Criminal Investigation Notes
Criminal Investigation Notes: Chapter 129

Su Hui’s voice was not loud, slightly hoarse, but it suddenly quieted the entire conference room.

After hearing these words, everyone was so surprised that their jaws dropped.

Director Zou, being an outsider, didn’t know what this statement represented.

But for the others, this sentence, this name, contained so much meaning.

Poet, a comrade-in-arms who had fought alongside them in the past. He was a figure they looked up to, respected, like a divine being.

Poet’s profiling, deduction, and remarkable accuracy and efficiency were unmatched by anyone else.

It seemed that as long as it was handed over to him, those difficult problems would be solved effortlessly.

He was an extraordinary presence, like a guiding light in the darkness, capable of bestowing upon them, ordinary individuals, the strength to battle evil.

For a moment, shock, joy, and relief converged.

After a brief silence, the people in the conference room finally snapped out of their astonishment.

Director Zou, who was not familiar with the previous context, frowned as he stared at Su Hui, who appeared thin and delicate. Secretary Wang, in charge of recording, quickly leaned over and whispered a few words in his ear, presumably explaining the past of the Behavioral Analysis Unit and the stories of Poet and the other four profilers.

Others digested this information and took the opportunity to whisper among themselves.

“That’s The Poet. Poet could never be involved with those suspects…”

“He is The Poet? Wasn’t it rumored that Poet died? So Poet is still alive?”

“Poet is much younger than I imagined.”

“No wonder Director Tan assigned this Professor Su to the Major Crimes Unit. They’ve been solving cases rapidly lately, probably with his help.”

“If it’s really Poet, then I think that anonymous letter is likely to be problematic…”

Within the City Bureau, many middle-level officials didn’t know Su Hui well, but almost everyone knew The Poet. Many had worked with Poet before.

In the past, Poet was a legendary figure within the Bureau. His actions were widely praised, and any unsolved or suspicious case would be quickly resolved when it reached his hands.

As for the others…

He wanted to prove it for Su Hui, but he was afraid that their hierarchical relationship would make his testimony seem insufficient and biased.

While he was contemplating, a graceful figure stood up from the side. It was Tao Lizhi, the leader of the Review Unit.

She spoke seriously, “Deputy Director Jin, two years ago, I was also a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit with the codename ‘Mockingbird.’ I can testify that Consultant Su Hui is indeed The Poet.”

Her words were concise and affirmative.

Just as one wave subsided, another wave rose. Such on-the-spot changes caught people off guard.

Some people were even surprised to the point of speechlessness.

“So Tao Lizhi is Mockingbird.”

“The character ‘zhi’ has a similar pronunciation.”

“No wonder the Review Unit is receiving so much attention now, and no wonder they have identified so many wrongful cases in the sub-bureaus.”

In those days, the identities of the four profilers were the subject of gossip after tea. People speculated about their identities, and after the disbandment of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, they thought the true identities of these profilers would remain a mystery.

But they never expected that two years later, not just one but two profilers would reveal their identities!

Compared to the mysterious Poet, there had always been speculation about the female profiler being the Mockingbird.

Some even suspected a connection between Tao Lizhi and the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Now, with Tao Lizhi revealing her own identity, it confirmed their speculations.

As a former member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit and the current leader of the Review Unit, Tao Lizhi’s testimony carried enough weight.

Only then did Lu Junchi stand up and add another weight, “I can also testify for Professor Su being The Poet.”

Lu Junchi initially hesitated when Su Hui suddenly revealed his identity, but he later understood Su Hui’s intentions.

Two years had passed, and the protective mechanisms were no longer effective.

Now, some dangerous criminals outside already knew Su Hui’s identity, but his colleagues were unaware of his past as The Poet. This situation was disadvantageous for them.

This anonymous report was targeting Su Hui, and the other party had planned it for a long time.

Those people had likely been paying attention to the Major Crimes Unit’s cases, observing the suspects. They knew about Su Hui’s past and laid this trap.

Once Su Hui’s identity as Poet was proven in front of everyone’s eyes, it would actually make him safer.

