An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Flying button

Ninomiya Homura had straightened her bangs at the forehead and, as if deliberately, had made a bewildered expression while looking at Sakura Manyu. She had exclaimed in surprise, “Do you like it? Would your junior like this kind of childish physique? I had always thought he liked my type.”

“As she spoke, Ninomiya Homura slowly stood up and looked down at the blonde loli in front of her with a condescending attitude. She made a gesture of crossing her arms over her chest and said with a smile, “What do you think? Little radish head?”

Sakura Manyu had retreated in great astonishment, her face filled with shock as she stared at Ninomiya Homura’s chest, as if she had discovered something unbelievable.

A heretic, how could there be such a terrifying thing? Is this person a cow? It’s an unprecedented and enormous evil!

Sakura Manyu had lowered her head, looking at her own chest with only faint contours, a sense of defeat rising within her.

“What’s so remarkable…”

Though she envied it deeply, Sakura Manyu had still put on a tough front, saying, “I’ll also grow up, I’ve just started developing! Right, Miyuki-nii?”

Sakura Manyu had looked at Yagi Miyuki with hopeful eyes and emphasized, “I’ll definitely become large in the future! Absolutely! Mom’s also well-endowed, as her daughter, I’ll definitely inherit those genetic traits!”

Yagi Miyuki had almost collapsed! He had covered his face, realizing he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

He, as her childhood friend, had a peculiar habit. He would usually refer to himself in the third person, but when he got agitated or particularly angry, he would switch to using the first person.

Just like yesterday.

Now, she had been provoked by Ninomiya Homura to use the word “I.” As childhood friends, he couldn’t just stand by and let her be bullied by Ninomiya Homura.

Before Yagi Miyuki could speak, Ninomiya Homura had once again looked regretful and said, “What a pitiful statement, truly the words of a loser. I think, instead of hoping for rapid progress, it would be better to pray that Yagi-kun likes flat chests.”


Sakura Manyu, frustrated, her azure eyes misting up, had bitten her lip and said indignantly, “Ninomiya Homura! You… just wait for me! I won’t let you have Miyuki-nii!”

With that, Sakura Manyu had stamped her foot in frustration and left, tears streaming down her face. (Redemption Arc Incoming?)


Yagi Miyuki had looked at Ninomiya Homura helplessly, his voice tinged with dissatisfaction, “Manyu is still just a child. Can you not bully her like that?”

Though their relationship hadn’t been particularly close at the moment, he and Sakura Manyu had been childhood friends from birth. Compared to Ninomiya Homura, whom he had only known for a few days, he would still choose to stand on the side of his childhood friend.


Ninomiya Homura stroked her chin and said, “Are you very close with Sakura Manyu, junior? You even call her by her name.”

You have to know that in Japan, calling someone by their name directly is a sign of a very intimate relationship between men and women. Basically, if they are not lovers, they are relatives or childhood friends.

“You don’t need to ask about that, senpai.”

Yagi Miyuki had no intention of explaining.

“Is that so? Well, you don’t have to say it, I can guess it anyway.”

Ninomiya Homura smiled casually and said, “Actually, I didn’t want to bully that little radish head either. After all, even if I win, there is no sense of accomplishment. It’s more interesting to bully you, Yagi-kun.”

Yagi Miyuki twitched his mouth and said speechlessly, “Senpai, has anyone ever told you that your personality is very bad?”


Ninomiya Homura blinked her bright big eyes and stretched lazily while teasing him, “I only know that someone said I’m very cute!”

Yagi Miyuki didn’t say anything more. He stared at Ninomiya Homura’s curves that became more exaggerated because of her stretching.

To be honest, it was very exciting.

Yagi Miyuki moved his eyes away with great difficulty, and calculated equations in his mind. This barely suppressed the desire that was aroused by Ninomiya Homura’s body.


Suddenly, a sound like something breaking sounded. It made Yagi Miyuki look subconsciously. A scene that he felt he might remember for life suddenly happened.

He saw that Ninomiya still maintained the posture of stretching her waist, but the next moment, the collar of the white shirt that bound her chest made a sound of unbearable burden without any warning, and suddenly, a crisp sound was made, a translucent plastic button flew out without saying a word! It drew a beautiful arc, and hit Yagi Miyuki’s stunned face without hesitation.


Yagi Miyuki swallowed his saliva, ignoring the button that slowly fell to the ground, and looked at Ninomiya’s spring light exposed to the air with a dumbfounded expression.

What the hell! Is this a nonsensical comedy movie? How can this plot happen?!

Ninomiya Homura was stunned for half a second, and then she couldn’t maintain that relaxed expression anymore. Her fair face flushed red! She gasped and covered her chest with her hands in panic.

“Um… senpai?”

Yagi Miyuki came back to his senses and coughed awkwardly. He bent down and picked up the button on the ground. Afterward, he looked at Ninomiya Homura who was lowering her head and not saying a word. He suggested, “If you don’t mind, I can help you sew it back. Of course, the premise is that you have the sewing kit.”

He seemed to have inherited a skill of sewing from “Yagi Miyuki”, although he was not very proficient, but sewing a button should be no problem.

Well, let’s take it as a thank-you gift for Ninomiya-senpai, who treated him both physically and mentally.


Ninomiya Homura took a deep breath, and when she lifted her head, her expression returned to the calmness she had before. She smiled somewhat reluctantly and said, “There should be some in the club room. If you are willing to waste your lunch break time, then please do me a favor.”

“Club room? Uh… that kind of place doesn’t seem very appropriate, does it?”

Yagi Miyuki hesitated. That kind of place was obviously a public area, and he didn’t want anyone to know that he was sewing a button for his senpai.

“Don’t worry. I’m the only member of the Literature Club, no one will go there.”

“Is that so? Then let’s go.”

Yagi Miyuki breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked curiously, “Literature Club? I’ve never heard of it. I thought the school only had a Literary Department. And won’t a club with only one person be abolished?”

“Well, because the previous club president who graduated was the student council president, she had already talked to the higher-ups, so they just turned a blind eye to it.”

So it was through connections.

Yagi Miyuki nodded in understanding.

Japanese schools are largely self-governed by students, and St. Cronia High School is even more so. Therefore, the student council has quite terrifying power. With the student council president covering for them, as long as the school doesn’t interfere, there is basically no problem.

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