Back to My Dad’s High School Days Chapter 12
Back to My Dad’s High School Days Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Lock Screen

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Lu Tong quickly became unsteady on his feet.

After becoming an Omega in his second differentiation, this was his first time ushering in his heat.

Qin Chu carried the lunch box in one hand, while the other hand was tightly held by Lu Tong. At this moment, the alpha pheromones on his body were having the deadliest attraction and Lu Tong’s groggy brain almost approached him again by instinct.  

Qin Chu had to put the lunch box aside and hold him with both hands.

Lu Tong’s body was densely covered with tiny beads of sweat, his skin was horribly white, and his body was cooked by the scalding heat. His whole body was like a cooked shrimp.

Qin Chu originally wanted to ask if he could still walk. But after he saw the priceless[1]in a mocking way face of Lu Tong when he looked down, he didn’t feel like asking him anymore.

Originally, he came there to pick a fight with him. But now he was suffering the inconvenience that he brought onto himself. 

Lu Tong was leaning on his body. But then as he was light, he held him by his waist and carried him up[2]The legendary princess carry.

Nobody was there in the first class of the sophomore year in the experimental building. Those who had come earlier had left the classroom in succession. The only one left inside the classroom was He Nian who was doing sample papers in a way that challenged the authority of the entire history of physics.

Suddenly, there was one more person in front of his desk.

To be precise, it was a person who was carrying another person.

“Where is Lu Tong’s seat?” Qin Chu looked down at He Nian.

He Nian was stunned by the scene in front of him and pointed blankly to his right.

Qin Chu ordered, “Search his school bag and see if there are any inhibitors.”

He Nian came back to his senses and subconsciously did as Qin Chu said.

There was indeed a bottle of inhibitor spray in Lu Tong’s schoolbag, which had been opened not long ago.

He Nian, “You……”

Qin Chu, “Request a leave of absence for Lu Tong. He won’t be coming in the afternoon.”

After he finished speaking, he walked away to the infirmary with Lu Tong in his arms.

He Nian sat where he was originally sitting in a daze and rubbed his eyes: The hell… How could I see Qin Chu asking me for an inhibitor?

Lu Tong’s heat came suddenly. Perhaps, he was not prepared for it. 

The frost-like pheromones on his body wrapped around Qin Chu, making it extremely difficult for Qin Chu to walk from the classroom to the infirmary.

The door of the infirmary was open. So, Qin Chu directly carried the person to the hospital bed inside.

The teacher in charge of health care won’t come to work until Monday, and now there are only two of them in the infirmary.

Qin Chu had never come across an omega in heat. He was extremely bad in physiology and his understanding of the heat period was limited to two kinds of blockers and inhibitors.

Lu Tong’s inhibitor had no smell. Qin Chu studied it for a long time before opening the lid and carefully spraying it on Lu Tong.

“Is this enough?” He thought aloud.

Qin Chu’s pheromones were extremely compatible with Lu Tong’s pheromones. It was so high that no test was required [to find it]. Qin Chu could feel it by himself. There were omegas in school who weren’t aware that they were going through heat. But Qin Chu could face their pheromones in a calm and composed manner. But it wasn’t the case when he faced Lu Tong. 

Qin Chu’s face turned red from the cold, clear, and sweet pheromones. He looked at the inhibitor in his hand and hesitated for a while: How about I spray this on him by myself?

Lu Tong turned over in bed. Qin Chu thought that he woke up. So he asked, “Lu Tong, how much do you use?”

Unexpectedly, Lu Tong hadn’t woken up. Rather, he turned over his body uncomfortably and curled himself into a ball while trembling from head to toe. The cold and sweet pheromones invaded and occupied the small space of the infirmary.

Qin Chu stood up and walked away from him. He took two steps to the left, violently opened the locked cabinet, and rummaged in it for a while to find a syringe and a bottle of inhibitor.

Injections to suppress heat were more effective than sprays.

After reading the way to use the syringe, Qin Chu directly opened the inhibitor and poured the liquid into the syringe.

As soon as he got near Lu Tong, Lu Tong stuck onto him deliriously. Lu Tong wrapped around Qin Chu, making him helpless. When he pulled apart his [LT] hands, the other party would wrap his legs around his waist. He was as clingy as a kitten and it was hard to pull him away.

Qin Chu had never thought that the senior, who had always been cold and aloof, would be so clingy during his heat. It took a lot of effort to inject the inhibitor into his arm.

The injected inhibitor quickly took effect in Lu Tong’s body. After two or three minutes, Lu Tong finally calmed down and lay on the bed without moving.

Qin Chu stood up and found out that his back was wet with sweat.

He touched his clothes and sighed in his heart: I can compete for the Nobel Prize for Peace with my willpower. 

Lu Tong woke up after waiting for half an hour. He had no strength in his body. When he woke up and opened his eyes, he saw Qin Chu sitting on a stool not far away with one leg over the other and looking at him maliciously.

