After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 865

Chapter 865: I’m Saving You

The enormous serpent entwined around the three of them, its massive body tightening relentlessly. With a girth resembling a pathway, it exerted tremendous force, constricting inward. The pressure from all sides was unbelievably intense. Had it been any ordinary adventurers here, their bones would have snapped in an instant, leaving them beyond salvation.

However, the situation wasn’t dire for Robb’s trio. Putting aside Robb’s cheating abilities, Suofa was clad in a set of polar fur armor. Though it was just leather, its defensive capabilities were astonishing, beyond the reach of most creatures in this world.

Only Xuelu’s cloth armor was slightly lacking. She wore mooncloth provided by the elven race, spun into a robe by Robb. Although such attire was relatively rare, mooncloth was a material known to the natives of this world, and the creations made from it couldn’t surpass the world’s inherent limitations.

Thus, as the serpent tightened its coils, Xuelu bore the greatest pressure.

Yet, when Robb looped an arm around Xuelu’s waist and used his other arm to brace against the snake’s constricting force, all the pressure pushing inward was deflected by Robb’s arm. Xuelu felt no strain; instead, she felt the exhilarating sensation of being held close by Robb.

Mimicking Robb, she exclaimed, “Wow!” with a mischievous grin. “Usually, I’m the one taking the initiative. This time, you’re the proactive one.”

Robb snorted, “I’m saving you. If I didn’t hold you like this, you’d be squished by the snake.”

In the distance, Gorda’s voice rang out, “What the heck! Such a huge snake?”

Xuelu turned her head to retort, “Weren’t you just describing the giant magic python? Why are you so surprised seeing it now? Stay calm.”

Gorda replied, “I only read about it in the adventurer’s manual. Seeing it in person is a whole different level of shock. Of course, I’m surprised.”

Jike chimed in, “+1.”

Xuelu said, “Stop gawking, hurry and get me down.”

Gorda retorted, “Godfather is right there with you. Why do we need to rescue you?”

Xuelu said, “Oh right! Dear, think of something quickly.”

Robb shook his head solemnly, “Do you think I’m a fool? I’m sandwiched between two lovely ladies. Why should I bother stopping this? Only a fool would try to free themselves in this situation. Right now, I’m tempted to tell this cute snake, [Go ahead, wrap us up as much as you want!]”

Xuelu: “…”

Suofa: “…”

At this moment, the giant magic python seemed to realize its constricting wasn’t having much effect. Its snake-like head, resembling a small hill, lifted from a distance. Its fierce yellow eyes glared at Robb’s trio.

Robb shouted at it, “Come on, keep going, keep constricting!”

His words barely left his mouth when the giant magic python lowered its head and swiftly lunged. With a resounding snap, it bit down, enveloping the upper bodies of Robb, Suofa, and Xuelu entirely within its mouth.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The snake doesn’t bite its prey in pieces; it swallows them whole.

The upper halves of the three individuals were trapped inside the snake’s mouth, and a highly putrid smell wafted into their noses…

Xuelu: “Aah, this is so disgusting! Dear, aren’t you going to do something now?”

Suofa also exclaimed, “Hey, aren’t you done playing around?”

Robb replied, “But I’m just a little priest. What can I do in this situation? Unless Suofa gives me a kiss, I might evolve from a priest into a paladin. There might still be a chance of struggle.”

“Why does it have to be a kiss from Suofa?” Xuelu protested. “Can’t I give you a kiss?”

“No!” Robb retorted. “You’re too easy to kiss, not special at all.”

Xuelu: “…”

Suofa secretly delighted in Robb’s response, but she maintained a serious demeanor and said, “Hey! We told you to stop fooling around. We’re about to be swallowed!”

Inside the snake’s mouth, the trio engaged in banter, but their voices were muffled and inaudible to those outside. To Gorda and Jike, it seemed the trio was completely immobilized, and the situation appeared precarious.

Gorda sweated, “Hey, Jike, what’s going on with them? Godfather shouldn’t have trouble dealing with this stupid snake. Why are the three of them completely still?”

Jike replied, “I have no idea.”

Gorda speculated, “Could it be that Godfather is addicted to pretending to be a little priest? He’d rather have us two come to the rescue, or else he’d rather be swallowed.”

Jike sweated, “It’s hard to say. Godfather loves to mess around.”

They exchanged a glance and simultaneously said, “Let’s intervene!”

Jike drew his bow and shot three arrows at the snake’s head. The arrows hit the giant magic python’s scales, producing a crisp sound. The scales were extraordinarily tough, making it difficult for ordinary weapons to cause harm. However, Jike’s arrows were made with blackwood shafts and thorium heads, boasting formidable power. The arrows struck the snake’s head with a series of dull thuds, embedding themselves in its scales.

The giant magic python raised its head, looking somewhat bewildered, unable to fathom the considerable power behind those arrows that managed to wound it.

At this moment, Gorda roared, “Charge!”

He rushed toward the side of the snake’s belly from a distance and forcefully struck it with his shield. The impact created a resonating thud that reverberated through the snake’s body. The colossal magic python winced in pain, becoming enraged. However, even in its fury, it didn’t release the three individuals from its mouth; it retained them within, their feet visible on the outside.

The snake’s tail swiped sideways, targeting Gorda.

Gorda raised his shield to block…

Just then, a man’s voice suddenly rang out from the trees behind: “There’s a monster attacking! Help them!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

After this shout, a man suddenly charged out from the woods. In an instant, he covered a great distance, arriving before Gorda. With his shield raised, he dashed ahead of Gorda, intercepting the sweeping tail of the magic python.

A muffled thud, and the man was propelled backward by the immense force of the snake’s tail. However, he didn’t fall; instead, he performed a mid-air somersault and landed firmly on his feet. His graceful agility left Gorda secretly impressed.

Next, an immensely massive fireball soared out of the woods. Wait, it wasn’t a fireball, but rather a “Fire blast.” Slicing through the forest, it struck the giant magic python’s neck with precision. Boom! The blast erupted, unleashing a colossal wave of fiery magic that drifted in all directions. The giant magic python suffered severe injuries from this blast. Opening its mouth, Robb, Xuelu, and Suofa were expelled from within, tumbling onto the ground.

The man who had blocked the snake’s tail earlier shouted, “They seem to be alive. Quickly, tend to their injuries.”

A golden light illuminated the woods once more, enveloping the trio in a gentle aura of holy energy. It was an advanced healing spell, indicating considerable power. However, since the three were uninjured to begin with, the strength of the healing spell was not a focal point.

The novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy. If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated.

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