The Duke’s Daughter is Involved in Magical Technology

Raw Title: 公爵千金在搞魔导科技所有章节

Total Chapters: 128

Author: 悠悠仙 / You You Xian

Translator: Kira03

Update: 1 week ago

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In the previous life, Aresia was a wicked heiress, relentlessly bullying her civilian rivals, yet repeatedly failing and ending in a miserable way.


After being reincarnated and ascending from a commoner to a great sorceress, Aresia yearned to give her past self a good talking-to, especially after accidentally regaining memories from her previous life.


Men held no appeal for her; it was magic that had always been her one true love!


Later, due to a magical accident, she found herself back in her past life.


At this moment, she was still the beloved daughter of a duke, about to enter the Royal Academy’s School of Magic as a new student, and she hadn’t even begun with all those brainless things yet.


Starting over and getting younger seemed like a good idea, but after two hundred years of hard work in a world where magic was highly advanced, Aresia had finally become a Grand Sorceress. However, suddenly finding herself back in a world that felt like the pre-modern era, it was as if a billionaire had become a beggar, which was hard to accept.


Moreover, Aresia had grown accustomed to the conveniences that magic brought. In her world, magical technology had already reached beyond the planet and into space. But in this world, magical research was quite primitive, and magic was a special power accessible to only a few. People revered and feared it, and no one thought of using it to improve their lives.


Here, there weren’t even basic magical streetlights, let alone magical furniture, magic networks, teleportation circles, airships, or magical mounts.


Finally, she had a realization. So what if she had to start over? Sooner or later, she would recreate all these things!


CP: A Magic-loving Miss vs. a Young Knight with Great Potential.



Search Keywords: Protagonist: Aresia von Rogest, Supporting Characters: The Rogest Duke’s Family, Jorgus, Others: Magical Infrastructure


One-Sentence Synopsis: Bringing the benefits of magic to the masses.


Concept: Enriching the Lives of the Common People through Magic.

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