Judging from his face alone, Qin Chu could be said to be astonishingly beautiful. His brilliant facial features, flamboyant beauty, and extremely strong aggressiveness would cause him to be imprinted in one’s memory.

But Lu Tong didn’t care about his face and he just glanced at the table. There was a used-up inhibitor and a syringe on it. The needle which was bent had already been thrown away. The room was filled with his own pheromones and there was a hint of floral fragrance leaked by the alpha. 

If analyzed from any angle, Qin Chu should know about his second gender.

Lu Tong hesitated for a moment and said, “Thank you very much.”

Qin Chu nodded, “Will it be over after saying one “thank you”? Are you an omega? Why was it not reported to the school.”

For the sake of Qin Chu doing him a big favor just now, Lu Tong temporarily put aside his class enmity and didn’t lower himself to his [QC] level by arguing with the less-informed.

“It was the second differentiation. So I didn’t have enough time to report to the school.” Lu Tong paused and glanced at Qin Chu’s distance from him. There was 3 meters distance between them. He was speechless, “Why are you sitting so far away?”

Qin Chu said, “Obviously, my humble self is a handsome and bold A. I am afraid you will seize the opportunity to plot against me. I am just protecting myself.”

Lu Tong, “I don’t have such a hardcore taste yet.”

Qin Chu dragged his voice, “Really —”

Lu Tong had a bad feeling.

Qin Chu, “Weren’t it you who hugged and held me just now? Didn’t you take advantage of me during your heat?”

Lu Tong:……

He couldn’t remember what happened a moment ago. But when Qin Chu mentioned it like this, he remembered that he did smell a very good-smelling pheromone and he did get very close to it.

Lu Tong was thin-skinned[3]can get embarrassed easily, so he faintly blushed, “This is my first time as an omega. So I am unskilled in this field.”

Qin Chu talked big, “I think you were very proficient when you pulled me.”

Lu Tong smashed the pot because it was cracked[4]write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly, “What do you mean?”

Qin Chu leaned back in the chair, “What do you think?”

After a moment of careful deliberations, Lu Tong said with a stern face, “I think helping schoolmates must be a selfless dedication without asking for anything in return, instead of seizing the opportunity to grab your classmate’s pigtail[5][fig.] a shortcoming or evidence of wrongdoing that can be seized upon by others after helping him and using it as a handle[6][fig.] information that can be used against sb to blackmail him in the future. Qin Chu, you should not be the latter kind of person who sells one’s soul for gain[7]to see a profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations / to sell one’s soul for gain and is greedy for petty gains.”

Qin Chu listened to his nonsense and said firmly, “I am.”

On seeing that his negotiation had failed, Lu Tong showed his ferocious appearance[8]show one’s ferocious appearance (idiom); the atrocious features revealed / with fangs bared and in a short while his usual aloof disguise was torn away. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws[9]to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures like a fierce mother cat, “Do you have no sense of shame!”

Qin Chu swiped the mobile phone and said slowly, “Hiding your gender and not reporting…… is a violation of Article 36 of the school rules. You should be given a serious warning and punishment — —”

Lu Tong slid out of bed, poured him a glass of water, changed his look, and said calmly, “Qin Ge[10]older brother, if you have anything to say, let’s sit down and talk. Why bother to talk about such things. You don’t want it, and neither do I.”

The word “Ge” was called.

As he can bend and stretch[11]can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes); ready to give and take / flexible, he is indeed a real man.

It’s just that the speed of ”bending” was really too fast.

Qin Chu raised his eyebrows, “Not stubborn anymore?”

Lu Tong put on a fake smile, “How would I dare?”

Qin Chu opened his mouth to say, “Help me cheat in the midterm exam.”

Lu Tong: “Even if the first-year students and second-year students of high school are taking the exam together, we won’t be seated together. So how can I help you cheat? You might as well just cram for a few days. The results will be more obvious.”

Qin Chu opened the school forum and started inputting the post title: Does anyone want to know the second gender of Lu Tong of the first class of sophomore year……

Lu Tong quickly held onto Qin Chu’s arm with swift eyes and covered his typing with both hands, “After thinking about it, it is not completely impossible. It is possible as long as we are on the same floor. Which subjects are you planning to cheat in?” 

Qin Chu, “All nine subjects.”

The corner of Lu Tong’s mouth twitched, “Do you have no plans of studying any subject by yourself?”

Qin Chu: “Since I wanted to cheat, I obviously have to push to the extreme limit. So I want to cheat in all nine subjects.”

Qin Chu patted his shoulder, “Teacher Lu, I believe in you. As a teacher, you can’t wait for your students to die[12]it means to see someone in distress, but not going to the rescue..”

Lu Tong stretched out his hand, “Give back my phone first.”

Qin Chu didn’t tease him again this time. He returned the mobile phone to Lu Tong without fooling around and directly left by himself. 

Lu Tong sat in the infirmary for another half an hour, waiting for the inhibitor on his body to fully exert its effect, and the omega pheromone on his body to completely dissipate before returning to the classroom.

