After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 963

Chapter 963: Let’s See If You Easterners Will Follow

Everyone looked and was horrified. The knight from the Beggars’ Sect had his rabbit fur all tangled up, looking like a filthy, smelly rag. It was terrifying.

Robb covered his nose, “Good Lord! Even humans would look like this if they didn’t wash their hair. This isn’t a rabbit-head issue; it’s a problem with your Beggars’ Sect traditions.”

“Our traditions are not the problem!”

Everyone protested in unison. After the protest, the monk said, “We, the righteous sects, are in a miserable state because we have to maintain traditions. Meanwhile, the monks from the evil sects, who don’t have to shave their heads, are living the good life.”

The Shaolin monk looked quite aggrieved, but Robb couldn’t make out his sorrow. After staring at him for a while, he felt like laughing again.

The Shaolin monk continued, “In any case, the situation is as you’ve just heard. We are desperately searching for Xuanyuan black iron. This material fell from the sky and belongs to no one, so whoever picks it up owns it. We’ve picked up a few pieces, and we’ve also obtained some from evil-doers while upholding justice. Rest assured, all our sources are legitimate.”

At this point, the monk’s face turned a bit red. Although he made it sound nice, they had essentially taken it from the evil sects. However, these righteous sects did have some principles; they only took from the evil sects, not from other righteous sects. After all, everyone’s black iron could be combined to forge a sword to kill Chi You and restore everyone’s human heads. Forming a team for this purpose was not a problem.

They were not as selfish as the evil sects and did maintain the dignity of the righteous sects.

The monk said, “We would like to ask for your help, Master Robb (TL: respectful~), to see if you could help us refine these black iron ores. We can forge the Xuanyuan Sword, kill Chi You, and rid the world of this great evil. Everyone will regain the human heads that we should have. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Judging by your earlier actions, you seem to be a kind-hearted person. You should be willing to help, right?”

Deep down, Robb was willing to help. The thought of the entire Big Tang having rabbit heads made him uneasy. If there was a way to turn them back into humans, he would be more than willing. However, agreeing right away was not his style and didn’t align with his interests. The price had to be negotiated.

Robb snorted, “Do I look like someone who likes to help others for free? Look, I have blonde hair; I’m a Westerner. You should know that we Westerners love doing business. There’s no such thing as free help, only business to be discussed. Unless you offer something substantial, I won’t help you for free.”

“How can we talk about business? This is for the good of all humanity,” the monk said. “When doing something for the greater good, one shouldn’t be too concerned with personal gains and losses.”

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“Is it really for the greater good?” Robb asked skeptically, pulling Shisu towards him. “Do you want to regain your human head?”

Shisu shook his head, “I don’t care either way.”

Robb then turned to a female rabbit-person behind him, “Daughter of the Flying Eagle Sect Master, do you want to regain your human head?”

The female rabbit-person corrected him, “Sir Robb, you’re mistaken. I’m the leader of the Blood Hand Sect.”

Robb: “…”

She continued, “I’m not particularly interested in regaining my human form either. I’m considered beautiful among rabbit-people, so why should I care if I turn back into a human? Of course, if I do, that’s fine too.”

Robb turned back to the monk, “You hear that? These ladies don’t really care. So, your ideal isn’t really for the greater good; it’s just for your group of oddballs.”

Monk: “You make a compelling argument; I have no rebuttal.”

Robb said, “So, let’s talk business.”

The monk looked dejected, “Fine, what are your terms?”

Robb grinned, “My terms are simple. You’re collecting Xuanyuan black iron to kill Chi You, right? After Chi You is defeated, you won’t need the Xuanyuan Sword anymore, correct? So, my condition is that I help you forge the Xuanyuan Sword, defeat Chi You, and then you give the sword to me. How does that sound?”

Monk: “Huh?”

Taoist: “What?”

Beggar: “Eh?”

Everyone looked at Robb with puzzled expressions.

Robb asked, “Why are you all staring at me like that?”

The monk, Taoist, and beggar all asked cautiously, “What do you plan to do with the Xuanyuan Sword? Do you intend to use it to command the martial arts world? If that’s the case, we can’t agree to your terms. We’ll have to fight you.”

“I have no interest in commanding the martial arts world,” Robb chuckled. “I can already command the evil sects. Want to bet I can command the righteous sects too?”

As he spoke, a golden light emanated from Robb, radiating an overwhelming power that made everyone from the righteous sects take a step back.

Robb retracted the golden light and snorted, “Do I need a broken sword to command the martial arts world?”

Everyone: “…”

Robb said, “I want that sword mainly to slay the Black Dragon!”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

The righteous sect members collectively gasped, as if their shock alone could warm the global climate: “You dare to go after that creature? It’s far more terrifying than Chi You. At least Chi You was once defeated by the Yellow Emperor, and various historical records show that all kinds of magical and Taoist techniques are effective against him. But for over a thousand years, the Black Dragon has attacked Big Tang 132 times, spanning multiple dynasties, and no one has ever been able to withstand a single blow from it. That creature is invincible! No matter how strong you are, you can’t handle it. Even the Xuanyuan Divine Sword wouldn’t be enough to kill the Black Dragon.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Robb agreed. “Even the Xuanyuan Sword wouldn’t be enough to kill the Black Dragon. However, if we forge multiple Xuanyuan Swords and equip the world’s strongest individuals with them, significantly enhancing the team’s attack power, then there’s a chance. I’ll hold off the Black Dragon from the front, and a large group of people armed with Xuanyuan Swords can stab it repeatedly. That might just do the trick.”

Everyone: “…”

Robb continued, “Believe it or not, I’m already working on this. If you have the means to contact merchants who frequently travel the Silk Road or the Ancient Tea Horse Road, you can confirm this. The entire Western world is already preparing to kill the Black Dragon, united in this cause. Now, it’s up to you in the Eastern world to join us or not.”

Upon hearing this, the members of the righteous sects were momentarily stunned. They knew that Robb was unlikely to be lying; such a lie would be too easily exposed. There are countless merchants traveling the Silk Road and the Ancient Tea Horse Road, and verifying the truth would be as simple as asking a few questions. Would anyone tell such a foolish lie?

So, is the Western world really preparing to confront the Black Dragon?

In an instant, everyone felt their blood surge with excitement.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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