’s just how Elsie is. He can completely separate what he thinks in his mind from the emotions he shows on his face. It’s a skill even I don’t possess. He’s truly remarkable.”


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