Deputy Director Jin’s face began to turn gray, and he continued to argue, “You two, do you not regard Director Zou highly? Even if Professor Su is The Poet, does that prove that the accusation in this letter is false? You cannot explain those matters at all. I still believe you should suspend your current work…”

Su Hui raised his head and said, “There are things I can’t explain, but there’s something I can prove.” As he spoke, he extended his slender finger and unbuttoned a few buttons on his chest, revealing the dark red scars on his chest.

Anyone could tell that those wounds were severe.

Lu Junchi also looked up at those old scars, each one shocking to the eye.

The room fell silent.

Within the City Bureau, there used to be a saying that Poet was already dead.

Now, seeing those scars, people understood.

At that time, Poet must have been lingering on the edge of death, struggling for a long time.

Su Hui continued, “Two years ago, during the Fine Sand case, we encountered difficulties. At that time, I

couldn’t analyze the truth of the case, capture the true mastermind behind the scenes. As a result, Huadu General Bureau paid a heavy price, and I was seriously injured. I nearly died. After two years, no one wants to catch the culprit of the Fine Sand case and uncover the truth of this case more than I do…”

Su Hui paused and lifted his gaze, his eyes determined. “During those two years, I lost some of my memories and left the police force. But now, I have returned to the police station. I want to face everything and do my best to catch the culprit of this case.”

At that moment, a few crisp applause sounded from outside the door, and the door of the meeting room opened once again.

Director Tan stood outside the door, looking at everyone.

This middle-aged man in his fifties, who had been in charge of Huadu City Bureau for many years, had finally returned at this moment.

Deputy Director Jin was completely stunned, momentarily frozen in place.

Deputy Director Wang reacted faster: “Director Tan… Director Tan, when did you arrive? Uh, have you woken up?”

“I woke up a few days ago, but I didn’t have a chance to inform everyone,” Director Tan said as he walked in. “And I guess I arrived a bit later than Captain Lu.”

This meant that he had been standing in the corridor, clearly hearing most of the conversation.

Director Zou let out a sigh of relief. “Old Tan, I notified you about the meeting today. Why did you arrive so late?”

Director Tan replied, “If I had arrived earlier, wouldn’t I have missed a good show?”

Director Zou shook his head and stood up on his own initiative. “This seat is getting a bit… uncomfortable.”

Secretary Wang, seeing the situation, hurriedly fetched another chair for Director Zou.

Director Tan walked to the main seat and sat down. “I’m getting old, my health is not good. I’ve been sick for nearly a week, and it caused everyone to worry. During this period, Deputy Director Zou worked hard as an acting director, and everyone present worked hard as well.”

Then he turned to Deputy Director Jin. “Deputy Director Jin, just when we were making crucial progress in the Fine Sand case, you brought an anonymous letter in a hurry, wanting to dismiss the hero. What exactly do you mean by this?”

An anonymous letter, dismissing the hero… these few words defined the nature of this matter.

Deputy Director Jin was momentarily speechless. “I… I…”

Director Tan said, “I can prove that Su Hui is the Poet. I wonder if my testimony as an old man is enough?”

Deputy Director Wang forced a smile. “Naturally, it is enough.”

Then Director Tan continued, “Professor Su, you’ve worked hard. For so many years, Huadu General Bureau owes you.”

Su Hui sat back down and buttoned up his collar.

Director Tan looked at everyone. “As for the recent reopening of the Fine Sand case, I believe that no one in our General Bureau should take it lightly. I also want to emphasize discipline. We will carry out a rectification of the bureau’s discipline and conduct inspections of everyone’s office supplies. Any illegal or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. I hope that you, as middle and high-ranking police officers, can lead by example.”

Deputy Director Jin on the side was sweating profusely. It was clear that Director Tan’s words were directed at him.

Deputy Director Wang also lowered his head and remained silent.

Then Director Tan stood up. “Everyone, in the next two days, I hope that all of you can give it your all. This time, we must protect the lives and properties of the people and capture the mastermind behind the Fine Sand explosion.”

Director Tan said this, then turned to Su Hui and Lu Junchi across from him. “Captain Lu, Advisor Su, all the manpower in the General Bureau is at your disposal. This time, we must win this tough battle. We can only succeed, not fail.”

The meeting ended, and people gradually started to leave. They were still discussing and debating the drama that unfolded today.

Many people glanced back at Su Hui from time to time, still marveling at his identity.

