After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 85

Chapter 85: I’ll deal with the undead army

With a wry smile on her face, listening to Robb talking like this, she felt that he was no doubt a fake priest; otherwise, it would have been impossible to speak in this tone. “it can’t be true,” she sighed. “if you’re fake, how can you become a real one?”

“It’s possible.” Robb smiled, “I’ll just talk to the archbishop or the pope and ask them to send me an official letter of appointment.”

Little Yi facepalmed and said, “Is this document something you can get with just a discussion?”

Robb spread his hand, “I think so.”

Seeing Little Yi’s strange expression, Robb didn’t want to worry her, so he had to say a few more words, “as you just said, I treated the people of Westwind Town kindly, helped the Baron and performed meritorious services, and now I have helped so many refugees. I have accumulated a lot of good reputation for the Church of Light, right? For a priest like me who can help the God of Light spread his teachings, I think the Pope or the Archbishop would be more than happy to give me a position.”

Of course, this is only a superficial statement, and Robb also knows that it is not so easy to enter, so he added in his heart that if they do not agree, he could beat them and force them to make arrangements. Isn’t that simple?

He remembered that there was a man named Sun WuKong who forced himself into an official position with a big stick.

Robb thinks he can follow suit.

It’s just that Sun WuKong is a very hard-working person, but Robb is very lazy. He doesn’t mess about until necessary.

“Little Yi, don’t worry about it.” Robb smiled, “as long as you don’t want to be my enemy, we will never be enemies. Well, the same applies to the Church of Light, the Kingdom of Gran, even the necromancers, and everything in the world! If someone doesn’t attack me, I won’t attack them. “

With that, he added, “because I love all things, I am so kind, and I am a faithful follower of the beliefs of the God of Light.”

Little Yi coldly said, “I think you’re just lazy.”

Robb, “Hey, I can still be a good friend, whether you see through it or not.”

Little Yi shook her head, turned, and walked out of Robb’s room. As soon as she walked out of the room, her cold expression suddenly melted, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly upward with a smile of delight.

The next day, in the morning.

At the small private plot in the chapel yard, the first batch of potatoes planted by Robb have been harvested!

The refugees from White Birch Town worked together to dig up the batch of potatoes from the ground. The small piece of private land produced thousands of jin (斤) of potatoes, solving the food shortage instantly. Moreover, more potatoes are growing on the newly cultivated land on the hillside.

If evening comes, where the hillside batch of potatoes will be harvested, won’t it be tens of thousands of jin?

In this way, not to mention the refugees from White Birch Town, even if Westwind Town provided food for nearly a thousand people, there would not be any food pressure at all.

The townspeople had already worshiped once yesterday, but today they could not help getting down on their knees again and praising the God of Light and Robb with all their nice words.

Robb was not in the mood to accept their praise and worship. He climbed onto the stone table, stood straight, and exclaimed, “townspeople from White Birch, you first arrived yesterday and are now laying all over my chapel. I didn’t complain, but you can’t lie down doing nothing, can you? Not to mention that the chapel is becoming messy. Isn’t it painful to sleep like that? Don’t your legs hurt? Do you have peace of mind?”

At this point, he paused, looked at the blank expressions on the refugees’ faces, and then added, “this invasion of the undead will not take only a day or two. As far as we know, many villages and towns nearby are occupied by the army of the undead, and the only way to Bright Road is blocked by the undead. And it is said that even skeletal dragons have appeared. “

The refugees exclaimed, “Skeletal Dragon? My God!”

Robb said, “therefore, you must be mentally prepared for a long-term war. If this war lasts for months or even years, will you lie in my chapel for years and live on my support?”

The townspeople whispered and soon came to a conclusion. The mayor of White Birch looked up and exclaimed, “My Father, if this will be a long war, of course, we can’t live like garbage. Please show us the way.”

Robb coughed and said, “I heard that White Birch Town is a village with logging and hunting as its main industries. You are all excellent carpenters. Building a cabin should be a piece of cake for you, right? Look, on the hillside behind my chapel, there are a lot of black pine trees. Cut it down! Build wooden houses and go hunting. And then, like your life back in White Birch, take root here for a while. There are no tools I can lend to you for the time being, but without spirit and only laziness, God will not save you. “

Everyone from White Birch Town was reinvigorated and felt motivated in spirit and soul.

However, Little Yi and the adventurers couldn’t help shrugging and thought, “it always feels unconvincing if Father Robb says stuff like this. Isn’t he the representative of laziness?”

The mayor of White Birch asked weakly, “Father, you speak very well, but … war can happen at any time, those ferocious undead may come at any time, we. Can we really try to build homes under such circumstances? The houses that we build might get burned down by the undead in an instant.”

Robb suddenly put on a serious face, ” I’ll deal with the undead army. You just need to try to get your lives back on track.”

With that, he added in a low voice, “Work quickly, don’t stay in my house all day.”

Such a guarantee is obviously not very relieving.

Although the refugees have seen Robb show miracles. They did not believe that Robb could fight the army of the undead.

When there is an external threat that may come at any time, it is very difficult for human beings to cheer up and build homes. They can’t help thinking, “what’s the use of building wooden houses now? As soon as the army of the undead comes, they’ll burn down the newly built houses and drive us out. We can’t even say that we’ll survive the attack….”

Under the influence of this kind of thinking, no one can return to normal.

Just then, bells suddenly rang on the sentry tower in the northwest of the town, and then, from the northwest corner, the townspeople shouted in horror, “The army of the undead is coming. They’re here!”


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