After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Useless to Deny

Robb quickly slipped out of the group and went behind a distant black stone to “take care of business.”

Just as he left, Chris showed a worried expression, “A priest with little adventure experience, going off on his own to ‘take care of business,’ in other places it might be fine, but we’re on the outskirts of the Demon King City. I hope nothing goes wrong.”

Gorda and the others chuckled but the female fire magician walked up to Chris and whispered, “I actually think he’s fine. He seems really capable.”

“But he really looks like a newbie, clueless about everything along the way,” Chris said, “He can’t read monster footprints, doesn’t know their habits, and can’t even tell which monsters are strong or weak.”

The fire magician said, “He may lack experience, but his combat strength is decent.”

Chris had a lot of trust in his team members and curiously asked, “How can you tell?”

The fire magician replied, “Well, I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about this. But we haven’t stopped to rest along the way, so I’ll take this opportunity while he’s ‘taking care of business’ to tell you what I’ve observed…”

She was about to elaborate on the stitched abomination from last night and the rock lizards they encountered on the road when suddenly everyone felt the ground shake twice. Then, a massive red rock emerged, towering above them, its two yellow-glowing eyes fixed upon them.

“Lava Giant! We’ve been spotted, no hiding now,” Chris quickly said, “Prepare for battle. Use skills with reduced effects, avoid using magic with loud sound and light effects. We don’t want to attract the attention of the monsters in the Demon King City.”

Everyone drew their weapons.

However, as Gorda and the others were about to confront the Lava Giant, Chris stood in their way, “Gorda, while you all are brave, your classes are too low-level to deal with something like a Lava Giant. It’s safer to leave it to us.”

Gorda said, “Uh, well, we’re actually quite strong.”

Chris retorted, “Strong enough to struggle inside the mouth of a giant magic serpent?”

Gorda hesitated, “Well, that was a beautiful little accident.”

Chris said, “In any case, take a break. We’ll handle this.”

Without further ado, he pushed Gorda back and drew his one-handed sword and shield, advancing towards the Lava Giant. His teammates followed suit, forming a neat little team formation in an instant.

The warrior was at the forefront, the heavily armored priest stood in the second row, while the hunter and fire magician hung back in the distance. As for the assassin, the moment the Lava Giant appeared, he had already vanished without a trace, although everyone knew they were surely lurking behind the Lava Giant.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Be mindful of your volume, no shouting, and avoid using large-scale spells,” Chris commanded in a hushed tone, advancing towards the Lava Giant. He raised his shield to block the giant’s massive fist as, at the same time, several other teammates joined in…

Robb crouched behind a large stone in the distance and pulled out a crystal ball. After touching it three times, the long-missed face of the queen appeared within the crystal.

“Why did it take you so long to answer the call?” There was no trace of affection on her face, but her eyes held a hint of mild concern. “Have you encountered any difficulties?”

Robb chuckled, “No, everything’s fine. I just couldn’t answer the call earlier.”

The queen surveyed the environment around Robb, observing a bleak underworld landscape of red hues. Unable to resist, she inquired, “Are you nearing the Demon King’s Castle?”

“Yes, it’s just nearby. Let me show you.” Robb rotated the crystal ball, allowing the queen to see the towering Demon King’s Castle in the distance, rising majestically within the underground cavern. “My teammates want to avoid alerting the enemy, so we’re trying to infiltrate quietly. Please keep your voice down.”

Just as Robb finished speaking, a distant “clash” sound reached them. Although not very loud, it still made the queen furrow her brows. “What’s happening?”

Robb peered out and laughed, “My teammates are fighting the Lava Giant. If you have anything to discuss, go ahead. If not, I need to go help.”

The queen nodded, “I just came to let you know that the Church of Darkness is on the move.”

“Hmm?” Robb smiled, “What now? The Church of Darkness causing trouble for you again?”

“No, it’s causing trouble for you.” The queen said calmly, “A spy I placed within the Church of Darkness reported that important members of the church have boarded a ship and headed north.”

Upon hearing this, Robb quickly understood. Taking a boat from Lost City and heading north would likely lead to only two kingdoms: the Desert Kingdom and the Kingdom of Norma.

The Church of Darkness wouldn’t make such a move without reason. Their sudden massive movement northward at a time like this could only mean…

“Interesting!” Robb chuckled, “Combining forces with both Light and Darkness, along with the factions from the Kingdom of Norma and the Desert Kingdom, not to mention the Demons. It seems they’re determined to give me a real beating this time.”

A faint smile appeared on the queen’s cold face, “Well, you do tend to stir up trouble like a stick in a beehive.”

Robb quipped, “Oh, a stick in a beehive? I’ve always thought I’m on a righteous path.”

Suddenly, the queen produced a letter from the side, “This is a letter from the Hero King of Kingdom of Norma to me. Care to guess its contents?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Robb had no need to guess, he chuckled, “The Hero King told you that I’ve taken possession of your Westwind City, controlled your Stone Canyon and Crystal Canyon, and now I’m privately building a new city on the New Continent. I completely disregarded your authority, as if I’m trying to divide your Kingdom of Gran. There’s even a possibility that I might aim to overthrow your rule. He also warned you not to trust me too much and suggested that you seize this opportunity to eliminate me, lest I become the second Mondra, right?”

“Haha, you do have some self-awareness,” the queen said, “If someone else were doing the things you’re doing now, I would have sent a massive army to confront you a thousand times over.”

Robb replied, “Oh, so why haven’t you confronted me then? Could it be because you’ve fallen in love with me?”

The queen let out a cold snort, “Absolutely not! It’s just because you’re too strong. I know I can’t defeat you. If I were to send forces to attack you forcibly, I might end up ruining a good hand. That’s why I’ve chosen a policy of appeasement towards you. When you fall in love with me, all your strength will belong to me.”

Robb countered, “So, do you think I’ve fallen in love with you now?”

The queen reached behind her and brought out a wedding dress, triumphantly saying, “Do I still need to guess? I’ve won!”

Robb replied, “I’ve told you, that’s just outer armor.”

The queen snorted, “Denying won’t change anything!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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