A love letter to Wei Lai

In the recent gossip circles of the river city, it’s widely rumored that after Wei Lai was dumped…

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Professional Villain [Quick Travel]

In this world, there will always be someone willing to play the role of the villain, and he…

Adventure Drama Fantasy Mystery Romance


Heartthrob Cannon Fodder is Forced to Pretend to be a Straight Man

Xie Fuyi, the ace actor in the main character department of Pure Love novels, has always been unrivaled…

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Don’t blame him!

The fake young master had a trashy boyfriend who, despite being poor, looked down on poverty and admired…

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And the Flower of Kaolin, Farming and raising babies to fight the world

In this lifetime, Pear Blossom managed to become a general thanks to two things. First, she was bound…

Drama Farming


I took the wrong script of Qing Leng Xianjun

  The Immortal Monarch of the Taiqing Sect, Chu Xuyun, was abducted by the Demon Venerable Yu.  …

Drama Fantasy Xianxia


Mingbao is Remarkable

  During the summer camp that year, Shang Mingbao stayed at her teammate’s house for a short visit.…

Charming Protagonist Romance SweetNovel
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