There was even a captain who hesitated with pen and paper, wondering whether to ask this Advisor Su for an autograph. In the end, he didn’t speak up due to professional courtesy.

The scene became noisy for a while.

Su Hui stood up and said to Lu Junchi, “Captain Lu, I need to talk to you about something.”

The two of them walked to the edge of the flower bed outside, and Su Hui turned his head and whispered to Lu Junchi, “I’m sorry.”

Lu Junchi looked at him, having long understood what had happened.

So many things had occurred, and the General Bureau was no longer a unified entity.

Just like what Chen Xuexian said in the previous recording, there might be people from the opposing side within the General Bureau.

The cases that their Major Crimes Unit encountered, and the criminals with intersecting cases, were not coincidental.

Some people were targeting Su Hui, plotting against him. This anonymous letter was probably prepared in advance, waiting for the critical moment to reveal it.

But those people also knew that as long as Director Tan was present, Su Hui’s position couldn’t be shaken.

So after Su Hui and Director Tan conspired, they used these circumstances to counterattack.

From start to finish, Director Tan’s serious illness, Director Zou acting as the director, the palace intrigue and accusations, and finally, revealing Su Hui’s identity.

All of this was probably arranged by the person beside him, with the purpose of luring out the tails of those people and removing those obstacles.

He had been kept in the dark about all these matters.

That’s why Su Hui apologized to him at this moment.

Suddenly, Lu Junchi thought of something and asked Su Hui, “The things Xing Yunhai told me, was it also at your instruction?”

Whether it was the careful Poet mentioned by Yu Guang, or what Xing Yunhai said to him, he didn’t understand the true identity. It seemed that they all had hidden meanings.

Su Hui whispered, “I did talk to him online. If you tried to probe my identity, I told him not to tell you directly. Moreover, at that time, I hadn’t remembered everything between us yet. I didn’t want you to have an overly idealized image of me. When Director Zou recommended other experts to you before, it was also deliberately arranged.”

Lu Junchi asked, “Does Director Tan, Tao Lizhi, know about these things?”

“Only Director Tan knows. Tao Lizhi is unaware as well. I’m grateful that she was able to stand up today,” Su Hui pursed his lips and looked at Lu Junchi. “I won’t keep anything else from you, but this matter involves too much. In order for everything to proceed smoothly… I thought about it for a long time and decided to keep it from you.”

Even though he had apologized, he still felt a bit guilty. He cautiously tested, “Will you blame me…”

Lu Junchi understood why he had kept it from him. If he had known everything in advance, even if his acting skills were excellent, he would likely have involuntarily revealed something.

Once someone saw through it and became aware in advance, they would be prepared and on guard, rendering all the previous arrangements useless.

In the past period of time, due to his dissociative identity disorder, Su Hui had lost the ability to judge the people around him. However, as his memories returned, he gradually gained a grasp of the situation and understood these things.

Lu Junchi looked at him and felt that what he had done was no longer like the Professor Su he knew.

But he could still sense a familiar feeling from it.

Cunning, confident, having everything under control.

Poet he had been eagerly anticipating seemed to have finally returned.

However, he could sense that there was still something different compared to the past.

If it were Poet from before, he would probably only explain the reasons to him and wouldn’t apologize.

The current response seemed to be a merging of Poet and Su Hui’s personalities.

Observing how cautious Su Hui was, he asked, “Are you afraid that I’ll be angry?”

“Um…” Su Hui murmured, “I’m afraid you’ll be angry, afraid you’ll leave me.”

He lifted his eyes and looked at Lu Junchi, his expression serious. “I don’t want to go back to the days without you by my side.”

Upon hearing this, any lingering emotions in Lu Junchi dissipated completely.

To him, this was more touching than any sweet words in the world.

He understood Su Hui’s anxiety and forgave his actions even more.

Lu Junchi felt like he was watching a cat that had acted out of line and was now a bit anxious, wanting to reach out and stroke its fur.

He explained, “Everything I’ve done was for your safety. And now, you’re safer. I won’t blame you.”

Su Hui breathed a sigh of relief. He paused for a moment and then added, “But the incident with Old Xing getting injured wasn’t part of my plan…”

Even if he could foresee many things, he couldn’t have predicted such a situation.

Lu Junchi nodded and reassured him, “Old Xing is a fortunate person. He’ll be fine.”


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