Stealing the Yuri Protagonist Harem
Chapter 53: Lu Yuliu: I Suspect This Guy Wants to Woo My Master

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iange, Frost Snow Peak.

Lu Yuliu sat in her small pavilion, holding a wide-bladed wooden sword, with a slightly nervous expression on her face.

“I can finally find out what that guy has been saying to my master these past two days…”

Miss sword fairy felt like she was dreaming these past two days.

If her master’s performance in the Sword Trial Peak had already surprised her the day before yesterday, then the following two days had made her question her own existence.

Yesterday, her master, Ling Shuangxue, successfully fulfilled the words she said when she defeated the Peak Master of the Spirit Jade Peak.

The Trial of Six Peaks.

The outcome was complete victory.

Lu Yuliu watched in astonishment as her master, who was supposed to be heavily injured and not fully recovered, displayed an unprecedented strength, fighting and defeating three Peak Masters at the Nascent Soul Initial stage, and even refining more spiritual essence from the Blood Spirit Jade halfway through, completely returning to the cultivation level of the Nascent Soul Initial stage.

She thought that this alone was already astonishing enough, but today, her master completely shattered her understanding.

Rather than stopping at the Sixth Peak, her master continued on into the Seventh Peak!

And the cultivation level of the final Peak Master was at the Nascent Soul Mid stage!

When her master’s momentum reached its peak after defeating six Peak Masters, she decisively chose to challenge someone at the Nascent Soul Mid stage, causing countless exclamations of suprise from the disciples of Jiange who were watching.

It should be noted that the Nascent Soul cultivators of Jiange were not those who relied on pill concoctions to advance. Each of them had a solid foundation, and for a Nascent Soul cultivator of Jiange to attempt to fight someone at a higher cultivation level was practically like trying to ascend to the heavens.

And indeed, it turned out to be the case.

Faced with the pressure of the Nascent Soul Mid stage, her master, who had been invincible until then, was at a disadvantage in every aspect, gradually falling behind in the exchange of sword strikes.

But her master showed no signs of panic in her eyes at that moment. She continued to wield her sword at her own pace, blocking her opponent’s attacks.

Blocking one sword, blocking ten swords, blocking a hundred swords…

Even the dullest cultivators of Jiange could sense that something was amiss.

Sure enough, when the Peak Master at the Nascent Soul Mid stage became serious and unleashed millions of swords in an instant, a change occurred in her master’s body.

Terrifying spiritual power surged into the slender cold sword in her hand.

With this one sword, she broke through the myriad of sword lights and struck her opponent.

And she also broke through her own bottleneck.

Today, Ling Shuangxue, the Peak Master of Frost Snow Peak, emerged victorious in the Trial of Seven Peaks and officially stepped into the Nascent Soul Mid stage.

Everyone present was astonished, and the Peak Masters from the other peaks came to congratulate her.

There were also people who came to inquire why she had made such rapid progress and remarked that they all wanted to experience the effect of breaking through after being broken.

In response to this question, Ling Shuangxue, who was known for her indifference, had a rare smile on her face.

Her answer was concise: I had taken in a good disciple…

As a result, all the attention of those present shifted to Lu Yuliu, who was placed on the sidelines to watch the battle.

(“It’s not me! I didn’t do anything!”)

Even though her heart was crying without tears, as one of the parties involved and the true instigator of all this, the Sword Immortal restrained her facial expression from changing.

Maintain a smile, elegance never goes out of style.

She felt that all the mental fortitude she had developed over the past ten-plus years was for these two days.

Fortunately, her master soon received a communication from the Lord of Jiange and went to deal with matters related to advancing to the Nascent Soul Mid stage, leaving her at Frost Snow Peak first.

Now, back to the present.

Lu Yuliu immediately focused her attention on the words slowly appearing on the wooden sword as she saw them.

With her late Foundation Establishment cultivation, she could read all of it with a glance, swiftly scanning the message revealed on the wooden sword.

