An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Showdown

“That’s up to you, big brother.”

Michako’s gaze flickered as she casually asked, “Dad seemed to mention something about Manyu. Have you reconciled with her?”

“Well… things are a bit complicated.”

Miyuki rubbed his forehead and replied nonchalantly, then stood up and walked out of the room.

“What went wrong? Did I do something to alter history?”

Watching her brother disappear around the corner, Michako furrowed her brow. Since her rebirth, she had always felt in control of everything, even her once-lost brother, whom she considered a pawn in her hands. However, now she no longer had that feeling of orchestrating events. History… seemed off somehow.


A clear notification sound suddenly startled Michako, and her gaze snapped to the phone on her brother’s pillow, identical to her own.

After some hesitation, Michako decided to reach out and pick up her brother’s phone.

Staring at the notification box on the lock screen, she lightly pressed it, and the password prompt appeared.

“A password?”

Michako pursed her lips in frustration. Obviously, their relationship hadn’t improved to the point where they would know each other’s phone passwords.

“Could it be… Well, no matter how I think about it, it’s impossible…”

Michako chuckled softly. She remained silent for a moment, although she knew it was highly unlikely, she still entered four numbers.


Seeing that the phone didn’t show an error for the incorrect password, but instead emitted a soft sound and went directly to the home screen, Michako was immediately stunned.

During the time when their relationship was at its best, their phone passwords were each other’s birthdays. Now, with their relationship like this, how could it be…

After staring blankly for a moment, a sweet smile slowly crept onto Michako’s lips.

“It seems that my brother still loves me the most, just like that incident two years from now when he risked everything to protect me.”


Suddenly, a spine-tingling grinding sound reverberated, and Michako stared at the phone screen, her smile gradually fading, gritting her teeth, she muttered, “You meddling microdot, why do you have to interfere…”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

Saying that, Michako leaped from her bed and walked out of the room in big strides.


While taking deep breaths, Michako made her way to the bathroom, forcefully calming herself down. “It’s not to the extent of panicking yet. Even though history has changed, no matter what happened, I refuse to believe that that microdot is my opponent. My brother—can only be mine!”

“Big brother, there’s a message for you.”

Standing in front of the bathroom sink, Michako had already put on her innocent smile once more as she innocently looked at her brother who was brushing his teeth.

“Yeah, thanks.”

Miyuki wiped his face and casually took the phone Michako handed him.


Seeing the text message with a timestamp of one minute ago at the top of the inbox, Miyuki furrowed his brows. Suddenly, he remembered the absurd words from his biological father, and his expression turned uneasy. He carefully opened the message.

Sakura Manyu, looking at the two-story building with the sign “Yagi” at the entrance, had a sinister smile on her fair and tender face.

She lowered her head to glance at her phone and nodded in satisfaction as she messaged Yagi Miyuki.

“Miyuki-nii, I have good news for you! I told my dad yesterday that I want to be your bride, and he unexpectedly agreed! He even called Uncle Yagi. So, from today on, we are engaged, okay? Aren’t you happy? I’ll be at your house soon! Let’s start living together from now on.”

“Don’t speak for yourself!”

Seeing this text message, Miyuki was so angry that he almost spat out blood.

“Happy my ass! Engaged? How come I don’t know about this? Don’t make decisions on your own! Dad, the agreement you mentioned just now, is it about this? Don’t agree! At least ask for the opinion of the person involved, me!”

Miyuki supported his forehead, looking helpless. Although he was quite irritated, he didn’t take Sakura Manyu’s talk of an engagement seriously.

This kind of playful talk wouldn’t have any effect as long as he didn’t take it seriously. He believed that his unreliable father wouldn’t take it seriously either.


A clear doorbell sound rang out, and Miyuki almost exploded instantly. “Did she really come? What does she want at this hour?”

Hearing the doorbell, Michako’s eyes sparkled with hidden intentions. She maintained a calm smile on the surface as she said, “I’ll go and answer the door. Who could it be so early on a weekend morning?”

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

“Good morning, Miyuki-nii! And… Michako.”

A golden-haired loli in a light pink one-piece dress walked into the room. When she saw Yagi Miyuki, she first showed an innocent smile. However, when she noticed Michako, her expression instantly became partly cloudy.

“Darn it, long time no see, annoying little sister-beast.”

Sakura Manyu clenched her teeth inwardly.

Although she was two years older than Michako, she had been bullied by her in various ways since childhood. She had received countless nicknames, including “Little Gold Bean,” “Little Bean,” “Super Little Bean,” and “Ultra-Miniature Bean” in the “Bean” series.

What was even more annoying was that this little sister-beast had always opposed her, and she was a foolish brother-con, constantly causing trouble for her since childhood.

“But fortunately…”

Sakura Manyu’s lips curled up.

She knew that the current Michako, like her past self, had a rather distant relationship with Miyuki, which was not a threat!

“Welcome, good morning, Manyu.”

Seeing the golden-haired loli, Michako’s internal alarm bells rang loudly. She greeted with a polite smile while leaning toward her brother, reaching out to hold onto one of Onii-chan’s arms, as if she were demonstrating something.

Major crisis!

Seeing Sakura Manyu, Michako’s mental defenses were instantly breached, and her eyes were filled with caution.

No matter how many times she looked, this appearance setting of “Little Bean” was super against the rules!

Golden hair and a mixed-race look, a loli body, coupled with an innocent and tender face, it was practically a strategic-level weapon capable of turning all the males in the world into lolicons!

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

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