After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 935

Chapter 935: The Rat Pack

Luo Tuimao leaped off the ship and disappeared into the crowd.

At this moment, within the crowd on the dock, there were a few pairs of resentful eyes fixed on Robb and his group’s large ship.

Leading the group was a hall master from the Eighteen Divinations. He was the one who had demanded protection money from Robb and the others at sea and had been rammed by Robb’s ship. Standing beside him were two individuals wearing straw hats and dressed as knights, with swords at their waists. All three of them were observing Robb’s ship from a distance.

The hall master muttered softly, “It’s these ships, and that blond young man on the ship. I remember that cursed face of his.”

One of the straw-hatted men beside him whispered, “Should we have the enforcers take care of him now?”

The hall master shook his head, “Don’t do something foolish. This is Boning Port, not a small county like Xiangshan Port. Killing someone in front of the officials here would lead to a thorough investigation. Although the authorities might not necessarily be able to touch our Eighteen Divinations, it’s best to avoid stirring up trouble with them.”

Both straw-hatted men nodded in agreement. The government was a scoffed-at entity in the martial world, yet it was also an entity that shouldn’t be entirely ignored. It would be a mistake to assume that the government lacked capable individuals. There’s an old saying, “Acquiring literary and martial arts skills, one can serve emperors and kings.” Many martial arts experts served the government, such as the renowned Four Great Rabbit Catchers. If the Eighteen Divinations were to commit a public murder and offend the government, the authorities might retaliate by sending experts to confront them, leading to significant trouble.

One of the straw-hatted men suggested, “Should we quietly deal with that guy named Luo Tuimao, that piece of trash?”

The hall master snorted coldly, “Enough, don’t bother with such ignorant fools. If we engage in a conflict with such morons, it would tarnish the reputation of the Eighteen Divinations. After all, we are the largest faction in the Southeastern Sea region, and we must adhere to certain principles of the martial world.”

Both straw-hatted men nodded in agreement.

After a few seconds passed, one of the straw-hatted men whispered, “I do have a good idea. We could send a few water ghosts to sneak over, bore holes in their ship hulls, and let these three ships sink without a trace. It would be a way to vent our frustration. The water ghosts could approach underwater and act underwater, and the authorities wouldn’t know who did it, so they wouldn’t trouble us.”

The hall master erupted, smacking his head, “Damn idiot. Western sailing ships aren’t small boats like ours. These large ships have multiple watertight compartments in their hulls. Even if you bore one hole, let alone completely riddle the hull with holes, the ship wouldn’t sink.”

The straw-hatted man who spoke earlier broke into a sweat, “I see, so that’s how it is. We’re from a land-based faction, and we’re not familiar with ships.”

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Another straw-hatted man suggested, “Let’s try this approach. After it gets dark and the moon is hidden by clouds, when the officials are asleep, we’ll send a group of water ghosts. They’ll quietly swim to the side of the big ship, climb aboard, and let Master Enforcer take care of that blond kid. The rest of our people will kill all those Western sailors. Then, we’ll sail the three ships to our Zhoushan Port. No one will be aware, and the officials will probably think the Westerners left overnight on their own.”

“A brilliant plan,” the hall master said, “The only question now is whether Master Enforcer can handle that blond kid.”

The two straw-hatted men couldn’t help but smile, “Master Enforcer’s cultivation is so high, how could he not handle a Westerner? Master, you’re worrying too much.”

The hall master responded, “I hope so. But according to our brothers in Xiangshan Port, this guy’s agility is as fast as a ghost’s. He knocks people on the head with precision every time. He’s not easy to deal with.”

The two straw-hatted men chuckled, “So what if he’s agile? He has no strength in his palms. None of our brothers hit by him in Xiangshan Port died; they were just startled. These Westerners don’t understand the true power of our Daoist techniques. They lack inner power, so they can’t harm us. Moreover, Master Enforcer excels in agility. There’s no way he would lose to a Westerner.”

The hall master nodded, “Alright, then go and ask Master Enforcer to take action. Tonight, when it’s dark and the winds are high, have the Western sailors on the three ships killed quietly without anyone noticing. Bring over these three Western sailing ships.”

With their plan set, the two individuals disappeared stealthily into the crowd.

Meanwhile, Robb was disassembling his equipment!

He took off his T-shirt, jeans, and appearance-changing attire. He replaced them with a scholar’s long robe that he had just bought near the dock. This clothing was from the real world, not appearance-changing attire, so it couldn’t conceal his other equipment. To wear it, he had to remove all his gear.

However, as long as the Black Dragon didn’t attack, he could do without wearing his equipment.

After donning the scholar’s robe, he also grabbed a folding fan, playfully flicking it open. Then he turned to the two young girls and said, “Let’s go! It’s time for us to go shopping.”

By now, the two young girls had also changed into standard Big Tang attire, transforming into cute Hanfu-style young ladies. Regrettably, their facial features were distinctly Western, not the typical East Asian appearance with fair skin and black hair. This made their appearance in Hanfu attire somewhat awkward.

Robb was pondering this when he suddenly noticed that rabbits were everywhere on the street. He realized that even if the two Western girls wore Hanfu, it wasn’t too bad. At least, it was much better than rabbit heads.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Let’s go, let’s go shopping,” Robb said with a smile. “We used to have those little snacks made by the Rabbit Masters back in Westwind City. You can find all of them here, and the snacks you get in a place like this are sure to be more authentic, hahaha.”

Both young girls liked sweets, and upon hearing this, they became quite excited. “Sounds great, shopping!”

The three of them disembarked, left the dock, and headed towards the city behind the harbor. The city walls, over six meters high, stood tall and imposing. Inside the city gate, there was a bustling scene with a multitude of people, and pedestrians flowed like a river. Along the way, many rabbit people pointed and whispered to each other about the three of them.

The sight of three Westerners wearing Hanfu while shopping was indeed quite peculiar.

Two scholars in the crowd brushed past Robb, making snide comments with a strange tone, “These three Western devils are really foolish, actually wearing our clothes.”

“The men look foolish, but the women are quite attractive.”

“How can you say these women, who look like devils, are attractive?”

They chatted and giggled as they walked away. Suddenly, Robb turned to them with a smile and said, “Speaking ill of others like this, aren’t you being a bit shameless? I understand the language of Big Tang.”

This sentence startled the scholars, and their faces turned red. They hurriedly fled.

Robb couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Cowards, only daring to gossip behind people’s backs? As soon as you heard I could understand your conversation, you immediately ran away. Can’t you have a little more backbone?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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