After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 898

Chapter 898: Where is Caishi located?

Robb casually opened the panel, and inside, there was actually a livestream of the Westwind Football Premier League match between the Chengguang Family Team and the Corton Family Team. However, these two teams were no longer carrying the family names; they had adopted more resounding names.

For instance, the team of the Chengguang Family was now called the Chengguang Cyclones, while the Corton Family’s team was named the Corton Lions.

The members of both teams had also undergone significant changes. Previously composed of family guards, both families had spent a substantial amount of money to train and acquire players. Some individuals who had trained their combat skills specifically for playing football had emerged. These individuals didn’t practice “attack skills” but focused on enhancing their basic strength, agility, and “positioning skills,” as well as mastering formations and teamwork.

As a result, the current Westwind football matches had become more skillful and visually appealing.

These players had become dedicated professionals, no longer engaged in other work, devoting their full attention to playing football.

Usually, Robb would have enjoyed watching a live football match, but with the unconscious Pope lying beside him, his enthusiasm was dampened. Thinking about how this guy had been secretly collaborating with the demon clan for decades, leading many kind and righteous humans to become demon food through his hidden manipulations, Robb felt a deep-seated frustration that was difficult to alleviate.

Robb sighed lightly, “In my lifetime! I’ll make demons become wild South China tigers!”

Xuelu curiously asked, “What’s a wild South China tiger?”

Robb shrugged, “An extinct animal. The ones that are still alive are all in zoos; there are no wild ones left.”

Xuelu: “…”

Robb said, “For the safety of humanity, some things should just be extinct.”

He exerted force and tore down the 75-inch LCD panel from the wall, handing it to Gorda, “Carry this. We’re heading to Caishi.”

Gorda took the panel and carried it on his shoulder.

Robb then reached out and lifted the unconscious Pope, proceeding to walk outside.

Stepping out of this splendid room, there was a courtyard beyond. Or more accurately, it was a large area that could be called a church building. The space wasn’t vast, just a small oval-shaped area, bustling with priests, nuns, and believers who weren’t combat-oriented, moving to and fro within this architectural complex.

Upon seeing Robb walk out while carrying the Pope, followed by a group that appeared to be adventurers, a priest exclaimed, “Help, something’s wrong! His Holiness the Pope has been attacked.”

His shout attracted a group of Templar Knights. However, their numbers weren’t substantial, as the main force of the Church of Light had gone to the Desert Kingdom. Only a small garrison remained here.

Robb glanced at them and raised his hands, saying, “Stay back, if you come closer, I’ll inflict serious injuries.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The Templar Knights were furious, exclaiming, “Do you think we’re the kind who fear death? No matter how formidable you are, we won’t back down. Immediately release His Holiness the Pope and surrender peacefully.”

Robb shrugged, “Tch! I’m just too lazy to deal with you, that’s all. You really think I’m afraid of you? Fine! If any of you dare to take a step forward, I’ll give the Pope a good beating.”

This threat was effective; the Templar Knights immediately halted their advance, not daring to come closer. They only displayed resentful expressions, saying, “Shameless scoundrel! You’re actually using a hostage to threaten us. Have you no shame?”

Robb couldn’t be bothered with them and continued walking forward with big strides.

As he walked, he turned to Chris beside him, “You guys, as experienced adventurers, should have been to the Capital of Kings before. Where is Caishi located here?”

Chris was amused and puzzled, “What on earth is Caishi?”

Robb explained, “It’s the liveliest and most bustling place at the city center.”

“Oh, I see!” Chris pointed towards the distance, “Over there, it’s the most famous landmark of the Capital of Kings – the Sword of the War God.”

Robb followed the direction of his finger and saw an immensely massive sword thrust diagonally into a plaza at the heart of the city. The sword was at least a hundred meters long, appearing grand and imposing.

“It’s said that during the Battle of the Gods, the holy sword that fell from the sky during the gods’ confrontation is known as the Sword of the War God,” Chris said. “However, who really knows? I personally think it might have been a giant’s sword that fell here. In any case, it’s the symbol of the Knight Kingdom of Norma. It should be what you call Caishi.”

“Great, let’s head there.” Robb carried the unconscious Pope and strode forward, with Xuelu and the others following behind him.

The Templar Knights, armed and prepared to use magic, were eager to engage from all sides. However, because the Pope was in Robb’s hands, none of them dared to make a move.

The group walked out of the Church of Light and soon arrived on the main street of the Capital of Kings.

This was the capital of Norma, a city teeming with people, prosperity, and luxury. The streets were bustling with traffic, and pedestrians filled the roads. However, the moment Robb’s group stepped out in their current attire, the passersby immediately felt something amiss. Observing the tense expressions of the Templar Knights, they understood that this was not a conflict they wanted to get involved in. They quickly hid inside the residential buildings along the street.

And then, they curiously peeked their heads out again!

Some individuals who had attended ceremonies led by the Pope recognized him. They couldn’t help but angrily shout, “Who are those arrogant individuals? How dare they treat our revered Pope in such a manner.”

“Quick, go call the Knights!”

“Report this to His Majesty, the Hero King.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

After the crowd’s momentary chaos, the city garrison soldiers from the mainland rushed over. Although the main force of Norma Knights had also gone to the Desert Kingdom, the remaining garrison troops were far from weak. They quickly formed a large encirclement around Robb, together with the Templar Knights.

However, they were equally cautious and refrained from acting recklessly.

Someone quickly flew to the palace to summon the Hero King to oversee the situation.

Robb couldn’t be bothered with them and continued carrying the Pope, walking towards the open space beneath the Sword of the War God.

More and more people gathered around him, forming an increasingly dense crowd.

Not only were the stationed troops involved, but even the entire city’s populace had been alerted. Countless commoners surged towards the direction of the Sword of the War God, flooding the streets and alleys with a sea of heads.

It was only when Robb arrived at the current open space beneath the Sword of the War God, stood facing away from the immensely massive sword, that the surging crowd came to a halt. Subsequently, the crowd parted like a tide, and a man wearing heavy armor, crowned with a regal crown, exuding a powerful and imposing aura, stepped forward from the multitude.

He loudly addressed Robb, “I am the King of Norma, known to all as the Hero King. I don’t know who you are, but I recognize your incredible arrogance. Here, before hundreds of thousands of people, I make you this promise: if you release the Pope and refrain from harming him, I can pardon you of your guilt. However, if you dare to harm him, I swear in my name, the Kingdom of Norma will hunt you down to the ends of the earth.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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