We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Jiang Lan was not in the meeting room. He was talking with two impressive-looking men in the reception hall.

Dressed in impeccably cut suits, one man looked arrogant. Another man looked more friendly but hid a dagger in his smile. A glance was enough to tell they are not ordinary mortals.

Before Captain Cheng had time to speak, that friendly-looking young man walked over to show him his credentials.” Captain Cheng, I am sent from the Security Department. Qin Shuyi’s case involves supernatural elements, so I am ordered to take over the case.”

Captain Cheng felt a little dizzy while reading his credentials.

Rubbing his forehead, he said.” Let’s talk in the meeting room.”

While walking to the meeting room, Captain Cheng took a snapshot of Cheng Hua’s documents.

He knew about the Security Department. But he felt incredible that the Security Department would be interested in a trivial criminal case.

He had to give the supernatural elements mentioned by Cheng Hua serious considerations now. After witnessing the oddity of Qin Shuyi and the paper doll, he started to lean towards Jiang Lan’s arguments.

He sent the photo to his superior, asking him to confirm his visitor’s identity.

Captain Cheng, Zhao Li, Zhang Peng, Jiang Lan, and his two friends took seats in the meeting room. Qin Shuyi was on the way here.

Jiang Lan and the arrogant-looking man remained silent. Apparently, Cheng Hua was in charge among them.

Cheng Hua smiled.” I think Captain Cheng has already confirmed my identity? If that was done, we could get down to business.”

Captain Cheng’s heart skipped a beat and checked his phone involuntarily. His superior had already answered him.

He confirmed Cheng Hua’s identity.

At this moment, Qin Shuyi walked in.

Taking out a stack of handover documents, Cheng Hua signed them and pushed them to Captain Cheng.” Qin Shuyi was not a living person anymore. That’s why he needs to be handed over to us.”

The officers were all shocked and looked at Qin Shuyi in horror.

Captain Cheng reacted quickly and said with a furrowed brow.” If we hand him over to you, how should I explain it to the public?”

Even with his worldviews shattered, Captain Cheng still remained faithful to his duty. Three murders happened in a row. They had to get to the bottom of this and deliver a satisfactory explanation to the public.

“The murderer is right here. If we leave it in your charge, you still wouldn’t be able to explain these murders to the public.”

Pointing to the paper doll in Qin Shuyi’s pocket, Cheng Hua said.

Hearing its name mentioned, the pushed-down Sunny Doll again crawled out of the pocket slowly and scanned the room, then it flashed its teeth to Captain Cheng mischievously.

After watching Captain Cheng interrogating his daddy, it decided to hold a grudge against him.

Captain Cheng……..

Yes, it was the same look I got in the interrogation room.

He thought numbly that his instincts turned out to be correct.

The other officers all had shocked looks. This brief exposure to the supernatural world had shattered their worldviews. Luckily what Wang Qing and Jiang Lan said before had prepared them for this. So for the moment, they could keep their composure, just barely.

At this moment, Jiang Lan decided to chip in with a suggestion.” While being overwhelmed by her emotion, Li Xiujuan involuntarily revealed that He Laosan and He Laoliu had committed murders. She had given them away. With the Sunny Doll case in our charge, you can shift your focus to another murder that happened during the flood.”

Everyone thought he had a point.

They wouldn’t be able to handle the paper doll anyway.

Announcing to the public that a paper doll was behind all these was simply out of the question. No one would believe this, even they had a hard time digesting this revelation.

With evidence accumulating, they began to believe what Qin Shuyi told them. The fact that two innocent lives were murdered in cold blood by superstitious villagers and Qin Shuyi’s long fruitless quest for justice was enough to motivate them to continue their work in another direction.

It was the duty of the Police to serve justice.

Even though justice was long overdue, it was better than never. It now fell to them to bring justice to Qin Shuyi and his wife and daughter. 

Captain Cheng made a promise to Qin Shuyi.” We will try our best to re-establish the truth and fulfill our duty to the victims.”

Overtaken by his emotion, Qin Shuyi closed his eyes and expressed his thanks in a hoarse voice.” Thank you, Thank you…..”

After their handover procedure was completed, Cheng Hua left with Qin Shuyi and his daughter.

When they were gone, a thought belatedly struck Zhang Peng.” I don’t feel comfortable letting them take away the suspects. What about the three murder cases? Where can we find another suspect responsible for these murders?”

Captain Cheng:……..

Gazing at him a little longer, he suddenly decided.” You are now responsible for writing the case conclusion report.”

Zhang Peng:????

How should I write a case conclusion report when we just leave it at that?


The four of them left the Caiyang Criminal Investigation Department. Looking at the grey sky, Qin Shuyi appeared relieved and peaceful.

The Sunny Doll sat on his head, stroking his hair as if trying to comfort him in silence.

Jiang Lan said.” Captain Cheng is a very responsible policeman. You can trust him to bring truth to light and return justice to you.”

Qin Shuyi nodded.” I have faith in them. They are good policemen.”

Having experienced how some officers brushed him off impatiently or made inquiries perfunctorily, he knew how valuable Captain Cheng’s promise was.

Cheng Hua interrupted.” Let’s discuss it in the Bureau.”

They all get in the car.

Ying Qiao and Jiang Lan took the front seat. Ying Qiao appeared gloomy while handling the steering wheel.

From the moment they stepped into the Police station, he hadn’t had a proper conversation with the Little Monster.

He didn’t like how it felt. Like the cub he had brought up had ended up in other people’s homes.

