And the Flower of Kaolin, Farming and raising babies to fight the world

Raw Title: 和高岭之花种田养娃打天下

Total Chapters: 205

Author: 大猫追月

Translator: niknik

Update: 2 days ago

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In this lifetime, Pear Blossom managed to become a general thanks to two things.

First, she was bound to a system, and second, she met Dong Yun.


In the endless rice fields, Pear Blossom and her parents were harvesting rice.

The girl’s back moved up and down, full of endless energy.

Xiong, looking at her daughter whom she had raised for over a decade, couldn’t help but remark, “That fairy-like person, I really don’t know what she sees in you.”

Rika: “Probably that I’m honest.”

Someone in the know would say, “Of course, she values her rough hands and great strength.”


Later, when the world descended into chaos, with bandits rampant and refugees wandering everywhere,

Pear Blossom relied on the system, leading the villagers to hunt in the mountains to fill their stomachs and farm the land to reclaim wasteland. They drove off the bandits and eventually reached the capital.

With Pear Blossom’s help, Dong Yun reclaimed everything that belonged to her and knelt before her mother’s memorial tablet: “Mother, you always said the young are inexperienced and unreliable. This time, you might have been wrong. This young one can really shoulder responsibilities.”

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