After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 900

Chapter 900: There’s Nothing Wrong with My Approach

The onlooking crowd suddenly froze…

“The shattered body parts on the ground, are those demons?”

“Seems like some powerful kind of demon?”

“Idiot! You guys don’t recognize it?” a knight said, “That’s the second form of the Demon Lord, Dark Devourer.”

“So, you’re saying they really killed the Demon Lord? The dark devourer couldn’t defeat these adventurers?”

“They’re so powerful!”

“Of course, if they weren’t powerful, how could they have stormed into the Church of Light and taken the Pope as a hostage?”

“This… this is terrifying.”

“Hey, aren’t you all missing the point? The point is this transmission magic circle.” A magician shouted at the bewildered crowd, “Haven’t you all noticed it? This is indeed the Demon Lord’s castle, the Demon Lord’s room. And this transmission magic circle on the ground… it obviously connects to the small room where the video first appeared.”

The foolish audience quickly grasped the main point, refocusing their attention on the video.

The camera lens once again passed through the portal, returning to the initial room. Then, off-camera, a voice explained, “We just came from the Demon Lord’s room through the portal to this room. We were immediately besieged by a group of inquisitors. They were probably trying to eliminate us, but they didn’t succeed. We managed to defeat all these Holy Light Inquisitors and captured them.”

After that, the camera lens ventured into another portal, arriving at the cemetery in Shuangqing City. Here, a large group of Westwind Warriors and Maya warriors were carrying the severely wounded Holy Light Inquisitors away to prison.

Audience: “…”

Some astute individuals already felt that something was amiss.

However, some were still shouting, “The camera is going in and out of these portals. It’s making my head spin. Who knows if this video is real or fake? Maybe you guys made this counterfeit yourselves, just like filming a movie, hiring actors.”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

“I’ve seen movies sent over from the Kingdom of Gran, all fake.”

“Exactly, they’re going through portals, not using the ground-based transmission array. Who knows if that array drawn on the ground was just a casual fake.”

The crowd engaged in heated discussions.

Robb chuckled, “Don’t worry, keep watching. There’s even more exciting content waiting for all of you.”

Soon after, a scene appeared with Robb dressed in demon attire.

The audience collectively gasped, looking at the demon on the screen. It was eerily lifelike, impossible to tell it was a human wearing a costume. Truly a baffling sight.

Then, off-camera, a voice spoke again, “Now we’re going to leave this room. Actually, we have no idea where this place is exactly. We’ll only know once we step outside. Hopefully, it’s not the place we suspect.”

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Continuing on, the camera entered a pitch-black narrow passage, ascending stairs. Robb, in his demon transformation, pushed open an iron plate above him and exited. The camera followed suit, leaving the audience in collective astonishment. Many immediately recognized the location, especially the Hero King. He was intimately familiar with the grand hall where the Pope often held ceremonies.

He thought to himself: This is bad! Our collusion with demons to target Westwind City is about to be exposed. He tightened his grip on the sword’s hilt, considering whether to intervene suddenly, to prevent Robb from continuing the video.

However, before he could act, Robb crossed his hands, gesturing “Stop” at him and smiling, “Don’t be in a rush to interrupt me. It’s just a small plot, right? Since we’ve already killed the Demon Lord and captured the Pope, can your plot really stay hidden? If you don’t let me continue, you’ll miss out on even more exciting things.”

Hero King: “…”

That reasoning was sound. With the Demon Lord slain by this group before him and the Pope already captured, certain stuff were sure to be exposed. Even if he could prevent them from showing the video, what then? The opposing side likely had other things to reveal. For now, he might as well see what else they had up their sleeves.

As a king, he had this level of insight.

Without waiting for the video to continue, he loudly declared, “Alright, it seems you know everything. But so what? I indeed intended to form an alliance with the demons to counter that man from Westwind City. However, I feel no shame for my actions.”

Upon hearing this, the surrounding Norma citizens let out a collective gasp. Even Robb hadn’t anticipated that he would openly admit such wrongdoing in this situation.

Robb curiously asked, “You colluded with demons to fight against humans, and you feel no shame? Demons must have killed numerous people in your Kingdom of Norma as well, right?”

“Humph!” The Hero King proclaimed loudly, “With the perspective of a king, how could I view matters the same as ordinary people? Collaborations and alliances are a normal state between nations. For instance, even during times of war, the Desert Kingdom has killed countless of my Kingdom of Norma’s citizens, but when it’s time to form an alliance, they still do. We can’t disregard the future of the nation due to momentary animosity.”

He continued, “That man from Westwind City poses too great a threat to my kingdom. With our current strength, eliminating him is incredibly challenging. That’s why I reached out to the demons, to join forces against him. This is for the benefit of my Kingdom of Norma and for the well-being of all Norma citizens. However, this doesn’t mean I’ve become kin with demons, nor does it mean I’ve forgotten the pain they’ve inflicted on my people. The debts to be settled and the vengeance to be exacted, after resolving the threat posed by a powerful external enemy, it’s not too late to address these matters one by one with the demons.”

His words were powerful and resolute, spoken with a sense of conviction and a touch of grandeur.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The surrounding Norma people paused for a moment, then simultaneously applauded, “Well said, Your Majesty the King!”


“Absolutely right.”

Robb also joined in, applauding a few times, “Indeed, well said. You’ve made a valid point. Alright, however, you definitely can’t anticipate what you’re about to see next. So, let’s continue watching.”

With his words, everyone’s attention returned to the small video screen.

They saw the demon Robb had disguised himself as, standing before the Pope, and then…

This time, what was shown left everyone in absolute shock. Even the Hero King was utterly flabbergasted. He had believed that forming an alliance with the Demon Lord to confront Robb had been the result of his discussions with the Pope. Little did he know that the Pope was actually a puppet of the Demon Lord, being manipulated by him. The reasons behind the failures in battling the demons over the years were becoming clearer. With such a high-level insider in the Kingdom of Norma, why would the  Lord fear the human army?

Moreover, the Pope’s puppet revealed, “I’ll even trick the Hero King. I’ll lead him to deploy his army into your ambush, making it easy for you to wipe out the main forces of the Norma and then kill the Hero King. You’ll be able to unify the world quickly…”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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