By then, it was already the second period in the afternoon.

It was the break between periods when Lu Tong came in. The classroom was in an uproar, so no one noticed when he came in through the back door.

He Nian saw him coming in. The alarm bell rang, and he quickly pulled him to his side. With a look of confusion, he asked, “Are you an omega?”

Qin Chu didn’t know his seat but he found his inhibitor[13]“Pheromones” was given here. But I guess it is a typo. . At that time, he guessed that Qin Chu might have asked a classmate. So someone must know his second sexuality.

However, the one who asked the question was He Nian. So it wasn’t a huge issue.

“It was the second differentiation. So I didn’t have enough time to report to the school. What’s with your oppressive manner?” 

He Nian pointed to himself, “I am oppressive? I am stunned! Listen to the sounds in your surroundings. It’s the sound of my dreams being shattered!”

Lu Tong asked casually, “What was your dream?”

He Nian said, “To have a romantic campus love with the school grass[14]the most handsome boy in the school when I am in high school.”

Lu Tong pointed to himself, “School grass?”

He Nian nodded bashfully, “Earlier, you used to be an A, were the school grass and you were sitting next to me too. Can’t you just let me fantasize?”

Lu Tong pointed to the back door, “Will you get lost by yourself, or should I invite you?”

He Nian moved closer to him, “Don’t be so ruthless. Did you know that you were carried out by Qin Chu? How did you get to know him?”

Lu Tong’s hand trembled as he opened the sample paper, “I met him by chance. Why are you asking me this?”

He Nian said, “I am afraid that you will become a youngster who took a wrong step in his life. Earlier, it was fine as you were an A. But since you are an O now, you’d better stay away from Qin Chu. The girls who like him can line up all the way to the fourth middle school[15]It means that there were a lot of girls.”

Lu Tong, “Aren’t you one of them? I thought that your hatred was born from love. But do you really hate him now?”

He Nian righteously said, “When did I love him? I love you. Didn’t you hear the sound of my dream breaking just now? Wasn’t it loud enough?”

Lu Tong grinned, “Unless my brain gets jammed by the door, it is impossible for me to like him.”

He Nian asked, “Don’t you and him have a bad relationship? Did he threaten you with this matter? I heard that Qin Chu’s character is really bad. Do you know that he is a school bully who can injure people without making them bleed?”

Lu Tong’s eyebrows twitched when he thought about Qin Chu’s threat.

“Yes. He asked me to help him cheat in the midterm exam.”

He Nian was flabbergasted, “Cheating? Why is it not s**[16]How many yaoi do ya read??”

Lu Tong suddenly pulled out a book and thrashed He Nian with it, “Are you mentally ill! How old is he? Has he turned sixteen this year? As a youngster, can’t you keep your mind purer!”

“Shouldn’t it be like that? It was written like that in every book that I read. You were in heat and if you ran into this kind of a hoodlum, you will definitely be threatened in this way. Cheating is really down to earth.” He Nian held his head, “Moreover you are a beauty who used to be an A but is an O now. Which youth will not be aroused when they meet you?”

Lu Tong put away his schoolbag, “I don’t feel like talking nonsense to you.”

He took out the mobile phone, which he had lost and then regained, from his pocket and planned to open it to take a look.

As soon as he switched on the screen, Qin Chu’s extremely narcissistic selfie appeared on his lock screen. In addition to that, there was a graffiti that he temporarily wrote with MeituPic[17]Meitu Xiu Xiu is an image editing software that is mostly used in Mainland China but is also popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is available on Google Play and App Store. It provides tools for … Continue reading: I wish teacher Lu a happy teacher’s day.

The day after tomorrow seemed to be teacher’s day.

Lu Tong:……

He Nian, “Fuck!!! You said you didn’t like him!!!”

Lu Tong squeezed his phone tightly: Son of a bitch!!! How dare you change my phone’s lock screen!!!

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1 in a mocking way
2 The legendary princess carry
3 can get embarrassed easily
4 write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly
5 [fig.] a shortcoming or evidence of wrongdoing that can be seized upon by others
6 [fig.] information that can be used against sb
7 to see a profit and forget morality (idiom); to act from mercenary considerations / to sell one’s soul for gain
8 show one’s ferocious appearance (idiom); the atrocious features revealed / with fangs bared
9 to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
10 older brother
11 can bow and submit, or can stand tall (idiom, from Book of Changes); ready to give and take / flexible
12 it means to see someone in distress, but not going to the rescue.
13 “Pheromones” was given here. But I guess it is a typo.
14 the most handsome boy in the school
15 It means that there were a lot of girls
16 How many yaoi do ya read?
17 Meitu Xiu Xiu is an image editing software that is mostly used in Mainland China but is also popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is available on Google Play and App Store. It provides tools for editing photos: Filters, retouching, Collage, scenes, frames, photos decorations, etc.
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