After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 948

Chapter 948: This guy took my magic treasure.

“Huh?” Robb was slightly taken aback upon hearing this.

The refined scholar continued, “However, the Qiantang Sect is indeed overestimating themselves. With your relatively weak strength, even if you manage to forge the Xuanyuan Sword, what good would it do? Can you defeat the Black Dragon? In the end, it’s a dead end. Look at the current situation; the Black Dragon remains unvanquished, yet the sect has been annihilated, tsk tsk.”

Shisu became furious, “Our Qiantang Sect is not afraid of life or death. Dealing with the Black Dragon is not just about avenging the former sect leader. That monster threatens innocent lives, and we need a hero capable of wielding both pen and sword to face it. While our sect may lack power, as long as we can find someone worthy, we are willing to offer the Xuanyuan Sword willingly. But I know for sure that hero is not one of you murderers and scoundrels.”


The refined scholar took out a folding fan from his robe, casually unfurled it, and said, “Only those who consider themselves righteous and honorable would bother with the Black Dragon. We don’t care about that junk. If it attacks cities, let it be. Our faction’s headquarters is not located in the city anyway, hahaha.”

“Uh, I have something to say,” Robb raised his hand.

However, as soon as he began to speak, everyone turned to him simultaneously and said, “Foreigner, don’t talk. It’s so awkward hearing you speak in the language of Big Tang.”

Robb: “…”

Meanwhile, the several people approached Shisu together.

Robb raised his hand again, “Even though you don’t want me to speak, I still want to say something.”

“Damn idiot,” the guy with a visibly bulging forehead couldn’t hold back any longer. He waved his hand, and a copper coin shot towards Robb’s chest. The coin was flying at a rapid speed, carrying tremendous force. It almost reached Robb’s chest in an instant. The coin’s edge was also sharpened, clearly not an ordinary copper coin but a copper coin dart.

After shooting the coin dart, the man didn’t bother to look at Robb anymore, assuming he was as good as dead, and turned to continue walking towards Shisu.

However, after taking a few steps, he felt something was off. Why hadn’t he heard the foreigner scream and fall to the ground? He turned around to see Robb had caught the copper coin dart with his hand. He held it, examining it closely, and sighed, “A copper coin, a treasure of Big Tang. Not bad, not bad at all. This is a valuable item; one coin can buy a piece of steamed cake. Thank you for the gift, my friend.”

The guy with the bulging forehead was surprised, “Huh? You, a foreigner, can actually catch a hidden weapon?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Of course,” Robb said seriously, “Don’t you know? This is a special skill of the ‘Item Master’ class called ‘Projectile Catching.’ When enemies use hidden weapons against me, I can catch them and add them to my collection, storing them in my item bag. It’s a great way to obtain rare items in the later stages of the game. Let me tell you, many bosses drop rare items when defeated. If you successfully catch them, you can make a fortune.”

The guy with the bulging forehead was furious, “What are you talking about with all this incomprehensible stuff? Let’s see how good you really are.”

He raised both hands, and a flurry of coin darts were launched, swishing through the air. In an instant, a rain of copper coins flew towards Robb, aiming to hit him. However, Robb stood motionless because “Projectile Catching” was a continuous-effect skill. Once activated, for 30 seconds, he didn’t need to make any movements; all the hidden weapons would automatically be caught by him.

So, everyone watched in amazement as Robb stood still, not even moving a finger, yet the coin darts automatically flew into his palm, stacking neatly in his hand in the blink of an eye.

Robb even started counting, “One, two, three… Wow-haha… twenty-five! Thanks a lot, my friend. You’ve made me a small fortune.”

The onlookers were left dumbfounded, not quite understanding what had just happened.

The elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace angrily said, “Second Brother, what are you up to? Did you intentionally throw the coin darts into his hand?”

The guy with the bulging forehead panicked, “I swear, I didn’t!”

The elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace said, “But he was standing still, and your darts flew into his hand automatically. I don’t believe it was unintentional.”

The guy with the bulging forehead was sweating, “This… it really wasn’t me.”

Several people’s expressions turned serious as they looked at Robb with hostile eyes. The elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace said, “Constable, we’ll leave that girl to you; she’s not much of a fighter. You can handle her on your own. We need to see what tricks this foreigner has.”

After saying this, the elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace, the refined scholar, and the guy with the bulging forehead formed a ‘品’ shaped formation, half-encircling Robb in the middle.

The elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace said, “It seems we underestimated you. Not only do you speak fluent Tang language, but you also understand the Daoist spells of our Big Tang. What kind of Daoist technique did you use just now?”

Robb smiled, “I already told you, it’s a skill of the Item Master class. If you don’t believe or understand, it’s not my fault. I haven’t lied about anything.”

The elderly man with an air of cultivation and grace exchanged a glance with the guy with the bulging forehead. The guy waved his hand, and another copper coin flew out. However, this time, the coin didn’t shoot towards Robb like a regular coin dart. Instead, it hovered in front of him, suddenly enlarging to the size of a copper gong.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

This thing is actually a magical treasure!

He pointed his finger at Robb and exclaimed, “Swift!”

The magical copper coin suddenly transformed into countless copper coins, scattering into the sky. They began to spin and dance, resembling a shower of petals falling from the sky, pelting down towards Robb like raindrops.

He couldn’t believe in the absurd notion that someone could catch and turn his hidden weapon into their own magical item. His opponent must have used some strange spell to collect the copper coin dart from earlier. However, now that he had unleashed his magical treasure, he was determined to see how Robb could still catch them. The vast and countless torrent of copper coins rained down, and he challenged Robb to find a way to catch them all.

However, just as he was entertaining this thought, he watched in astonishment as the countless copper coins rained down towards Robb’s palm, one after another, until the last one had flown into his hand. Then, they merged together with a brush, returning to the original copper coin.

Robb picked up the copper coin, chuckled, and blew on it lightly, creating a clear “clang” sound. Then, he playfully held it to his ear and listened for a moment before saying, “I don’t know why, but many people who come across copper coins like to blow on them and listen. I started doing it too, but I can’t really figure out the significance. Since you seem to be skilled with copper coins, maybe you can explain why.”

The guy with the bulging forehead was briefly stunned, and then he exclaimed in despair, “This guy took my magical treasure! Big brother, third brother, we need to figure out how to get my magical treasure back.”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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