After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 824

Chapter 824: The thieves who steal mines have arrived

In the year 1351, summer!

Robb, accompanied by his own little sisters, set off from the city of Westwind through a transmission gate, in a mood for a relaxing trip. They arrived at the mining town and, unexpectedly, as soon as they arrived, they were caught in a heavy downpour, drenched like soaked chickens.

In the Maya continent, everything else was fine except for the frequent and headache-inducing heavy rain. Moreover, the rain here was different from other places. Once it started, it became crazily relentless and unreasonable, and it wouldn’t stop immediately. It could last for several consecutive days.

It gave people a feeling as if a storm of rain and wind was destroying the world!

Robb stood at the entrance of the transmission gate, rainwater dripping from his hair and face, and pointed at the sky, saying, “What the heck? Are you kidding me? I just stepped through the gate, and now I’m getting soaked in rain?”

Suofa and Lilian, who were beside him, were also completely drenched, but unlike Robb’s complaints about the sky, they smiled and each took one of Robb’s hands. Suofa said, “Let’s go back to Westwind City, take a shower, change clothes. It seems like we can’t stay in the Maya continent for now.”

With two girls holding his hands, Robb’s mood improved, and he stopped being angry. He smiled and asked, “So, are we going to take a shower together when we go back?”

Suofa quickly let go of Robb’s hand and jumped back a meter or two, but Lilian blushed, not agreeing but not protesting either, appearing as if saying, “It’s up to you.”

Robb was delighted in his heart and exclaimed, “Let’s go, let’s go back!”

He was eager to pull Lilian towards the transmission gate. However, at that moment, amidst the raging wind and rain, a Maya Eagle Warrior ran towards the chapel. The heavy rain seemed to have no effect on the warrior, who ran in the rain as if it were a sunny day. While running, he was babbling something in the Maya language towards the chapel. Then, a Maya beauty’s head popped out from the chapel, Robb’s Maya interpreter.

When the female interpreter arrived here last year, she looked sickly and pale, but now she had become healthy and beautiful, exuding the typical beauty of a brown-skinned woman. She listened to the Eagle Warrior for a while and quickly turned her head to shout at Robb, who was standing by the transmission gate, “Godfather, there’s something going on!”

Robb was speechless. He was just about to go back and take a shower with Lilian. It was such a joyful thing, but you bastards couldn’t stop bothering me with your troubles? He asked impatiently, “What’s the matter?”

The female interpreter, along with the Eagle Warrior, ran up to Robb Everyone was drenched like soaked chickens. She quickly said, “This Eagle Warrior says that Miss Xuelu and her two companions encountered the People of Norma while adventuring outside. They followed the People of Norma and discovered that they seemed to be spying on our Saronite Mine.”

“Hmm?” Robb couldn’t help but smile when he heard this. “What do they want to do?”

The female interpreter whispered, “Miss Xuelu asked the Eagle Warrior to tell us that they are planning to secretly dig out the Saronite, taking advantage of the heavy rain pouring down.”

The black mine containing the Saronite was located a bit far from the mining town, in the western jungle, and it was also quite far from the Gada Tribe and the Polar Tribe. Due to its powerful evil aura, no one besides Robb could mine there. Therefore, it was impossible to establish a mining operation there, and Robb himself was lazy and didn’t want to spend time mining there.

So, while there might be occasional visits to that place, no one would bother when a heavy rain started pouring down.

In any case, once the heavy rain started in the Maya continent, it would last for a long time, several days or even dozens of days. It would never end. Taking advantage of the cover provided by the heavy rain to come and steal the mines was quite a cunning move.

Unfortunately, the People of Norma had some bad luck and their mine theft was discovered by three adventurers.

Robb couldn’t help but sigh in frustration, “Damn, a great nation like theirs, do they have to be so embarrassing?”

Both the female interpreter and the Eagle Warrior remained silent, waiting for Robb to speak.

Lilian never got involved in such matters and stood obediently by the side, holding onto Robb’s hand without letting go.

Only Suofa approached and asked, “What should we do? Should we send a team to protect the Saronite Mine?”

Robb shook his head, “It’s a worthless mine. No one can mine it except for me. What’s the use of them coming? Forget it, if the People of Norma are interested, let them find a way to mine it. Besides, it’s just a level 80 mine, I haven’t even paid much attention to…”

He stopped abruptly in the middle of his sentence and said, “Huh?”

Suofa asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Why did your expression suddenly change?”

Robb’s expression turned grim, “We can’t let them have this mine because… if they want to dig this mine, I’m afraid…”

At this point, Robb’s tone became somewhat heavy as he glanced at the Maya beauty interpreter and the Eagle Warrior in front of him. He whispered, “The Saronite is a kind of ore that makes people feel uncomfortable. The People of Norma must have already known this, and since they have planned to come and steal the mines, they must have also found out about this. So, they won’t easily come and dig these mines themselves.”

Suofa had accompanied Robb to that mine before, and she knew very well how unpleasant the Saronite made people feel. She furrowed her brows and asked, “Are you saying they will make the Maya people mine it for them?”

“Yes!” Robb whispered, “Without a doubt, they will force the Maya slaves to go up the mountain and mine. The uncomfortable evil aura will be left for the slaves to endure. The slaves’ bodies were already not in good condition, and engaging in heavy physical labor under that kind of evil aura… I’m afraid…”

Suofa and Lilian both had sorrowful expressions on their faces.

Even the beautiful interpreter and the Eagle Warrior couldn’t help but be moved.

Robb said, “Tell Elsie to take some people and intercept those People of Norma, don’t let them have the chance to reach the foot of that mine.”

Suofa nodded and quickly went off.

Robb sighed, shook his head, and held Lilian’s hand as they headed towards the chapel in the mining town. “Let’s stay here for the next few days and see how this situation unfolds.”

Lilian whispered in his ear, “Why don’t we dig a hot spring in the courtyard here? We can soak in it together.”

Robb immediately became delighted, “Let’s! Once it’s dug, we can set up a canopy over it. I love soaking in hot springs when it’s raining.”

A few minutes later, Suofa returned with Elsie, who ran through the rain, followed by a large group of Westwind Warriors, the knight who had escaped from Norma and his men, and a group of hired Eagle Warriors who joined the defense of the mining town.

The Eagle Warriors didn’t mind the heavy rain, but Elsie and the others felt quite miserable in the rain. Their armor was probably soaked, and they had displeased expressions. However, as soon as they stood in front of Robb, Elsie’s expression turned resolute and fearless, “Godfather, I will depart immediately to drive away those damn thieves.”


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