After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 952

Chapter 952: I Walk the Martial World by Standing Still

Robb chuckled, “Why are you so distrustful of people?”

Shisu replied, “The martial world is full of deception; how can one easily trust an unrelated person?”

“Ha!” scoffed Robb. “That’s why I said rabbits are such difficult folks.”

He then changed the subject, saying, “Actually, it won’t matter whether you help me find the ore or not. I have a way to make the ores come to my door. Do you believe that?”

Shisu clearly didn’t believe it. Only a fool would believe such a thing.

Suddenly, Robb darted to the bank of the Qiantang River. Shisu wondered what he was up to when she saw Robb reach into a pile of water grass by the riverbank. With a splash, he pulled out a rabbit-headed person.

Shisu was astonished, “There was someone lurking there? I had no idea!”

Robb smiled, “I guessed it was you, but I can’t easily distinguish rabbit people’s appearances, so I had to ask. Now, let’s get to the main point. What were you doing here?”

The rabbit-headed person was visibly embarrassed and stammered, “Uh, well, you see…”

Robb interrupted, “You don’t have to say it; I already know. You were waiting here for me and my enemies to be both wounded, so you could come out and reap the benefits. You were probably hoping to find the Xuanyuan Iron, weren’t you?”

Sweat dripped from the rabbit-headed person’s forehead.

“Don’t worry; I already said I wouldn’t kill you,” reassured Robb. “But if you don’t follow my instructions from now on, I will kill you.”

The rabbit-headed person quickly agreed, “Yes, whatever you command, I will obey.”

Robb chuckled, “You can spread rumors in the martial world; no need to make things up. Just tell them what you saw, how I hand-refined the ore.”

The rabbit-headed person hesitated.

Shisu, who was nearby, couldn’t help but be surprised, “Spreading this information, won’t it cause you trouble? Who knows how many formidable cultivators will come looking for you.”

Robb grinned, “That’s the point! After people know that I can refine this ore, only those who have it will come looking for trouble. If they don’t have the ore, why would they bother with me? This way, it’s convenient for me.”

Shisu shook her head, thinking, “Is this guy exceptionally skilled and bold, or is he just insane? No matter how strong you are, can you really handle the collective assault of all the cultivators in the martial world? Those who possess the ore aren’t to be trifled with, and tricks and schemes abound in the martial world. We’ll see how you deal with it when the time comes.”

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She couldn’t help but kindly advise, “Maybe you shouldn’t do this. You’re in the light, and your enemies are in the dark. No matter how skilled you are, you should be wary of plots and schemes.”

“You’re quite a kind-hearted rabbit,” Robb remarked. “You were just doubting my intentions a moment ago, but now you’re helping me plan. Well done, well done. I didn’t rescue you in vain. Now, let me ask you again, will you join me? You see, as long as you follow me, the ores will automatically come to us. You might be able to take advantage, just like this Eighteen Divinations Hall Master did. You could skim the cream, and who knows, all the ores might end up in your hands.”

Shisu sighed, “I won’t take advantage, and besides, my Qiantang Sect has been destroyed. With my abilities, even if I collect all the ores and forge the Xuanyuan Sword, I wouldn’t be able to use it to slay the Black Dragon. So, I’d rather find someone virtuous and capable to give this ore to.”

Robb pointed at himself, saying, “I am virtuous and capable.”

Shisu shook her head, “You are capable; I’ve seen that. But whether you’re virtuous or not, that remains to be observed.”

“Then, you can observe me at your leisure,” Robb turned to the Eighteenth Divinations Hall Master, “Did you understand what I said earlier?”

The hall master quickly nodded. Robb released his grip, and the hall master plunged back into the Qiantang River, swimming away without a trace.

Shisu asked, “You seem very trusting. By letting him go like that, what if he doesn’t follow your instructions? How will you find him then?”

 Robb chuckled, “Why would I look for him? If he dares not to follow my instructions, I’ll go to the Eighteenth Divinations Hall’s main headquarters and hang their leader up for a beating. After the beating, I’ll tell him the reason I beat him was because their hall master offended me. Do you think that hall master will survive?”

Shisu remained speechless.

Not far away, the hall master’s head suddenly popped out of the water, shouting, “Sir, my lord, please don’t do this. I’ll immediately spread the message, right away. Please don’t cause trouble.”

 Robb shrugged.

Shisu was at a loss for words.

“All right, we should get moving,” Robb said, “News of the ore in your possession will quickly spread among the formidable fighters, and news of my ore-refining abilities will spread among the Eighteenth Divinations Hall. Many people will come after both of us next. Are you prepared?”

Shisu bit her lip, “For martial world folks, dying and being buried is common. I’ve long stopped treating life and death as unimportant matters.”

“That’s good!” Robb said, “Then, we won’t run around aimlessly. We’ll stay in East Hangzhou and wait for the enemies to come. Running all over the place is quite tiring; sitting still and waiting for the enemy is more my style.”

Shisu retorted, “Walking the martial world means you have to move; how can you just sit still and wait for others to come?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

 Robb stated, “The martial world is composed of people, which means that wherever I am, that’s the martial world. By simply standing still, I’m standing above the martial world, equivalent to traveling through it.”

Shisu: “…”

Suddenly, she covered her head with both hands, vigorously tugging her long ears, and screamed, “Ah, why does this Westerner always speak in such a confusing manner? At first, it sounds logical, but upon closer inspection, it’s all nonsense. It’s maddening because it’s hard to refute. I can’t take it anymore.”

While Shisu expressed her frustration, she ultimately agreed with Robb’s suggestion and returned to East Hangzhou.

For someone of her skill level, the martial world was too dangerous. Staying in the city felt safer. Of course, the most important reason was that she was born and raised in this city, making her intimately familiar with its streets and alleys. She had a better chance of dealing with the incoming enemies here.

As for Robb’s choice to stay, it was quite simple. Jiaxing City, known for its pastries, was nearby East Hanzhou. So, there was an abundance of delicious snacks in the area. Only a fool would leave such a good place.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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