Jiang Lan didn’t notice his facial expressions. Instead, he was talking with Cheng Hua about how the Justice Department would sentence Qin Shuyi and his Sunny Doll.

Like humans, monsters also had their private sentiments while performing their duties. His private sentiments now were the hope that Qin Shuyi would get a lenient sentence.

This old gentleman had suffered in life and died miserably, but he remained true to his heart. Jiang Lan thought he deserved a better fate.

As to the Sunny Doll… this miscreant needs a proper lesson but shouldn’t be punished too heavily.

Cheng Hua was analyzing the possible outcomes based on past similar cases.

In short, there would be punishments for them, but these punishments should be light. Monsters and humans cultivators all believed in Karma, the law of the consequences of past actions.

The superstitious killing committed by the villagers was the cause. The Sunny Doll took revenge on his father’s behalf. Killing several villagers twenty years later was the effect. But the Sunny Doll’s action was also the cause, for which it would pay the terrible price of being forever denied the status of a deity. That Qin Shuyi piously molded the sculpture of the Sunny Doll and had been burning incense for years was also the cause for the creation of a spirit being. This spiritual being willingly abandoned its future claim to the status of a deity by committing murders to bring justice to his wife and daughter. 

Everyone’s fate was predetermined by Karma, the law of cause and effect.

Sunny Doll’s punishment for being involved with Karma was that the deity status would be forever out of reach, which was supposed to be enough to offset its crime.

In this case, the Monster Bureau’s punishments were just a demonstration of their accountability to the human government and human laws. Naturally, it would be lenient.

Hearing this put Jiang Lan’s mind at ease. He flashed a relieved smile.

After taking a load off his mind, he realized he had neglected Ying Qiao for too long. He said hurriedly.” Sorry for troubling you and Boss Cheng again.”

Seeing his sincere smile, Ying Qiao felt his gloom was gone without him noticing it.

Without a trace of gloom on his face, he brushed it off.” No trouble at all. Do you feel sleepy? It’s already four o’clock in the morning.”

It suddenly occurred to Jiang Lan that he had stayed busy for a whole night. As a high monster, his energy was boundless. But he was accustomed to an early sleep and early rise routine. So when Ying Qiao mentioned it was very late, he yawned, with tears coming out.

Though he was not really sleepy.

But seeing this, Ying Qiao thought the Little Monster must be very sleepy. He took out candy for him and whispered.” You can rest for a while; I will wake you when we arrive.”

Jiang Lan put the candy in his mouth. The aroma of strawberry-flavored candy slowly permeated the car. With bulging cheeks, he “wu” to voice his agreement and closed his eyes obediently despite not really wanting to sleep.

He held his backpack closely, which seemed forever attached to his body. In the backpack, Suan Ni and Jiao Tu were gently snoring.

With eyes closed, Jiang Lan savored the taste of strawberry candy. The sweetness had spread to every part of his body. The strawberry candy was so sweet.

But he felt he had forgotten something.

Half-awake, he tried to recall what exactly he had forgotten.


After nearly an hour, their car stopped in front of the Monster Bureau.

Jiang Lan didn’t plan to catch up with his sleep in the car, but the candy’s sweetness lured him to sleep. Ying Qiao woke him up.

Following Ying Qiao with a foggy mind, Jiang Lan was suddenly jolted fully awake before reaching the door. 


Watching a group of monsters approaching them, Jiang Lan felt as if lightning had struck him.

How could he forget that the people from the Monster Bureau knew his real identity? If they recognize him, then how can he explain it to Ying Qiao?

Panicking, Jiang Lan shrunk behind Ying Qiao’s back while his mind was running at full throttle, trying to figure out a solution to his current predicament.

At the same time, the group of monsters walked over to them.

Cheng Hua led Qin Shuyi forward to talk with them. Seeing Ying Qiao, these monsters immediately turned to walk towards him to greet him respectfully. But Cheng Hua stopped their move with a look.

Maintaining his calm, Cheng Hua led them away from Ying Qiao and resumed his talk. 

Leaning out from Ying Qiao’s back, Jiang Lan glanced at them, and his overloaded mind finally functioned normally. He dragged Ying Qiao’s clothing and yawned purposefully.” I am a little sleepy. Could you accompany me to the restroom to wash my face?”

This suggestion suited Ying Qiao because he also doesn’t want to deal with this group of monsters right now. Wiping off the tears from his tired eyes, he said softly.” You have to work in the morning. I will drive you back? My boss will take over from here, don’t worry.”

Ying Qiao was so thoughtful!

This was just what Jiang Lan needed right now. He kept nodding and disregarded common courtesy.” Then let’s go.”

Then he thought he might have appeared too eager. He explained.” I am really sleepy.” 

Ying Qiao just felt his heart melted.

The Little Monster is so cute.

So he led Jiang Lan to walk out the hall while texting Cheng Hua.” Jiang Lan wants to sleep. I will drive him home.”

Cheng Hua…….

The other monsters watched the legendary foul-tempered Ying Dragon escorting a person out attentively.

Their curiosities were instantly aroused.

A monster more familiar with Cheng Hua inquired quietly.” I heard Mr. Ying had a very successful date recently. That person must be Mr. Ying’s partner?”

Why did that figure look so familiar?

On second thought, he believed it was natural that the figure looked familiar. Anyone qualified to date Mr. Ying must be a powerful high monster.

But who was that person exactly?

Glancing at the gossiping monster, Cheng Hua said.”If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to gossip about Ying Dragon’s private life.” 

In his mind, he just thought Jiang Lan wasn’t exactly a partner.

Mr. Ying was currently preoccupied with the game of raising a cub.


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