After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 883

Chapter 883: Should We Go Help Him?

Robb was happily mining!

Demon Steel, the mineral corresponding to Level 100, was much more powerful than Titansteel. He hadn’t expected to come across it here. Seizing the opportunity, he dug up several pieces of ore, piling them up neatly into a small mountain behind him. Once he dug up more, he planned to create a portal back to Westwind City and then deal with it at a slower pace.

However, Robb was digging so joyfully that he forgot one thing: he wasn’t mining a vein, but a city wall. It was a wall constructed by the demonic ancestors of the demon race, using Demon Steel ore they had gathered from who knows where many years ago. This wall was fundamentally different from a mining vein.

Moreover, Robb was digging so rapidly that he created a depression every two seconds, causing the wall to become thinner and thinner.

As he continued digging, Robb excavated a massive pit in the wall. With a powerful swing of his pickaxe, a large hole appeared in the wall. He had dug through!

Next, Robb saw a small room on the other side. It resembled a chamber within a castle, occupied by a mighty demon. This demon had an imposing presence, with long horns on its head, a pair of black wings on its back, and formidable magic surrounding it. Clearly, it was the kind of entity not to be trifled with—a demon on the level of a high-ranking commander of the Demon King’s army, even stronger than the demon that had caused Robb trouble in the Blackpine Mountains.

A large hole suddenly appeared in the wall behind him. Anyone would have been shocked, and the mighty demon was no exception. It turned its head, fixing an eerie gaze on Robb.

Separated by a hole, the two of them stared at each other with intensity.

After about five seconds, the demon reacted. With a swing of its hand, it released a whooshing fireball aimed at Robb’s face.

“Boom!” The fireball hit Robb, his HP dropping by 3214. Then, in the next second, Robb appeared right in front of the demon. He drew the one-handed sword from his waist with his left hand and swung it down at the demon’s face.

HP – 424954

With a thud, the mighty demon fell to the ground, defeated.

Robb sheathed his one-handed sword and chuckled, “Serves you right for disturbing my mining.”

He didn’t bother with the demon’s corpse and instead exited through the hole back outside the city wall. Observing the large hole in the wall, he realized he had breached it. Naturally, he couldn’t continue mining here, so he moved to another section of the city wall and swung his small pickaxe once again…

After mining for a while, this time Robb was careful not to break through. However, just as he was cautiously avoiding breaching the wall, a group of little demon heads suddenly appeared above the wall, peering downward…

As it turns out, he had been digging here for quite a while, and how could the patrolling little demons not have noticed him? Moreover, as soon as they spotted him, they alerted a group.

Robb: “…”

The little demons wasted no words. They unleashed a barrage of small fireballs and tiny javelins, aimed right at Robb.

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Robb slapped a fireball back, causing a resounding explosion that sent a group of little demons flying off the city wall. However, this explosion triggered a chain reaction, setting things off on a grand scale. Although the main forces of the Demon King City had already left for the Desert Kingdom, there were still many demons left behind to watch over it. The sound of the exploding fireball, combined with the panicked cries and screams of the little demons, set off a chain of events.

Heads popped up from the wall, layer after layer. Many demon heads also appeared at the windows of the rooms in the Demon King’s Castle, with stronger demons on the lower levels and weaker ones on the upper levels. A cluster of imp heads poked out from the top floor.

All these demons were looking downward, fixated on Robb, and the pile of ore he had unearthed behind him.

“Great Lord Demon King, someone is digging into the corner of the castle wall!” The little demons screamed.

The once-silent Demon King City was now filled with strange sounds everywhere. Chris and his group, who were running down from the upper levels, were taken aback. They thought their presence had been exposed and that demons were coming to besiege them. They quickly found a small room to hide in.

Then, peering through the crack in the door, they saw a multitude of demons running through the corridors, dashing towards the lower levels. Some of the smarter demons were shouting from outside, “Intruders! Someone is digging into the wall!”

“Quick, go eliminate him!”

A horde of demons headed downward.

Chris looked baffled. “Who? Who would come to dig into the corner of the Demon King’s Castle for no reason?”

“Who else could it be?” Xuelu said with a wry smile. “Did you forget what our priest was doing just now?”

Chris suddenly remembered. The peculiar priest had been digging into the castle wall with a small pickaxe. Wasn’t that digging into the wall corner?

He felt somewhat embarrassed. “It looks like he’s been discovered by the demons. What should we do? I wonder how many demons have charged at him. Shouldn’t we hurry up and help him?”

Gorda, Jike, Xuelu, and Suofa almost simultaneously shook their heads. “There’s no need to help him. While he’s drawing the demons’ attention, it’s more important for us to find evidence.”

Chris said, “But he’s surrounded by so many demons, it’s very dangerous.”

Xuelu chuckled. “Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal. We should focus on protecting ourselves rather than him.”

Chris’s expression darkened. “Are you implying that your life is more important than your teammate’s?”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I meant.” Xuelu shrugged. “I mean, he’s incredibly powerful and doesn’t need our concern. On the contrary, by protecting ourselves, we’re actually reducing trouble for him.”

Chris: “???”

Suddenly, he felt a tug on the hem of his clothes from behind. He turned to see his teammate, the Fire Magician, looking at him with a serious expression who said, “Don’t be stubborn, listen to them.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Alright then, let’s hurry. While these creatures are focused on him,” Chris peeked through the door crack for a moment, seeing that there were no demons in the corridor. He quickly swung the door open and dashed out, saying, “Everyone, pick up the pace, GoGoGo! We need to use the time he’s drawing the demons to our advantage and find what we’re looking for.”

The nine of them rushed downstairs at a rapid pace. Just when they had struggled to climb up, now they had to descend again. Life was indeed full of irony. Fortunately, all the demons’ attention was directed towards Robb’s side. They descended without encountering any obstacles. In no time, they returned to the first level they went to and went down one more floor. Pushing open a room’s door, they found a large demon dead inside. There was a hole in the room’s wall, leading directly outside to the flowing lava moat and a large group of demons besieging Robb.

From the outside, they could only see the demons’ backs and not Robb in the middle. However, Chris had barely glanced for a moment when he saw four or five roaring demons being sent flying, soaring high from the midst of the encirclement and crashing heavily outside. The surrounding demons cried out, “Damn human, how dare they fight back while surrounded! Kill him!”

“Eat him!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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