After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 959

Chapter 959: These evil sects are definitely targeting us.

On the other side of East Hangzhou, a large group of people sat together in a quiet forest. This diverse group consisted of monks, Taoists, beggars, and knights, each dressed in a variety of styles, representing different schools and sects. However, unlike the motley crew of evil sects led by Robb, this group was well-dressed and appeared upright.

They were the representatives of the orthodox martial arts schools, including Shaolin, Wudang, and the Beggars, among others. Even the Shushan Sword Sect and the Five Peaks Sword Sect were present. A monk from Shaolin spoke, “Fellow martial artists, we have been observing in secret for several days. The Seal Spirit seems to be up to something, gathering masters from evil sects. I suspect he is planning something big.”

A Taoist from Wudang added, “This person’s methods are extremely malicious. He either kidnaps the women of these evil sects or threatens to destroy their organizations—tactics despised by us in the orthodox schools. Clearly, he is no good person.” The others nodded in agreement.

An elder from the Beggars said, “We’ve been watching him for a while to see if he’s reasonable. If so, we might entrust him with the Xuanyuan Black Iron we possess, hoping he could refine it into the Xuanyuan Sword with the True Fire. However, given his erratic behavior, it’s unlikely he’ll be reasonable. If we give him the ore, he might just take it and run, causing us trouble.”

The orthodox martial artists nodded, feeling quite frustrated. They faced the same dilemma as the Qiantang Sect—possessing the mysterious iron but unable to refine it. Just as they were at their wits’ end, they heard news from the Eighteen Divinations sect that a Seal Spirit had mastered the True Fire and could refine the ore. Initially skeptical, they were convinced by the earnest testimony of a sect leader. Although the Eighteen Divinations sect wasn’t reputable, it was the largest sea sect along the southeast coast and had some credibility.

So, the orthodox schools decided to investigate. Unlike the evil sects, who would resort to sneak attacks, they chose to observe from a distance. To their horror, the Seal Spirit had kidnapped a large number of women from the evil sects as hostages and ordered their masters to obey him. This behavior was utterly depraved, making it impossible to see Robb as a good person.

At this point, the Shaolin monk suddenly asked, “Do you think this Seal Spirit is gathering the evil sects to steal the Xuanyuan Black iron we possess?”

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The Taoist from Wudang pondered and couldn’t help but furrow his brows, “It’s possible. We, the orthodox sects, are strong and united. He might not have the strength to steal our Xuanyuan Black Iron, so he’s gathering forces from the evil sects to form an alliance and then rob us. We must be on guard.”

A disciple from the Beggars suggested, “Should we strike first to gain the upper hand? Disband this unholy alliance of evil forces.”

As they were discussing, a disciple from the Beggars suddenly ran in, shouting, “Bad news! The ghost pirates have reached the outskirts of East Hangzhou!”

“What?” Everyone was startled. “Are you kidding? The ghost pirates have come this far?”

The disciple continued, “Yes, the government is useless. Just a few dozen ghost pirates and they couldn’t hold them back. They’ve reached East Hangzhou and are flaunting their power outside the city.”

The orthodox martial artists shook their heads, “The government is truly useless. What are the imperial enforcers doing? They’re all worthless!”

After lamenting, they continued their discussion, “Let’s not bother with the incompetent government. Let’s focus on how to deal with the Seal Spirit.”

“In any case, let’s continue to observe and see what he’s up to.”

Once again, the orthodox martial artists sneaked to a distance from Robb’s mansion. The area around the mansion was now filled with disciples from evil sects, at least a thousand strong. They couldn’t get close, so they watched from afar. The Seal Spirit stood in the middle of these evil masters, passionately saying something. The evil masters were waving their fists and weapons, seemingly taking an oath, looking ready for a fight.

The orthodox martial artists whispered among themselves, “Could they really be planning to steal our Xuanyuan Black Iron?”

“Very likely! They look like they’re ready for a skirmish.”

“What should we do?”

“Let them come. Evil can never triumph over good.”

The disciples of the orthodox sects hummed, “If it comes to it, we’ll settle it here with a final battle between good and evil.”

They prepared for battle, on high alert, waiting for the evil sects to charge at them. They were well aware that the evil disciples must know they were being watched from a distance.

The evil sect disciples began to move.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The disciples of the orthodox sects felt a tightening in their chests, as if a shadow was closing in on them. However, the disciples of the evil sects, after letting out a series of strange cries, didn’t charge at them. Instead, under Robb’s leadership, they suddenly headed toward the eastern city gate.

The orthodox disciples were puzzled: “Huh?” “What’s going on?” “Weren’t they coming for us?” “Why are they heading east?” “What are they up to?” “Quick, let’s follow and see!”

Using their lightness skills, the orthodox disciples hurriedly followed.

Meanwhile, outside the eastern city gate…

The governor of East Hangzhou, Governor Rabbit, was leading tens of thousands of militia soldiers. He looked at the fifty or so ghost pirates outside the city with a face full of worry. It was truly embarrassing; he had just led the militia to fight the ghost pirates and lost despite their overwhelming numbers.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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