After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 894

Chapter 894: How much longer do you want to dilly-dally over there?

With a dull “clash,” Gorda sent his opponent flying with a forceful strike. His shield’s impact was strong enough to shatter even the body of a lava giant. When that strike landed on a person’s face, the outcome was self-evident – the lifeless body was sent flying a great distance, knocking over a large group of inquisitors of the Church of Light behind.

Gorda shouted, “Chris, what’s going on over here? Why are there so many weird people as soon as I came over?”

Chris blocked a holy strike with his shield and loudly replied, “They’re inquisitors of the Church of Light. Be cautious; these guys are cunning and vicious, their lack of reason is akin to demons.”

Gorda exclaimed, “Wow!”

Chris retorted, “Don’t ‘wow’ like that, it’s super nauseating.”

In the time it took for these two sentences to be exchanged, the Inquisitors of the Church of Light had already launched a chaotic barrage of attacks. Chris parried, blocked, and dodged, fighting skillfully.

However, Gorda was exclaiming “wow,” “ouch,” “that hurts,” and “damn it.” He inexplicably found himself subjected to a series of moves, and he successfully evaded only a few of them. If his armor weren’t excellent, he might have been lying on the ground by now.

Just then, two Inquisitors of the Church of Light standing next to the transmission gate suddenly emitted muffled groans simultaneously. They fell softly, each with a blood hole in a vulnerable spot on their backs. At the same moment, two figures appeared behind them for an instant, then vanished in a flash.

The Inquisitors of the Church of Light shouted, “Watch out! Two assassins have come through the transmission gate. Damn it, they sneaked through the gate! Quickly find them.”

However, locating the two assassins proved to be no easy task. Chris and Gorda were rampaging wildly amidst the Inquisitors of the Church of Light, causing them to stumble and fall. Dealing with these two was already a challenge for the Inquisitors of the Church of Light, let alone searching for two assassins in the midst of all the chaos.

The group of Inquisitors of the Church of Light closest to the transmission gate kept getting hit, one after another falling to the ground. This terrified the Inquisitors of the Church of Light, prompting them to quickly retreat from the gate, regroup, and magicians began chanting the spell for “True Sight,” preparing to counter the stealth.

Two archers emerged from the transmission gate, this time it was Jike and the Hunter. As soon as they arrived, they saw the chaos that had ensued. Driven by their archer instincts, both drew their bows and aimed at the magicians who were chanting spells…

“Thud, thud!”

The two magicians chanting “True Sight” fell backward.

Seizing the opportunity, Suofa and the other assassin took down two more Inquisitors of the Church of Light, once again disappearing into stealth…

Following that, the Priest, Xuelu, and the Fire Magician arrived in sequence.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The two magicians arrived and immediately unleashed pre-prepared fireballs, causing several nearby Inquisitors of the Church of Light to be thrown off. However, when the priest arrived, he hesitated and stiffened for a moment. He used to be a priest of the Church of Light, so he recognized who these individuals were right away.

“Inquisitors of the Church of Light!” the priest muttered in a low voice, and then, memories that had been sealed away flashed through his mind. Several years ago, he had accompanied the Templar Knights to a village inhabited by heretics. At the time, he was naive, thinking that they were there to persuade these heretics to repent.

However, what he hadn’t expected was that the Inquisitors of the Church of Light in the group had unhesitatingly issued orders to massacre the village.

The priest, unwilling to participate in the slaughter, had fought a battle against the Inquisitors of the Church of Light. In the end, due to lack of support from his comrades, he had been outnumbered and forced to flee. The village was reduced to ashes in his wake, and his faith collapsed during that incident. He realized that the heretics didn’t need to repent because they weren’t wrong at all. This kind of church was not worthy of his belief.

He left the Church of Light and became an adventurer, no longer entrusting his fate to others but holding it in his own staff.

The priest roared in anger, “Inquisitors of the Church of Light, what kind of conspiracy are you plotting again? Why connect the Demon King city using a transmission magic circle? I despise you dark-minded people from the bottom of my heart.”

He angrily swung the Demon Steel Staff that Robb had just handed to him and knocked down an inquisitor with a strike.

Not far away, the voices of Chris and Gorda could be heard, “Hey, Priest! I need healing.”

Hearing his teammates’ calls, the priest finally snapped back to reality and suddenly remembered that he was indeed a priest. During team battles, it was better to prioritize healing.

He quickly cast a healing spell on Gorda while starting to chant a spell to heal Chris.

“Damn it, how many more people are coming out of that transmission gate?” The leading inquisitor roared in anger, “Give it all you’ve got, quickly take care of these people, close that transmission gate, and prevent these people from sullying the light.”

The Inquisitors of the Church of Light were all fanatical individuals, some of them even fearless in the face of death. Upon hearing such an order from their superior, they charged forward without a care for their lives.

Someone slid across the ground and clung tightly to Chris’s legs.

Chris swung his shield, striking the person’s back. However, the person was clad in heavy armor – a heavy-armored priest. Chris’s shield blow didn’t kill him; it just gravely wounded him. Yet, the person still clung tenaciously to Chris’s leg, shouting with a tone of tragic determination, “Don’t mind me! For the light!”

Chris seethed, “People like you dare to call yourselves followers of the light?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

As Chris was about to shake off the person clinging to his leg, another person latched onto his other leg. Struggling in this double grip, he couldn’t break free and was immobilized. Being unable to move swiftly in the midst of the onslaught was dangerous. Suddenly, there was a muffled sound of impact as a paladin swung a heavy hammer with both hands, delivering a fierce blow to his head.

This individual was formidable, striking with great force. Even the Demon Steel helmet couldn’t completely dissipate the impact. Chris felt a bit dizzy in the forehead and almost lost his balance. Following that, thuds echoed from behind and his chest as several holy spells struck him successively. The magical energy pierced through his armor, leaving him struggling to withstand the onslaught.

On the other side, Gorda’s combat experience was much less compared to Chris’s. He had already been tackled to the ground and was engaged in a chaotic struggle with a group of individuals, tumbling around on the ground. Before long, he found himself pinned at the bottom of this human pile like a game of human pyramid.

The priest, the two magician sisters, Jike, the Hunter, and the two assassins had retreated to the vicinity of the transmission gate. Without a warrior to create space in the front, they were vulnerable. Only the priest could barely act as a makeshift frontliner, as the others lacked the capability to hold the front.

Without someone at the forefront creating room for them, the combat effectiveness of the magicians and archers was difficult to unleash.

The leading inquisitor of the Church of Light sneered on the side, “I thought you were so impressive, but it turns out otherwise.”

Xuelu stuck her tongue out at him, then suddenly reached her hand into the transmission gate. With a burst of strength, she pulled Robb from the other side of the gate, remarking, “Hey, how much longer do you want to dilly-dally over there?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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