After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 938

Chapter 938: Daring to Destroy My Magic Weapon

The hall master received a series of swift slaps from the seal’s flippers, creating crisp and clear sounds. His cheeks turned bright red, resembling the face of a little girl in the “Mom, hit me one more time” scenario. However, the reddened face was not the main issue; the seal’s actions seemed to have affected his intelligence. Being suddenly slapped by a seal and having his IQ lowered was quite a situation. Who wouldn’t experience a decrease in intelligence after being slapped by a seal?

After the hall master’s head stopped spinning, he shouted, “I’ll fight you!”

“Fight? You? You must be joking,” Robb retorted as he delivered another sharp slap. The hall master was sent flying backward, leaving a white streak on the water’s surface, which was rather picturesque.

However, after sliding back for a dozen yards, he suddenly came to a halt. Robb had caught up with him and lifted him up again, demanding, “Enough of this. Answer my questions. Where is there any information about Xuanyuan Black Iron?”

The hall master shouted, “Elder Guardian, save me!”

As soon as he yelled, there was a muffled sound in the water as if some monster was emerging from the depths, parting the seawater. Robb curiously lowered his head to take a look, only to discover that a small turtle was floating up from the seabed. It appeared to be a sandalwood-carved turtle, with its original size being just the size of a palm—a typical sandalwood handicraft.

However, in reality, it was a refined magic weapon that was growing larger as it rose.

By the time it reached the sea’s surface from the seabed, it had transformed into a giant turtle measuring over ten meters in length and seven to eight meters in width. It held its head high, resembling a living creature.

Robb exclaimed, “Wow! Eastern magic weapons are indeed interesting.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the giant turtle opened its mouth and spewed out a powerful water jet.

The water jet was fierce and imposing, both in terms of speed and power. Just by looking at its speed and momentum, it was clear that this thing was more formidable than the water arrow spells in Western magic. Its sharpness was akin to a spear, and if it hit someone, an unshielded warrior might be killed on the spot.

Robb wasn’t familiar with Eastern cultivation and magic techniques. The reason was simple: “Dark Blade” was a typical Japanese MMO game, featuring both Western swords and magic, as well as Japanese elements like ninja, samurai, onmyoji, and magicians. However, it didn’t include the kinds of things found in Chinese martial arts. The only class with some Chinese-style influence was the Monk, whose skills were primarily based on physical techniques and didn’t involve magic or magic tools.

Therefore, Robb was proficient in Western swordsmanship and magic, as well as various skills from the Japanese system. However, he lacked knowledge of Chinese-style cultivation and magic.

He had no way of estimating the water jet’s power, so he could only deduce it based on the Black Dragon’s strength.

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In this world, no one could stand up to the Black Dragon, whether in the East or the West. The Black Dragon wreaked havoc everywhere. For example, in the year Robb arrived in this world, the Black Dragon attacked the pagoda of Big Tang, killing countless rabbits. Even the rabbit monks who guarded the pagoda, appeared to be skilled but were ultimately killed by the Black Dragon. This illustrated that the Eastern cultivation system in this world, which was similar to Eastern martial arts fantasy novels, was not as powerful as those stories portrayed. Even though the Eastern rabbits in the Big Tang cultivation system were strong, they were only marginally stronger than the top Western adventurers.

Comparatively, the Eastern cultivation system in this world didn’t seem much stronger than the top Western adventurers. There couldn’t be a significant power gap, or else they wouldn’t have been bullied by the Black Dragon.

With this deduction in mind, Robb felt that he could handle this water jet. He decided to take it head-on and see how painful it really was.

He stood his ground without dodging.


The water jet struck Robb. In that instant, he felt a completely different system of power compared to what he had experienced before. This power was distinct from Western magic but bore a resemblance to the abilities of the Onmyoji in the Far East, specifically the “Water Magic” of the Youkai race. This wasn’t too surprising since many aspects of the Far East’s culture were inspired by the Middle Kingdom. In a way, the Youkai’s abilities were derived from the Big Tang’s culture, and the similarity in their power systems made sense.

As Robb could master the Youkai’s skills, handling the rabbits’ Taoist arts from the Rabbit Kingdom was not too difficult for him.

He clearly saw a “HP -2324” number pop up above his head. This number was unexpectedly high, which surprised him. The damage inflicted on him by the Rabbit Guardian’s magic tool was much more painful than being attacked by the angels summoned by the Church of Light. It was approximately one-fourth of the power of the Sphinx’s skill.

“Wow! Big Tang is indeed formidable,” Robb couldn’t help but exclaim. “Just a random elder guardian from a sect can deal over two thousand damage to me. In other words, a true expert might be able to hit me for over ten thousand damage. My, rabbits are truly amazing.”

Before he could finish marveling at this, the giant turtle suddenly rushed over and bit Robb’s head in one go.

HP -3232

Seeing a giant turtle biting a seal was quite comical, especially as the seal’s tail was still flapping around, making the scene even more amusing.

The hall master, who had been held by Robb earlier, finally regained his freedom. He swam to a spot not far away and joined a group of sailors who had fallen from the ship’s railing and hadn’t been taken into the portal. They watched the giant turtle biting Robb and flapping around with his tail, feeling rather nervous. They couldn’t help but discuss, “Can the Elder Guardian’s artifact, the ‘Southern Divine Turtle,’ defeat this seal spirit?”

“I think it might. Look, the divine turtle has already bitten the seal spirit’s head. It seems like the seal spirit can’t handle it.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Haha, look! The divine turtle is about to swallow the seal spirit.”

The giant turtle tilted its head back and swallowed Robb whole, with the seal’s tail still flapping about. However, it seemed to be in vain. Eventually, the entire seal spirit was devoured by the giant turtle.

The Eighteen Divinations’ sailors clapped enthusiastically.

Someone exclaimed, “The Elder Guardian is truly amazing!”

“No wonder he’s our Eighteen Divinations’ Guardian.”

“That turtle artifact is really incredible.”

As they were celebrating, they suddenly saw the giant turtle freeze and stop moving. Then, a burst of light shot out from its body, followed by a crisp sound. The seal spirit, which had just been swallowed, actually bounced out lively, while the giant turtle had been shattered into pieces.

Its true form was a small sandalwood turtle artifact about the size of a palm. Once it was broken, it immediately began to return to its original size. In the blink of an eye, it turned into several small pieces of driftwood floating on the sea’s surface, each piece no larger than a palm.

The previously cheering crowd was left dumbfounded, their mouths wide open, unable to utter a word.

The Elder Guardian, who had been using his true qi to control the water while standing on the seabed, could no longer maintain his composure. He suddenly leaped out of the water, standing on the surface, and angrily pointed at Robb, saying, “Damn seal spirit, daring to destroy my artifact.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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