After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 930

Chapter 930: I’ll go help you find a hero

Especially when dealing with a nation, if you do not respect their sovereignty, no matter how weak the kingdom may be, there will still be a group of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves and fight to the death to defend the dignity of their kingdom alongside you.

Robb asked, “We don’t need to respect pirates, but we should respect the officials and soldiers of the Big Tang. Let’s communicate properly.”

The two captains nodded, lowered the ropes, and brought several rabbit soldiers onto the large ship. They checked their documents and presented the trading permits issued by the Kingdom of Gran. The rabbit soldiers didn’t make any fuss, inspecting the ship for prohibited items. After that, they collected taxes and were preparing to leave.

However, as one of the rabbit soldiers was disembarking, he suddenly turned back and curiously asked, “Your ship surprisingly doesn’t have the flag of the Eighteen Divinations. That’s quite audacious.”

“So, you’re aware that the Eighteen Divinations operate in these waters?” Robb couldn’t help but ask in response.

Hearing his fluent Chinese, the rabbit soldiers were also surprised and said, “Anyone who frequents the seas around here knows about the Eighteen Divinations. But they’re powerful. Their influence covers the entire southeastern coast. Even county officials, governors, commanders of Guangdong, governors of Guangdong and Guangxi, and the imperial inspectors of the eight provinces can’t do anything about the Eighteen Divinations. Dealing with them is difficult. With super pirates like them, the only thing we can do is surrender.”

They continued in a hushed tone, “There are members of the Eighteen Divinations in the Xiangshan Port as well. Since you haven’t raised the radish flag on your ship, if you plan to anchor in this harbor, you need to be extra cautious.”

Robb said, “Thank you both for the friendly warning.”

The two soldiers disembarked and shook their heads while walking away, saying, “It’s safer to pay some protection fee. It’s risky for the young and reckless to confront the Eighteen Divinations head-on. These people are more dangerous than fortunate.”

Soon, three large ships approached the shore and docked at the pier.

Robb was familiar with the customs and secrets of the East, so he understood the hidden aspects. His gaze swept along the shore and he immediately spotted a group of rabbit individuals who appeared to be laborers. They looked at Robb’s ship and its crew, then turned and hurriedly disappeared into the small alleys of the harbor.

“We’re being watched,” Robb chuckled. “Looks like the people of the Eighteen Divinations are on their way.”

The two young women smiled and said, “If Godfather weren’t here, we might worry, but with Godfather around, we don’t care about these people at all.”

The two captains signaled the sailors to disembark, conversed with local merchants on the pier, and then began unloading empty barrels from the ship, placing them on the dock. Local merchants gathered a group of laborers who transferred large amounts of food and water into the barrels. The sailors then carried these barrels back onto the ship.

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This task is not something that can be completed quickly. Three large sailboats, each with hundreds of sailors, require a considerable amount of food and water. Moving all of it will take quite some time.

Taking advantage of this moment, Robb said to the two young women, “Let’s go for a walk onshore.”

The two young women were delighted, “Sure, sure! Actually, it’s our first time in the East.”

“In that case, just follow me. I happen to be well-versed in the East,” Robb chuckled. “I know everything about this side.”

“Godfather is truly impressive,” the two young women pointed at a rabbit person and said, “Can you teach us how to tell whether a rabbit is male or female? We can’t tell at all.”

Robb turned to look and saw that the rabbit had grown so overweight that its body shape was distorted. It was indeed difficult to discern its gender from its face. He mumbled to himself, “I take back what I said earlier. I don’t know everything. Ah, damn!”

The three of them disembarked and walked along the streets of Xiangshan Port. The town wasn’t large, but it had a considerable population with a mix of people from Gran, Norma, and even a few from the Desert Kingdom. Of course, the majority were rabbit people. The streets were filled with a variety of languages and accents, creating a chaotic atmosphere.

After taking just a few steps, a blond-haired, blue-eyed Westerner approached them, bowed to Robb’s group, and spoke in Gran language, “You three look unfamiliar. You must have arrived here recently, right? I don’t mean to boast, but I know every Westerner settled in Xiangshan Port. And those I don’t know are newcomers. People also call me the ‘Universal Solution’ in the East. There’s nothing I don’t know about, and for a small fee, I can work for you. I’ll help you get acquainted with everything in this kingdom, connect you with rabbit merchants, and help you make a fortune. And I only ask for a small fee in return.”

“Really, you know everything?” the two young women giggled and pointed at a chubby rabbit, asking, “Is this rabbit male or female?”

The blond Westerner hesitated, “…”

This outrageous question was indeed beyond what any Westerner could answer, leaving him utterly baffled.

Robb, however, patted the man’s shoulder with a smile, “Alright, my little sisters were just joking with you. If you can provide me with some information, I’ll give you a hundred gold coins.”

The man was overjoyed, “Oh, whatever information you want, just ask!”

Robb said, “Lately, I’ve heard that the rabbit heroes in the East seem to be competing for something called ‘Xuanyuan Black Iron.’ Do you know about this?”

The man’s expression immediately turned stiff, “Uh, well… those hero individuals have their own system, like a martial world, as they call it. I’m not very familiar with their system.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Robb replied impatient, “So you claim to be a ‘Universal Solution’ from the East, but what you don’t know much? You’re just wasting my time.”

The man felt awkward and responded, “But rest assured, I know people in the martial world. I’ll go find a swordsman to discuss this matter with you. It will still count as providing you with information, what do you think?”

Robb replied, “That could work. Our ship is docked over there at the pier. Do you see it? It’s the one with the flag of the Kingdom of Gran hanging on it. If you find the swordsman who knows about this matter, come and find us for a chat.”

The Universal Solution nodded quickly, promising to find a swordsman, and rushed off to look for one.

Robb continued strolling with the two young women. However, at this time, Xiangshan Port was quite small and lacked atmosphere. They had walked a few steps casually and found that there was nothing more to explore. The three of them had no choice but to return to the fleet, where they watched the sailors continuously carrying barrels of food and water.

Over an hour later, the ‘Universal Solution’ returned with a seemingly impressive character. He was accompanied by a rabbit-like figure, dressed in a blue warrior’s robe, carrying a longsword at his waist, and wearing a bamboo hat on his head. He exuded the aura of a martial hero.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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