After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Robb, who has a heart of steel

Robb hates trouble and just wants to be lazy, but reality decided otherwise.

He can only blame himself for choosing to be a priest. Although he’s happy to be everyone’s father, he doesn’t like being troubled by his sons.

Now, more than three hundred refugees have come to the clearing outside the chapel, looking helplessly at Robb, and a few more exaggerated ones, kneeling outside the courtyard, worshiping, “Baldr, Oh generous God of Light, merciful Father, please help us.”

Robb didn’t know what to say for a moment.

However, Little Yi moved quickly and immediately let the refugees in and let them enter the chapel hall to have a rest. But how could the hall of this town chapel accommodate more than 300 people? in the end, only a small number of old and weak women were able to enter the hall. The men stayed in the yard and sat on the ground.

The atmosphere seemed depressing and heavy.

The mayor of the White Birch Forest came to Robb, first saluted him deeply, and then said, “Dear Father, we have caused you trouble.”

Robb was depressed but maintained basic etiquette, “It is nothing!”

“The townspeople were chased by the undead and are tired of running.” The mayor said, “Please allow us to have a rest here for a day. We will leave early tomorrow morning for Bright Road.”

Robb nodded. “En!”

Little Yi said, “Do you have any food?”

White Birch Mayor shook his head heavily, “We only realized that the enemy was close when the army of the undead attacked. We didn’t have the time to prepare. Most of the townspeople ran out of their houses without having time to pack anything. Then we were chased by skeletons all the way here. We’ve been running for several days. Many only drank a few mouthfuls of water and ate nothing. “

On hearing this, Robb began to tell himself desperately, “You are not Virgin Mary, you are not Virgin Mary, you don’t have to meddle in this kind of thing, if you take care of this thing, you can’t be lazy.”

After telling himself repeatedly for a while, he felt that his heart had become as hard as steel and could completely ignore the prayers of the refugees.

At this time, a little Loli began to cry among the refugees, “Mom, I’m hungry.”

Her mother could only touch her head with one hand and said bitterly, “Mom has no food to give you, be patient… After the skeleton monsters outside go away, mother will go to the woods to dig wild vegetables for you to eat. “

However, the little loli is still too young to be sensible, and even though her mother tried to appease her, she still cried loudly.

Robb, who has a heart of steel, sighed, “Lillian! Go and take all the food out of the chapel reserves, cook a big stew, and give each of the refugees a bowl. “

Lillian said awkwardly, “Master, although we have a lot of food in stock if we feed so many people, we will have nothing for tomorrow. In the current situation in the town, food will only become more and more difficult to acquire.”

“Stupid.” Robb tapped her on the forehead, “Leave some potatoes. I’ll plant them later.”

Lillian suddenly understood, “Oh, that’s right! We have the blessings of the God of Light. Haha, that’s great!”

She happily ran into the warehouse, left a bag of potatoes, but took out the rest of the chapel’s food reserves, set up a big pot in the yard, and cooked a big stew.

Lillian is good at making stew, no matter the ingredients boiled in the pot. All kinds of strange ingredients rolled in the pot, and after a while, the smell of “delicious” wafted in the air.

As soon as the refugees smelled the fragrance, they could not help craning their necks, and the crying little loli suddenly stopped crying. She opened her eyes wide and looked pitifully at the pot in the yard.

But Robb stopped lying on the stool, covered his nose, waving and shouting, “Quickly distribute it! Hurry up. I can’t stand it. “

The White Birch mayor could not help sighing. “Sir priest is so kind. Although he wanted to eat, he covered his mouth and walked away. He could hardly bear the hunger and only asked the maid to give us the food as soon as possible. Where can we find such a good priest?”

Little Yi, “How come I feel like it’s not what you think?”

But that’s not the point. The thing is, no one is in the mood to complain.

Lillian called the refugees over and gave each of them a bowl. Some of the people who escaped brought bowls, but some brought nothing, so they had to spread large pieces of leaves on their hands. Those that used leaves had to forcibly put up with their slightly burnt hands, unwilling to spill the little food they had.

Robb’s “steel heart” began to ache again, and he sighed, “Damn it, why do I have to see this picture? Isn’t this just attacking my conscience? Although my conscience is indestructible, it will turn soft if I suffer too much. Forget it. These guys are going to Bright Road tomorrow. I’ll just put up with it.”

He was swearing when he saw the three adventurers running over in a panic. As soon as they saw Robb and Little Yi, they shouted, “Mr. Robb, Miss Sister, something big is going to happen!”

Robb said angrily, “what now?”

Gorda said rapidly, “We escorted more than 100 townspeople last night, intending to evacuate them to Bright Road. Unexpectedly, before long, we found that Nanli Village in the southeast had been occupied by the army of the undead, and the number was huge. It was a large army of the undead, and there were even high-level undead creatures such as skeletal dragons. We had no way to leave the village through the south, so we had to protect the townspeople and return.”

Nanli Village is a small village between Westwind Town and Bright Road, with a small population of only more than 100 people. The village is so small that it is not even marked on the map, but the location of this village is very important. It is the only way to go to Bright Road from Westwind Town.

Now, Nanli Village has also been occupied by a huge army armed with skeletal dragons.

Little Yi’s face immediately sank, “that is to say, the enemy hoarded a large number of troops, forcibly cutting off the connection between Bright Road and the villages and towns on the western border. Westwind town has become an island town.”

Gorda nodded heavily.

The face of the White Birch mayor changed greatly, “Then… what should we do?”

“You can’t leave anymore.” The mayor of Westwind town came out of nowhere and said with a bitter face, “just stay in Westwind town and get ready to defend the town with us.”

Robb sighed and looked up at the sky, “My lazy life is getting further and further away from me. How could the peaceful day yesterday turn into a war the next day? If a war starts, I won’t be able to sell my stockings, pepper, and Coca-Cola.”

“Don’t panic, everyone.” Little Yi stood and exclaimed, “right now, we can’t leave for the outside. The only way is to stick to Westwind Town. We have to believe that the White Lion Cavalry cannot be easily defeated by the undead and that Bright Road won’t fall. As long as we hold on to this town, the reinforcements from Bright Road will certainly come.”


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