At first, Lu Yuliu remained calm.

The message from her master had slightly more words than usual, but it was still within her acceptable range and didn’t raise too many suspicions.

She nodded inwardly.

(However, that guy’s story this time is indeed quite interesting… No, no, now is not the time for such thoughts!)

Well, take another look, and then immediately go back to the previous page.

So far, there haven’t been any problems, everything is going as she had expected. Even that annoying disciple from the Demon Sect often makes remarks to engage in conversation while telling the story, and her master’s responses are appropriately cold.

If everything continues to develop like this, her plan is already halfway successful.

At that time, the storyteller must have had a bewildered expression, not understanding how the familiar listener suddenly seemed like a different person.

Since that’s the case, why is the final outcome completely different from what she imagined?

Miss sword fairy glanced over the conversation records between her master and that disciple of the Demon Sect.

She doesn’t know why she felt a sense of betrayal and lost in her heart, but soon she pushed aside those unnecessary emotions.

As the story unfolded on the wooden sword, she was drawn into its rhythm.

Of course, she also noticed that her master’s responses were becoming more frequent and longer in length.

But at this moment, she completely empathized with her master’s state.

If she were the listener, her reaction would be much greater than Ling Shuangxue’s.

However, when she saw the scene where the Sword Immortal shouted “Sword, come forth” and easily unleashed a myriad of sword lights, Lu Yuliu was stunned.

(Why does this scene resemble the one when my master summoned her sword on the first day of the Sword Trial at the Spirit Jade Peak…)

She quickly realized.

Her master was imitating the Sword Immortal in this book with her unparalleled Sword Immortal demeanor!

Lu Yuliu had a bad premonition in her heart.

Sure enough, after the scene ended, the content of the messages changed.

The two people in the messages exchanged words, but Lu Yuliu knew that there was a huge gap between these two people and herself.

(Does that guy think that my master… no, does he think that I can become a Sword Immortal like the one in the book? That would make me the number one cultivator in the immortal realm…)

As she read the words on the wooden sword, Lu Yuliu was initially surprised that someone had such high expectations of her. But soon, she remembered something.

Her hand holding the wooden sword tightened.

And her master’s response finally made her understand the reason behind her unusual behavior these past few days.

“So, my master thinks that these words were spoken by me, and from the look of it, she has gained some insights from the previous stories…”

No wonder her master had been acting strange towards her these past few days, often giving her meaningful looks.

(But if she can immerse herself in the mindset of a Sword Immortal, this story can indeed elevate her sword cultivation…)

Miss sword fairy sighed.

As someone who possessed the exquisite Sword Heart crafted by the Sword Ancestor, she quickly understood the value of this story for sword cultivators.

Especially for her master, who had just gone through life and death and emerged from a state of demonic possession, it was the perfect time to reshape her Sword Heart and gain even greater benefits.

She felt a complex mix of emotions and realized that she owed someone another favor.

But in doing so, she found the reason behind the problem.

Reshaping the Sword Heart could also lead to slight changes in a person’s character. It seemed that her master’s unusual behavior these past few days was a result of that.

She sighed and continued to review the content.

The reason behind her master change was found, but the story wasn’t finished yet.

Hmm? Why does the development of this story feel a bit off?

Wasn’t it a story about an invincible Sword Immortal?

Why did the Sword Immortal in the book suddenly start talking about love?!

Lu Yuliu’s expression suddenly became stiff.

(If my master is using this story as a basis to reshape her Sword Heart, then she will try to follow the path taken by the Sword Immortal in the story…)

Now that her master had become undefeated in the Sword Trial of the Seven Peaks and had achieved an invincible Sword Heart like the Sword Immortal in the story.

What comes next…

The wooden sword slipped from her hand and fell to the ground.

Thinking about the way her master has been looking at her recently, Miss sword fairy panicked.

If one day her master found out that the person she had been communicating with for the past three days was that disciple from the Demon Sect…

Would that guy become her elder just like that?!

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