After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 97

Chapter 97: There’s a gemstone vein here

Early the next morning, the miners carried the tools for digging and mining and got ready to set off.

The place Robb showed them on the map was a little bit over the hillside behind the chapel, which used to be some distance from Westwind Town, but now it was very close to the town.

Because on that otherwise uninhabited hillside, there are now Robb’s fields and a stockings factory that is not yet in full operation, and then the White Birch Town refugees have built houses there and built some walls.

As a result, the hillside where the gemstone mine is located is only about a few hundred meters outside the wooden wall built by the townsmen of White Birch Town.

The group of miners arrived at the place, looked around, looked back and forth, and found that it was a very ordinary hillside. The slope is full of green grass and many trees, a group of townspeople from White Birch Town is cutting down trees here, and many stumps can be seen on the ground.

If someone says that a gemstone mine is buried here, the townspeople will not believe it even if it kills them.

Johnny said to the man next to him, “do you think there is a gemstone mine here?”

The man shook his head, “Doesn’t seem like it!”

“But the priest said there was a mine here.” Another man said, “Why don’t we dig a bit first? Even if we go back, we have nothing to do. We eat his food and use his equipment. I’ll feel guilty if we don’t listen to him.”

“How about we listen to God’s words, dig hard for a few days, and then tell the priest that we didn’t manage to dig it up? That should be fine.”

Johnny nodded and said, “that’s the only way it can be done now!”

He drew a big circle on the ground and said, “everybody concentrates your efforts and dig down from this circle; first remove the vegetation and soil above, and then dig out the stones below to see if there is a gemstone mine. You’ll be able to tell as long as you see the stones.”

“Understood! Let’s dig!”

More than a dozen people work together using hoes and shovels.

The soil here is thick, which made it hard to dig.

More than a dozen people have been digging until noon, not finding any gemstones, not even regular stones. They can’t help but feel a little discouraged and thought, [What is the geography of this area? Perhaps the earth below is layered with soil that seeps deep into the center of the earth. There aren’t even ordinary stones, let alone any gemstones.]

While a lot of discussion and thoughts went on, Lillian came, carrying two huge baskets full of boiled potatoes, smiled and said to everyone, “Uncle Johnny, call everyone to lunch!”

Johnny turned around and saw that Lillian, a weak little girl, had a huge basket in each hand, carrying enough potatoes for more than a dozen miners. He couldn’t help but wonder and said, “Lillian, where did you get such strength?”

Lillian smiled and said, “The master gave me a bafu. Ah, no, it’s a Buff. It’s said to be a blessing of the king, so I get a lot of strength.”

Johnny rolled his tongue and didn’t quite understand.

Lillian gave the potatoes to everyone, then looked at the pit they dug and couldn’t help asking, “haven’t you found the gemstone mine yet?”

Johnny shook his head with a black face. “not to mention a gemstone, we couldn’t even dig up stone. The soil here is so thick that I even suspect there’s only dirt here. Even if you keep digging, you’ll only get dirt.”

“That’s impossible. Master said there was a gemstone mine here, so there must be one.” Lillian had great confidence in Robb. She looked around, picked up a pickaxe from a miner who was eating potatoes, and smiled and said, “Let me help dig.”

Johnny said, “how can you do such a rough job as a little girl? put down the pickaxe.”

“It doesn’t matter. I told you I have a BUFF from my master.” Lillian jumped into the big hole dug by the miners, raised her pickaxe with both hands above her head, and concentrated all the strength that the blessing of the king had brought to her.

Then, she jumped!

She jumped several meters high. The agile movement startled the miners.

It turns out that the blessing of the king does not only add strength but also increases agility, intelligence, and magic resistance.

Lillian jumped high, then fell heavily, her arms waved down with her greatest strength, and the iron pick hit the bottom of the pit hard with great force.

All the people heard was a loud bang, flying soil and stones. The pit was several meters deeper in an instant.

Johnny and the miners were so startled that they never dreamed that Lillian, a weak girl, could wield a pickaxe in such a manner.

“I’ve dug into stone!” Lillian stood at the bottom of the pit and laughed, “Look, there’s stone below. It’s stone.”

“Oh? There’s stone?” This raised the miners’ spirits.

Johnny was the first to jump into the pit, and after removing a layer of dirt with both hands, he slapped the bottom of it with a look of joy on his face, “Huh? Huh, huh, huh? This… Sure enough, there’s stone here… this… this is an amethyst vein. Oh my God! It’s an amethyst vein!”

Hearing this, all the other miners froze and then jumped into the pit crazily and desperately scraped open the dirt layer with their hands. Before long, a dozen miners shouted excitedly. Sure enough, there’s an amethyst vein. This is an amethyst vein. Ha, so there is really a gemstone mine here. We can settle down here, hahaha!”

“I told you!” Lillian proudly put her hands on her hips. “if my master said there was a mine here, then there must be a mine. My master is a man blessed by the gods. He is so great that there is nothing he can’t do.”

The miners and masons no longer dared to have the slightest doubt about Robb and even felt ashamed that they had doubted him.

They climbed out of the mine, knelt around the pit, placed one hand on the left side of their chest, pointed to the top of their heads with the other, and swore loudly, “Stone from above! I swear that I will unconditionally follow Father Robb’s guidance and teachings all my life. If I break this oath, please let the stone fall and kill us. “

Miners often need to go to the mine, and for them, the most dangerous thing is the collapse of the mine, so “Stone from above” and “Let the stone fall and kill us” is their most solemn oath, and no one dares to joke with it.

Lillian smiled when she heard them take the oath so seriously, “Just trust my master, but he won’t want you to be killed. He is the kindest and most benevolent man in the world. You’ll see later.”


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