An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life
An extraordinary girl is trying her best to ruin my daily life Chapter 26

Chapter 26: For the Sake of Money

Yagi Miyuki is currently in a huge predicament.

He—can’t find a suitable job!

He’s scrolled through the job recruitment websites twice and found that the available job positions nearby that fit his schedule basically all start around 5 in the afternoon.

He only has two classes in the afternoon and school ends at 4:30, followed by club activities.

He hasn’t joined any clubs, so he should have free time after school. However, to secure a financial aid spot from his school, he’s been forced to take on the task of tutoring Narase Mero in her studies.

Unfortunately, he scheduled these tutoring sessions for after school. There’s not much free time during the school day, so he had no choice but to go this route.

“Are these the only two options that don’t conflict with my schedule? No, is it just this one?”

Looking at the final two jobs that met his requirements, Yagi Miyuki fell silent.

The two job positions are as a regular waiter at an izakaya (a type of Japanese bar) and as a butler at a… male maid café!

Oh my God! This is terrifying! It would be fine if the uniform were of the butler type, but it would be fatal if he had to dress as a maid!

Yagi Miyuki shivered.

He’d visited Akihabara once, a haven for otakus, and there he’d seen a male maid café. Yes, the servers were all cross-dressers in maid outfits, which was utterly terrifying!

“Hmm… an hourly wage of 950 yen, working from 6:00 to 9:30 in the evening. The wage is a bit low for an evening shift, but I don’t have a choice.”

Ignoring the male maid café, Yagi Miyuki looked carefully at the terms for the only izakaya option and nodded, not quite satisfied.

950 Japanese yen is roughly equivalent to 60 Chinese yuan. Of course, in Japan, 60 yen can only buy you a bowl of ramen—it’s not a lot.

Weighing his options, Yagi Miyuki gradually lost control of his right hand gripping the mouse and hesitantly clicked on the detailed information for the café named “Swallowtail.”

Swallowtail—as in tailcoat.

Good, just from the name of the café, he could tell this was not one of those devilish cafés that require people to dress as maids.


At first glance, Yagi Miyuki was dumbfounded and began to doubt his own eyes. “An hourly wage of… 3000 yen?”

Hey, hey! This is like a dream! Are they sure they’re hiring high school students? Even graduate students would fight to work here!


Although working as a butler would mean being ordered around like a dog, for the sake of money, that’s not a problem at all!

Yagi Miyuki continued to read.



1. Male, 15 to 35 years old, education not required;

2. Height above 165cm, handsome appearance, and elegant demeanor;

3. Must be proficient in at least one foreign language other than English;


This is a lot compared to the previous izakaya (Japanese pub) waiter position, which only had one requirement: “must be hardworking and able to endure hardships.”

“The first requirement is a given, as for the second one…” Yagami Miyuki, who already has a wage of 3,000 yen per hour in mind, is comparing his own situation. “Based on current mainstream aesthetics, my body fully meets the ‘handsome appearance’ requirement.”

It’s not that he’s bragging, but his appearance is indeed not bad; he’s quite popular in school.

He’s 175cm tall, has well-proportioned facial features, a delicate face shape, and a 3-to-7 parted artistic hairstyle similar to that of ‘Sakamoto.’ Add a pair of glasses that give him extra points, and he’s definitely a spirited young man.

At this moment, Yagi Miyuki feels quite fortunate. If it were before he time-traveled, he would absolutely not meet the ‘handsome appearance’ requirement.

“And for the last requirement, when it comes to foreign languages, my proficiency in Chinese definitely counts as mastery level.”

Yagi Miyuki clapped!

“Great! I can go apply now!”

Forget the lousy 950 yen job,

I’m going to earn three times the wage! Never mind not having to cross-dress, even if I have to, I’m fine with it!

Knock, knock—

“Brother, can I come in?”

Hearing the knock and his sister’s voice, Yagi Miyuki calmed down a bit and said, “Come in.”


Michako entered the room with a few exercise books, smiling, “Can you help me with my homework? Eh?”

Michako approached and was stunned when she saw the content displayed on the laptop. “A male maid café? Brother, you’re not thinking of working there, are you?”


Yagi Miyuki nodded. Although a bit embarrassed, he saw no reason to hide it. “You want help with your homework? Sure, but wait a moment; I’m sending out a digital resume.”

Wait, that’s not right!

Michako was now less concerned about her homework. She remembered her brother had been working as a waiter at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant recently. Why did he suddenly want to work at a male maid café?

Swallowtail, Michako had heard of this café. Rumor has it you can experience princess-like treatment and the prices are shocking!

That’s also not right, Michako shook her head.

The outcome wasn’t out yet; maybe her brother would end up working at the sushi restaurant if the café job application failed.

Yes, that must be it!

Michako sighed in relief.

This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated

She definitely didn’t want her brother serving as a butler for other women.

“Do I need to attach full-body photos? Forget it, I’ll just take a couple now and send them together.”

Reading the note about the job application, Yagi Miyuki stood up and turned to his sister beside him, “Michako, could you help me take a photo?”

Clearly, he couldn’t take a full-body shot by himself, and he didn’t have any selfie sticks or anything like that.

“Leave it to me.”

Michako nodded with a smile.

It’s just a couple of photos. That won’t change the outcome of her brother’s job application.

Yagi Miyuki glanced at his outfit—a short-sleeved shirt and shorts—and headed straight for the wardrobe without a second thought.

The details matter in a job application, especially for a job that values appearances so much.

Although he didn’t have any particularly formal clothing, the uniform from Private St. Cronia High School resembled a suit and would be perfectly suitable.

“Michako, I’m going to change.”

Yagi Miyuki explicitly stated. He didn’t have the habit of changing clothes in front of his sister.


Michako smiled, showing no sign of excusing herself. Instead, she said, “Let me help you, brother. Putting on the school uniform takes time, especially tying the tie…”



After shooing his sister away, Yagi Miyuki quickly changed into his school uniform and neatly combed his somewhat disheveled hair.

He rarely combed his hair on regular days, usually just smoothing it with his hand, so he felt a little unaccustomed to the meticulous grooming.

He examined himself in the wardrobe mirror and, after a moment’s thought, took off his glasses to carefully wipe the lenses until they shone. Only then did he nod in satisfaction.


This novel was translated on ShanghaiFantasy, If you are not reading on this website, it was stolen and aggregated


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