After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 821

Chapter 821: For the holy war, I am willing to die in battle.

The next day, Robb’s cocoa plantation had a harvest!

Those workers were truly scared to death. You see, normally it takes about five years for a regular cocoa tree to bear fruit after being planted. But this monster, Robb, planted them for just one day, and they bore fruit. This speed was simply insane and unreasonable.

This thing was money in the Maya continent!

So much money grown overnight!

The workers almost fainted…

However, after a brief astonishment, they began to feel delighted. With such a powerful employer, would they ever have to worry about going hungry again? Absolutely not! As long as they worked hard and didn’t lose their jobs, they would live a stable life.

Someone even suggested quickly expanding and letting the boss plant another patch of cocoa trees.

But that suggestion was immediately rejected by Kante, who happened to be passing by and watching the commotion with a translator. Kante kindly reminded them, “Godfather is as lazy as an old dog. He used God’s grace to create this cocoa tree plantation to solve your employment issues. If you want Godfather to use God’s grace again, forget about it unless there is a major event or change. Godfather will not agree to use God’s grace again. Just focus on working well in this plantation. If you want to grow more trees, you’ll have to use conventional methods like normal people and plant cocoa trees.”

The workers obediently followed, focusing on their essential work. They harvested the cocoa beans, saved some for planting, cleared a new field nearby, and used the normal methods to plant cocoa trees. Most of the cocoa beans were dried, ground, and then handed over to the sea merchants sent by Miss Queen, loaded onto large ships, and escorted by the fleet back to the Kingdom of Gran…

The royal chocolate factory of the Kingdom of Gran finally received a large batch of raw materials.

Several days later, at night…

It was ten o’clock at night, and Robb was still awake. He wasn’t accustomed to sleeping at this time. Moreover, an unexpected guest had arrived at the chapel today.

The fugitive knight!

This “explosion of righteousness” knight had been living in Robb’s mining town since defecting from the colony. As a former nobleman, he didn’t need to work. His loyal soldiers voluntarily participated in the town’s work and used a portion of their income to support him.

So, he was living a leisurely life now.

Today he would visit here, tomorrow he would go there.

Everything in the mining town made him feel fascinated. He witnessed the minecart tracks swiftly pulling out ore, as well as the smelting furnace producing a large batch of mithril in one go.

He also saw running water, cement, sewage systems, and showers…

Of course, he wasn’t the kind of person who liked to take a global perspective on things. These technological advancements only sparked his curiosity. He didn’t contemplate their impact on the kingdom’s politics and economy the way Miss Queen did when she saw such things.

What he preferred was to observe the lives of the Maya people from a knight’s perspective.

He saw the harmonious coexistence of the Westerners and the Maya people here, living in peace and contentment.

The Westerners hired the Maya people to work for them with fair compensation instead of resorting to slavery and coercion to force them into labor.

As a result, although the Westerners gained fewer benefits, they earned more friendship from the Maya people. The number of Maya people in this small town increased every day, and the neighboring tribes’ Maya people were also influenced by this town.

They were abandoning their primitive and backward tribal lives, aspiring to a lifestyle similar to that of the Westerners. They left their tribes, sought jobs in the mining town, earned money, and returned to their tribes as wealthy individuals. Their success attracted even more Maya people.

The town’s population was growing rapidly! It was an insane expansion rate.

The knight realized that this was the world he hoped to protect as a knight—a world that was powerful yet gentle, where everyone was happy and grew up in the radiance of the Holy Light.

Now, Robb sat nearby, listening to the conversation between the knight and little Yi.

Little Yi, “The old Church of Light we used to believe in was harming us. They maliciously distorted the divine decree, making the Church of Light serve the Pope and the cardinals instead of serving the God of Light. We were deceived.”

The knight nodded in agreement, “Yes! I also raised questions about the Maya people to my superiors. I asked them why the God of Light loves everything but not these Maya people. My superiors said that the Maya people are heretics and unworthy of mercy. But I am well aware that these Maya people don’t have a religion at all, so how can they be heretics? It’s utterly absurd.”

Little Yi said, “Indeed, the God of Light loves everything, so labeling others as heretics and persecuting them is not the true intention of the God of Light but rather a malicious distortion by the old Church of Light.”

As they continued talking, both of them couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

Knight, “Sister of Light, from now on, I am a devout follower of the New Church of Light. I hope to find my true Holy Light here.”

Little Yi, “We warmly welcome your arrival.”

Robb rolled his eyes on the side, wanting to make a sarcastic comment, but he held back in the end.

The knight spoke sincerely, “Sister of Light, I believe that the city-state model implemented by the Westwind City in the New World is excellent. I think it’s something that the people of the Kingdom of Norma should learn. Although I have fled here, I still have many friends in Norma. I think I can let them know about our way of treating the Maya people through letters… We should even spread the teachings of the New Church of Light and let the followers of the old Church of Light know what the true God of Light looks like.”

Little Yi shook her head, “It’s fine for our New Church of Light to spread its teachings in the Kingdom of Gran, but if we were to spread them in the Kingdom of Norma, it would likely lead to a very serious war.”

The knight firmly declared, “To defend the true Holy Light, let’s launch a holy war! I’m willing to die in battle!”

“No, no, don’t do that,” Little Yi quickly interrupted him, shaking her head. “Godfather supported me in establishing the New Church of Light and explicitly told me that we must not incite war in any form, especially the so-called holy war. The reason the old Church of Light has become what it is now is because they gained power and money through one holy war after another. As a result, they became corrupt, and the God of Light became less important to them. Power and money became what they pursued. We must not become like them.”


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