The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology

In the previous life, Aresia was a wicked heiress, relentlessly bullying her civilian rivals, yet repeatedly failing and…

Fantasy Historical Romance Transmigration


But the Cruel Devil calls me Baby

Synopsis:   Yao Yao finished playing the magic game in the terminal illness ward and closed her eyes,…

Fantasy Historical Romance Supernatural SweetNovel Transmigration Xianxia


Doomsday Camp [Base Construction]

Yun Shan was once the top player in the “Doomsday Camp.”   Owning vast lands, creating a legion…

Adventure Fantasy Modern Day Romance Sci-fi Time Travel


Fortunate Beautiful Farm Girl

Once again, when she opened her eyes, she had transformed into the ancient foolish lady, Chen Feng.  …

Charming Protagonist Farming Historical Romance Transmigration


The Excellent Physician

To bring fortune to the old Marquis’s health, Princess Changting the old Marquis’s wife, welcomes the marriage of…

Charming Protagonist Historical Romance Time Travel Transmigration


Demoting the Wife to a Concubine? The Reborn Legitimate Daughter Crippled his Entire Family.

  She was a renowned female war god with unparalleled strength and tactics. After being reborn into the…

Historical Martial Arts Reborn Romance Strong Female Lead Transmigration
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